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    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where did you get this Skyline information. My daughter DOES love Skyline and I DO hate driving so far for it.

    If this is true, I, for one, would not be sad.

    in reply to: 5XNW Pizza Crawl – 10/02/14 – 6pm Starting at the Ohio Tap Room #1043891


    So, there’s an area of town called Fifth by Northwest. It has an area commission and clearly defined boundaries approved (I assume in some sort of charter fashion) by the City of Columbus. The Fifth by Northwest Area Commission has duties and responsibilities afforded by the City of Columbus. It’s not just a term used by some group of neighborhood snobs.

    It is factual that those boundaries include places that many people think of as “Grandview.” The term “Grandview” seems to cover Fifth by Northwest and Grandview Heights and – at the risk of starting more arguments – Marble Cliff. The popular name is really neither here nor there. My grandma calls Hilliard Hilliards, but that doesn’t make it so.

    My point is that we can call the area whatever we like, but on a map and for all official business, there are three distinct cities (including the village of Marble Cliff) within the “Grandview” area. If I want to start a business or get a permit or pay a parking ticket, I can’t go to “Grandview” City Hall.

    The Fifth by Northwest Area Commission should take very seriously it’s responsibility to the areas within its boundaries and should promote the area.

    To that end, they are having a Pizza Crawl to promote businesses within the official, city-approved boundaries of a very real neighborhood. They should call it the 5xNW Pizza Crawl (I’m looking at you commission for adding the term North Grandview or whatever to your promotional materials).

    The list of Pizza Places competing for the best slice is final!<br>
    The event will start at the Ohio Taproom on Third & NW – Then fan out to the following locations:<br>
    -Halwani’s (around the corner from Mazza) on Grandview Ave.<br>
    -Romeo’s &<br>
    -Mama Mimi’s<br>
    Join us for some pizza, beer & fun! 6- 8pm Thursday Oct 2nd!

    The official entities should call things by their official name – like, say, Grandview Heights High School rather than Grandview High. The rest of us should be able to do what we like without fear of persecution.

    I’m always going to be pedantic and call it Fifth by Northwest because that’s factual, but then again, I also call that area around Rome-Hilliard and 270 Columbus rather than Hilliard. And I don’t call anything Hilliards.

    in reply to: 5XNW Pizza Crawl – 10/02/14 – 6pm Starting at the Ohio Tap Room #1042801


    So, to then see that they’re putting on a “5XNW/Grandview North of 3rd”(!) pizza hop is just too friggin’ rich to allow to pass without comment – especially since all of the businesses are in 5XNW. They defend their territory when it suits them, and then co-opt the popularity of the name ‘Grandview’ whenever its in their best interest.

    It’s kinda bullshit.

    We actually agree on this. The Fifth by Northwest Area commission really works against itself when it does stuff like this. If there is no such thing as “Grandview north of 3rd,” then certainly the area commission shouldn’t use the term. Call it the 5xNW Pizza Crawl and be done with it.

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    Eyes wide shut. I can’t tell you how many acquaintances and friends who live in 5XNW say they live in Grandview, and how many 5XNW businesses describe themselves as similarly located. And, I don’t think they’re doing so because they feel a particular allegiance to Grandview, but I strongly suspect it’s because they find the 5XNW name embarrassing and the Grandview name to be deeply embedded common usage. They aren’t interested in making neighborhood distinctions, they’re interested in being understood. (see prescriptivism vs descriptivism).

    What I’ve seen, for years, is a core of true 5XNW believers who have been working hard to try to carve an identity out for the neighborhood, with little real headway outside of their clique. It’s time for a new name.

    Or, to move to Weinland Park and shout from the sidelines.

    Ok, but I’ll go ahead and attend the 5xNW Pizza Crawl on October 2. Yes, I will make the trek from far-distant Weinland Park and suffer the slings and arrows reserved for outsiders and deserters and traitors to the cause.

    And I’ll keep calling the neighborhood Fifth by Northwest with the other Heathers.

    And I’ll do it whether I am in Weinland Park or the Peach District or Olde North Columbus or SoHud or Merion Village or the Circles or the Bottoms or in any other neighborhood with a name that people don’t like.

    in reply to: 5XNW Pizza Crawl – 10/02/14 – 6pm Starting at the Ohio Tap Room #1042780


    There’s no fix for tone deafness, I guess. I can’t understand why you don’t see the cognitive dissonance between the embarrassing ‘hip 10 years ago’ naming convention that underpins ’5XNW’ and the rather less grandiose reality of the neighborhood.

    Dang, Drew. You’ve cut me deep.

    I’m not tone deaf. I just disagree with you – on the name and the idea that there’s some sort of less-good-than-holy-Grandview aura that haunts 5xNW.

    in reply to: 5XNW Pizza Crawl – 10/02/14 – 6pm Starting at the Ohio Tap Room #1042776


    Dude, you just don’t get it – calling it 5XNW is calling it something it’s not. You don’t need to use Grandview in the name, but, as I said before, calling it 5XNW is like calling Whitehall Little Italy.

    The name doesn’t fit.

    Drew, no. I don’t get it. Your analogy doesn’t make sense to me. Calling Whitehall Little Italy would imply naming it after another place. To me, that’s more in line with calling 5xNW Grandview.

    I think Fifth by Northwest is a mouthful (and I probably wouldn’t have chosen 5xNW as the shorter version of that) but it does describes the area fairly well with the intersection of Fifth and Northwest right in the middle of the neighborhood. So, to me it seems like calling the neighborhood EXACTLY what it is.

    We can agree on me not getting the Little Italy analogy.

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    You call it pedantry. We call it 5xNW pride.

    Go, Pizza Crawlers!

    (I’m pretty sure that’s the mascot, right?)

    in reply to: 5XNW Pizza Crawl – 10/02/14 – 6pm Starting at the Ohio Tap Room #1042764


    Holy crap… “5XNW/Grandview North of Third”?! Really?
    Just to be clear, nobody is saying ‘hey, lets go to Fifth by Northwest’. I doubt they ever will.

    I do.

    I used to live in 5xNW and I believe in it as a neighborhood and as a name. I don’t think it’s unimportant to to clear on boundaries and borders. It’s not a small area that lies within the city of Columbus rather than Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff or Upper Arlington; all of which are decidedly NOT in the City of Columbus.

    My wife and I were responsible for the original 5xNW Pizza crawl. At that time there were exactly zero pizza places actually in the city of Grandview. That’s still the case – unless that new place on first serves pizza. Does it matter? Not really, I guess, but it’s interesting.

    So Grandview’s schools aren’t in Grandview? Interesting.

    If you’re referring to the High School, of course it’s in Grandview Heights – as is the football field. Search Grandview Heights on Google Maps for the boundaries of Grandview.

    What you’ll see is that almost everything on 3rd (both sides) is not in Grandview Heights. So, if you were referring to the Ohio Tap room when you mentioned Grandview’s beer in an earlier comment, it’s actually in 5xNW. Along with Zauber, and Four String. Oh, and Gentile’s, the Boulevard Carryout and Grandview Beer and Wine!

    Calling this area Grandview would be pretending it’s something it isn’t and why should 5xNW DO that? A lot of the good stuff people love about Grandview is IN 5xNW. Maybe Grandview should change its name to 5xNW South.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354966


    Godman Guild and Camp Mary Orton are hiring a few positions, including an HR Generalist position for anyone with a couple of years’ experience.

    Godman Guild Careers Page

    From the site:
    Godman Guild Association is seeking an experienced Human Resources Generalist to provide HR services to the organization. This position is full time, 30 hours a week, and may require evening and non-traditional hours. Requirements for the position include: bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with PHR certification preferred, minimum of 2 years direct work experience as an HR Generalist, satisfactory background and driving record check, strong written and verbal communication skills, proficiency with Excel is a must, and HRIS skills and experience are preferred.

    Also full time position in the Adult Ed Program:

    Purpose: To perform administrative functions to ensure smooth program operations and to coordinate/facilitate the orientation and testing services for the Adult and Community Education program at Godman Guild.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354878


    Godman Guild is hiring a Custodian:

    It’s 20 hours/week plus snow removal duties. More info here: http://www.godmanguild.org/blog/2013/01/08/maintenance-custodian/%5B/url%5D

    in reply to: Ticket Giveaway to Upcoming Promowest Shows! – The Wallflowers #518054


    Pick me, pick me!

    in reply to: Win tickets to Samsara at the Drexel #516234


    So hard to choose just one, but I’ll say Mongolia.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354856


    Godman Guild has a couple of job openings: http://www.godmanguild.org/career-opportunities/%5B/url%5D

    Post-Secondary Education Specialist (Full-Time)
    To support adults earning post-secondary educational credentials and obtaining livable wage employment in hot job areas. Provides outreach and recruitment, career advising, admissions screening, goal setting, linkages to community resources, classroom instruction/ facilitation, mentoring, and crisis intervention to adults in E3 and Transitions programs to ensure enrollment, continued participation, successful transition to post-secondary education and livable wage employment.

    Maintenance Custodian (Part-Time)
    To provide custodial support including cleaning, maintenance and general upkeep to Godman Guild building and grounds at 303 East Sixth Ave.

    WeePlay Worker (Part-Time)
    Godman Guild is looking for a mature, responsible, and nurturing person to watch children age 6 weeks to 12 years while parents take classes. Hours varies; evenings, mornings and afternoons, up to 15 hours per week with compensation of $7.80 per hour.

    You can read more about the jobs and see how to apply for them at the link at the top.

    in reply to: Ticket Giveaway to Upcoming Promowest Shows! – closed #510644



    in reply to: Short North Yard Sale Takes Place on June 2 2012 #493222


    Don’t forget about Weinland Park! We’re taking part, too! Come to Godman Guild @ 303 East Sixth Ave. Godman Guild is selling everything from office furniture to art supplies and neighbors will be setting up in our lot as well.

    Short North Bagel Deli and Leslie’s Creperie will be onsite, too. SNBD for breakfast beginning at 9 and both for lunch from 11 am.

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