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    I know it’s old, but I have to say that this is the most awesome thread I’ve seen in a while.

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    Okay, thanks for the input Columbusite. Here’s my updated map:

    http://ow.ly/12K0a (version 2)

    I’ve added in Franklin Park Conservatory, which allows me to loop down to Bryden Road. I don’t know if I’ve been there before, so I’m definitely interested in why I should go that way?

    If I go through German Village, then I have to cut out Franklinton. Thoughts, anyone?

    Thank you everyone for your help, I love this!

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    Alexs, now that’s great advice! It’s exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for. I’ll do both of those things.

    I’m going to put a link to my current google map at the bottom of this post. Pull it up and see what you all think!

    So far I’m hitting the parks, the urban, the suburban, the greenways, a tiny patch of the National Road. Starting off just behind the New Albany Library and ending in Grove City Park.

    I could definitely use some input on the Near East Side and Franklinton. It would be kind of neat to cut through Greenlawn Cemetery, just for a bit of history. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Harrisburg Pike. It’s just a long boring straight shot for almost six miles.

    I also decided that I’m also going to round the trip up to 26.2 miles to make in a marathon walk, since I’m so close in mileage anyway, so any thoughts on where to make up an extra 2.5 miles?

    Here’s my map: http://ow.ly/12JOc

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    Lizless, I will definitely take pictures. My hope is to actually do a micro-blogging thing throughout the day, posting interesting points along with pictures.

    Alexs, I’m not sure there are enough bike trails to take me all the way. Do you have any insight on this?

    Jed, the lack of sideways is a real concern. Johnstown Road comes to mind. I’m sure that I’m going to be surprised about how pedestrian unfriendly a modern city can be. I personally don’t mind going off-track, but I’m sure landowners won’t appreciate me cutting through their lots.

    I’m pretty unfamiliar with everything between Goodale Park and Grove City, so I have no clue there. How is the area around Cooper Stadium?

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