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  • in reply to: Police Brutality & Violence in the US #1071224


    They are now posting additional videos of this guy fleeing a car after a traffic stop. So I think they’ll try to come up with multiple excuses of “risk to officer”.

    in reply to: Bernie's Celebrating 40 Years #1071214


    do they really have the best reuben’s?

    I didn’t even know they had food.

    in reply to: Plastic Bag Bans in Columbus #1069154


    Everyone knows plastic will never ever deteriorate right? So unless incinerated or recycled, those plastic bags will always be here until the end of time.

    Last I heard the world consumes 1 million plastic bags per minute.

    That’s 525,949,000,000 per year.

    It’s just a little on the ridiculous side of things. Make them at a minimum biodegradable. If we can’t manage that, then get rid of the damn things. I think we’ve advanced that much since World War II.

    in reply to: Plastic Bag Bans in Columbus #1069111


    Regardless of what anyone wants, the misuse and environmental damage being done by plastics is going to have to be dealt with one way or another.

    As a nation, I’m still amazed that it isn’t mandatory to recycle.

    in reply to: Lack of Diversity at Columbus Alive #1065905


    Not even sure why I’m writing this, as it will be too easy to be taken the wrong way but…

    As someone who has far more “non white” friends, I can honestly say that I can only think of 1 person in my entire friend circle including family/friends of their friends that were pursuing an actual career in print journalism. On the flip side, I know a couple of “white” people who are. Not many, but definitely a much much larger percentage.

    Now broadcasting, advertising, communications and careers of the like… the percentages are much more equal.

    Guess my point is, is this really the Alive’s fault?

    Even those that I knew pursuing a journalism type career took a lot of flack from everyone around them.

    in reply to: OSU Football #1061775


    This has got to be a first for college football, new Heisman odds are out:


    Ezekiel Elliott (RB Ohio State)6/1 <br>
    Dak Prescott (QB Mississippi State)7/1<br>
    Leonard Fournette (RB LSU)7/1<br>
    Trevone Boykin (QB TCU)15/2<br>
    Cody Kessler (QB USC)12/1<br>
    Nick Chubb (RB Georgia)12/1<br>
    Paul Perkins (RB UCLA)12/1<br>
    Cardale Jones (QB Ohio State)14/1<br>
    Derrick Henry (RB Alabama)14/1<br>
    Samaje Perine (RB Oklahoma)14/1<br>
    J.T. Barrett (QB Ohio State)16/1 <br>
    Jeremy Johnson (QB Auburn)16/1<br>
    Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State)18/1

    Finally. A depth chart (sorta) that agrees with me that Braxton is now the #3.

    in reply to: Jack in the Box, Columbus soon? #1060893


    The quality of food is still disgusting at best :)

    There are only 3 drive-thru fast food chains that I can stomach. Chick-filet, raising cains, and sometimes steak’n shake. In that order.

    Someone had told me once before jack’n the box rivalled the quality of steak’n shake… so just maybe I’ll be pleased with it. They were however demographically biased. Not getting my hopes up like I did with Sonic because until they came here I had heard nothing but good things. Will have to pass judgment when the time comes.

    in reply to: Jack in the Box, Columbus soon? #1060722


    ^I also despise eating in my car. Eating in cars might have been fun in the ’50s when cars all had vinyl bench seats that were 6 inches off of the carpet and zero nooks and crannies but it sucks now.

    100% agree. Here I thought that Chipotle and Piada pretty much proved that many American’s share in that same thought.

    Most of us are willing to climb our fat American asses out of our vehicles for slightly slower but much higher quality food stuffs.

    in reply to: OSU Football #1060686


    Am I the only person who’s worried having 3 potential starting QBs could cause some serious team issues?

    Urban Meyer is a 10000000 X better coach than any I’ve ever had, but this type of thing from my experience always led to the teammates rallying around “their guy”. Which leads to terrible team chemistry and in team fighting. Two things that destroy even the most talented teams.

    in reply to: Jack in the Box, Columbus soon? #1060685


    I remember being excited once for Sonic. All because they offered different menu options. That chain is absolutely disgusting.

    in reply to: Amish eggs close to columbus #1060081


    So if I made an omelet with 3 giant eagle eggs and another with Amish eggs would you be able to tell the difference?

    I would be able to tell the difference between an omelet made with free range chickens vs non free range.

    I can tell you for certain that some of those eggs at Giant Eagle might in fact be from “amish” farms.

    in reply to: Amish eggs close to columbus #1059709


    Not sure why “Amish eggs” are any better. Sorry but most Amish who are in the egg selling business practice many of the caging tactics that the other large egg producers do.

    I would agree with the above Craigslist suggestion.

    in reply to: OSU Football 2015-16 Season #1059221


    I think they might get SOME camera time yeah, with very little playing time. After year 2 of riding the bench either Jones or Barrett is going to be an after thought when it comes to the draft.

    Personally, I think it’s too much of a risk. I’d rather ride the bench for 2 years in the NFL with a chance to one day start rather than ride the bench for 2 years in college and never make it.

    Unless of course he knows more about that domestic dispute that Barrett got himself into, and how big of a disappointment that was to the coach.

    Still, they might both have to take a backseat to Braxton and have to duke it out as seniors.

    Too many variables, and I think today is Jones’ last day to declare anyways.

    in reply to: OSU Football 2015-16 Season #1058867


    Honestly, I would probably declare if I were Jones. It’s the only way he can guarantee he makes it to the NFL. If he doesn’t start next year for OSU he’ll be forgotten.

    in reply to: Furniture Shopping In Columbus? #1057857


    Honestly, found out from shopping for sofas this past December that even including “Christmas Deals”, all of the furniture stores in Columbus are over priced.

    We went with the exact same reclining sofa that we found at another store for $450 less through wayfair.com. On top of that, we got free delivery, something that none of the stores were willing to offer.

    This might just be sofas, I don’t know.

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