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    RoundTowner said:

    I agree with Walker 100%. This is probably the most significant project going on in Downtown. Not only is it filling in empty space, it is one of the only active developments in the Core of Downtown, which will bring much needed residents and life to the area

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    Twixlen said:
    CNN ran an instant poll with a group of independant voters, real time, during the debates… two lines, one for men, one for women. Every time Romney started speaking, it would take a moment, but the women line would dip (axis of positive vs negative feelings regarding what the candidate was saying). It was really interesting, to watch the differences between how women vs men responded to how and what was being said.

    The thing is, y’all menfolk can poo-poo it all you want – this is one of those things where there is that dividing line of how women communicate vs how men communicate. Women take much more notice of *how* something is being said – body language, tone, and yes, emotion. Those things are much less on men’s radar.

    Having now had a chance to chat about this with a couple different friends, all of our FB pages were divided this way as well – even across party lines. Again, I’m not talking about level of preparedness, but in reception. Many women view aggressiveness negatively; or receive aggressiveness in the form of anger.

    As for partisan-ness – obviously that article is written by someone who’s more liberal; that doesn’t mean what she says isn’t valid, or holds truth for a lot of women, regardless of party.

    Blind followers like you are really Scary!!

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    Pablo said:
    The staging area will be in the parking lot at the southeast corner of Rich and High (next to the above ground garage) just south of the project site.

    Very good, Thanks.
    Hopefully that lot will be the next to develop. In the late 80s a 27 story mixed use building was proposed for that lot, then a few years ago Casto proposed a low rise residential building there. Another plan floated around in 95, with new mixed use buildings on each corner of High and Rich, with Limited brands flagship stores anchoring each corner.

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    columbusmike said:
    Looks like they are setting up the site fencing. Once that is in place, I suspect things will move fast if the weather stays dry. Will be interesting to see if they use the park for construction staging…

    ugg.. That is a good point, they will need a staging area, unless they are going to build the two in phases, like the Banks in Cincy. It will be nice to actually see construction in DT proper, I have to wonder how many of the proposed projects will actually break ground. Has Edwards started on the apts at NL?

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    Walker said:
    Isn’t 23 a divided highway format through there? Two lanes in both directions with turn lanes and signals at the entrance of Scioto Downs? To me it’s always seemed like a fairly wide/accommodating roadway through there to begin with. While the parking lots at Scioto Downs are pretty massive, how many cars will be there on average, and how many people will be arriving/leaving simultaneously?

    Perhaps what’s there was planned to already accomodate whatever additional traffic they’re expecting.

    That is true, Scioto Downs expects to be busy without massive peak times when thousands of cars are trying to enter all at once.
    Also, a major traffic change is under construction. Rt 317 is being moved south to connect to Rt 665 at 23. This has been planned for 20 years, but, ODOT has not found the funds to complete it. From what I have heard Scioto Downs is footing the bill, with ODOT overseeing it.

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    jpizzow said:
    As far as the streetcar goes, it won’t happen at Easton but could happen around the urban core. Some of the best ideas are recycled from the past.

    Good point, I think I have been so disappointed with the past proposals, then cancellations of anytime of rail system, that I have just blocked it from my mind.

    After all, Pittsburgh has made progress with their rail system and it looks Cincy is moving ahead with street cars, hopefully Columbus will too.

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    FSonicSmith said:
    Easton will implode, just like Facebook. Only a matter of time. I give them both six years. They both give me the creeps. Like Las Vegas, Easton is fake and out of kilter with it’s surroundings.

    I agree with part of this, Facebook will implode as soon as the next “new” thing comes along and the teenage girls flock to that. FB has a very fickle, short attention span customer base.

    As far as Easton being fake?? It was built as a shopping center, just like a mall or strip center is built as a shopping center…are they fake? Was downtown fake when it was built? Just because it is new and has a retro feeling does not make it fake, it actually makes it better. You may not like it, but, most US cities would kill for it.

    in reply to: Care to Speculate on the Future of Easton? #497794

    It’s funny how this has evolved into a discussion about street cars. We have been beating that dead horse for decades. It is not going to happen in Columbus, time to except it and stop trying to recreate the past.

    Easton is just like any other development, it will survive for a few decades, then pass.
    City Center was built with the capability of adding 2 additional floors of retail to keep it the premier retail location in Central Ohio. They also had the space on High and Rich for new retail opportunities. We all see how that worked out. Also the City Center parking garage was constructed to add a 6-8 storey building on the corners of 3rd and Rich and 3rd and Main, the plans were for residential, which could still occur.

    Pablo said:
    I don’t think there’s anything original about any of the ideas:

    Before the MSI Broad St. plan, another landscape architectural firm designed the median but it wasn’t implemented due to funding. Prior to that my understanding is that while the City wanted a median, the fire department and Bank One opposed any changes.

    Before Pizzuti (and before the MSI downtown study), Sasaki had prepared similar plans for the area as part of the master planning for COSI in the mid ’90’s.

    The Moody Nolan site has had a number of proposals for a tower. The Dispatch planned one, the Capitol Square plan in the ’80’s called for a tower, etc. The closest we came to a tower was a proposal by Duke Realty in the ’90’s.

    I think plans are great, but if you live long enough you get to see a lot of reruns!

    Very true…don’t forget the other issue that comes up every decade..Trains.

    in reply to: Scioto Downs – News & Updates #468594

    I drove down S High St yesterday and noticed that Scioto Downs had major foundations poured and a large crane was off loading steel beams and roof girders. I had heard they would build a Casino with the highest amount of slot machines in Ohio, but, I wasn’t sure if everything was approved yet. This looks like a HUGE project, does anyone have any information about this.

    in reply to: Kitchen Remodel – Ikea Installer? #467779

    Has anyone else heard that IKEA has been sniffing around Morse and Stelzer??

    in reply to: Andrea Cambern leaving 10TV in May #467302

    One of the Best!!! They will never be able to replace such an outstanding woman.

    in reply to: Help with fleas…PLEASE!!! #465591

    Snarf said:
    I’ve read that Frontline has stopped working in certain circumstances. The fleas, they’re adapting!

    I have always used Froneline, but, for some reason it does not seem to be working this year. I am now using the comparable brand from Wal-Mart along with flea powder, this seems to be working better and its half the price.

    in reply to: Downtown Columbus Apartment Development #458668

    I have heard that, but, also heard that the lot was tyed up with the bankruptcy of the Arshot building, due to a long term parking lease. But the lot is now up for grabs.
    Then again, I also heard that IKEA was scouting out land at Morse and Stelzer, not sure if this is true either.

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