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    Twixlen said:
    This isn’t really the thread for it, but the answer is The Filibuster. The Democrats didn’t have anywhere near the power one would think, since the Republicans used the filibuster in an unprecedented fashion, gridlocking legislation in the Senate.

    Chart of the Day: Republicans and the Filibuster

    Good try tho.

    I agree it’s a spinoff from the original thread subject.

    Yeah those ‘filibusters’ seem pretty bad. I wonder if the US Democrats ever had what one would call a ‘supermajority’ in the Senate (a 3/5 majority) which, from my understanding, could override a filibuster?

    It seems to me if they did, a whole new set of excuses would have to be called upon to explain why Obama and the Democrats didn’t enact legislation while they could.

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    Coremodels said:
    If Obama couldn’t overcome congressional resistance to repealing the Bush Tax Cuts do you really believe Ron Paul would swing cutting off Israel?

    Now Core, I may just be an ignorant socialist Canadian, but I never understood why Obama didn’t do more when your Democrat party controlled the head of the Monarchy (president), and both ‘houses’ of your parliament, which I believe you call the House of Representatives and the Senate?

    I searched on the Google machine and this was the first thing I came up with:


    Neither, I guess, could what you call your “Senate Majority Leader”, who I suppose is in a position of leadership for legislation.

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    johnwirtz said:
    I already said that I don’t disagree with you in this case.

    Word. My bad.

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    johnwirtz said:
    I don’t disagree with you in this case, but the way you stated that makes it sound like you think any development is better than no development at any high traffic location. That seems like a stretch to me.
    1. I don’t think people should have to settle for bad design just because the land is currently undeveloped and/or vacant.
    2. There are vacant buildings that are important to preserve. See Cleveland’s historic Columbia building for an example. It is being torn down to make way for casino parking. Do the positives outweigh the negatives there?

    The vacant building in question here is a freakin’ strip mall where, if I recall, there was previously in this space a Lazarus, a sporting goods store, a supermarket, an Odd Lots, and… I’m forgetting a few other ‘historical’ businesses.

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    Buster Bluth said:
    So it has no benefit to the US? None?

    Does it have a net positive or net negative benefit to US citizens?

    Industry experts say net negative, and I agree.

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    Buster Bluth said:
    I could give a crap where it ends up…does it create American jobs and add wealth to the economy? Yes and yes.

    LOL. What have you been reading? And where did you get your econ degree from?

    Your homework assignment is to read up more on the actual details of the pipeline and its economic impacts, and then report back.

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    gramarye said:
    Despite my generally pro-industrialization leanings, I’m not immovably committed to the Keystone XL project. It just isn’t significant enough. (The regulatory status of offshore drilling, for example, is significantly more economically consequential.) In addition, I find myself wondering why they couldn’t transship the oil through Great Lakes refineries and terminals instead of Gulf ones, such as the Wood River and Patoka refineries in Illinois that are already on the same pipeline network that Keystone XL was intended to expand. (Remember, Keystone XL is a proposed expansion of the existing Keystone pipeline, not a new pipeline. The line between Alberta and Illinois is already complete.)

    It’s not clear from your comment if you understand that the Keystone XL pipeline is not intended to supply oil for the US domestic market. Its economic driver is getting dil bit to Texas for it to be upgraded and refined and sold to Latin America and Europe.

    There is more than sufficient capacity with the existing infrastructure to supply all the oil that the US consumes domestically.

    Right now the Canadian oil sands companies are most concerned with getting their landlocked product out to the global market. See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enbridge_Northern_Gateway_Pipelines

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    Chicken said:
    Take Shelter is set, and was shot in Northern Ohio, taking advantage of of Ohio’s Motion Picture Tax Credit.


    Saw this when it opened here a couple weeks ago. Really liked it. Loved that it was set in Ohio.

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    Is this a real place??? Or is this some kind of farce and an in-joke now on CU? Please somebody throw me a bone here.

    in reply to: Gas Prices – News & Discussion #361116


    Static-X wrote >>
    Big oil can rot in hell.

    Is there such a thing as ‘small oil’?

    Out of curiosity, do you drive a car? Ride the bus? Take plane trips? Use products that are transported by truck or rail? Use plastic products? If so, I’d say you really enjoy oil and its benefits.

    My standpoint is that the consumers are the problem and not the oil companies. Especially if you are aware of the negative impacts that petroleum products have on our environment, yet continue to use them. Hypocritical doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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    Snarf wrote >>
    What about Merion Village as a campus rental, WOW Olde TowneLD!,.

    Merion Village? I hear Circleville is nice, too! While we’re talking about campus-area rentals, the OP should check out Portsmouth as well.


    I would be much happier if this space turned back into a gay dance club called “Plasma” instead.

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    CalebR wrote >>

    : YOU live in Vancouver……….. so why give a crap about this??? Not your biz.

    LOL. Newb…

    in reply to: 3C Passenger Rail Project – News & Updates #348398


    All funding will be used for improvements that boost the rail-line capacity and relieve mainline congestion, allowing Amtrak Cascades to offer more frequent and reliable passenger rail service between Portland and Vancouver, B.C. Work is expected to begin this summer.

    Mwahahaha. My opposition to the 3C rail has finally paid off!

    in reply to: Roof top dining in Columbus? #438077


    Ah, Walker. You seem to have trouble re-reading the thread.

    Paul wrote >>

    There goes the last late night sit-down restaurant within any proximity to downtown.

    Walker wrote >>

    That’s a very irresponsible and false statement to make.

    Walker, since I am so irresponsible and wrong, could you please enlighten us as to these secret havens of late night dining you’ve kept from us?

    Sit down means I sit at a table and a waitress takes my order.

    Late night means open after 2:00AM

    I’ll even extend downtown to include nearby areas, so for the purposes of this exercise, please list 3 restaurants that fit the criteria and are located:

    South of 5th Ave, East of Grandview Ave, North of Thurman, West of Ohio.

    That gives you a huge chunk of Grandview, all of Victorian Village, all of German Village, all of the Brewery District, all of the Arena District, all of the Short North, all of downtown proper, and several other outlaying uncategorized areas.

    You can’t use the the Teejays on Parsons that Core already mentioned.

    Go for it:

    1. _______

    2. _______

    3. _______

    You made a ridiculous statement.

    I asked for a list of restaurants to back up that statement.

    You never provided a list of restaurants. You attacked my position, but had no evidence to back your attack.

    I would love to check out Rancho Alegre. It sounds like El Vaquero has some competition on that stretch of Dublin Road now.

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