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    Walker wrote “My name is” tags will be present, but not required.

    For fun I think I might have mine say “Ander1999” or “Ndcent” just to see how many people come up and smack me.

    J/K, guys.

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    Ndcent wrote lol.

    How about I go karate on your face? Would that make you lol?

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    So have you had your court date yet?

    Let us know how it went!

    Hopefully you got out of it! 8)

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    honavery wrote

    Is anyone else thinking of The Simpson’s when Homer had a trip and Johnny Cash was the voice of his coyote spirit guide? icon_smile.gif

    “Find your soul mate Homer.”

    The funniest is when Homer is having his flashback and hearing the spirit guide voice:

    -Find your soul mate Homer.


    -This is just your memory, I can’t give you any new information .

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    Let me first say that I’ve been a long time fan of your posts but this is my first time responding to one of them.

    I am sorry you got pulled over, that sucks.

    However, the only chance of you “winning” in court is if the cop doesn’t show up. You will have to go to the courthouse downtown. When it’s the cop’s word against yours then you always lose, you can’t challenge their radar abilities or anything ridiculous like that to get out of it.

    Since it’s the end of the month, it might be the case that the cop was just writing tickets to increase his total for the month. Not exactly a quota, but like with any job they’re expected to show some results at the end of the month.

    If the cop does show up (pretty good chance of this, but I’ve also had it where he’s not there and you get off completely), then go ahead and plead not guilty. No Contest and Guilty will have essentially the same effect for you, which is that you pay a fine and get points. If you plead not guilty and explain your situation, that you were just getting off the freeway and you weren’t in the 35 zone yet, then there is a chance you may get out of it. At the very least, talk to the prosecutor, if he’s reasonable then he will bargain with you to plead guilty to a lesser offense, and get either reduced or no points, and probably a reduced fine.

    I would say it’s worth going to court if you have the time to take off work.

    I had to go downtown once to fight a ticket, the cop was a no-show and the charges dismissed. 8)

    Good luck! And let us know how it goes!

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    brothermarcus wrote Unless you have a realistic shot to get out of Canton, why not breed? it’s not like there’s anything better to do there… same goes for roughly 85% of Ohio.

    Most of the US, really.

    Except for Columbus. 8)

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    honavery wrote A billion dollars is A LOT of money. That is 100,000 million dollars. And Bill Gates has that 50 times over. Think about that for a second.

    Acutally, it’s 1000 million dollars. But it’s still a lot of money. :D

Viewing 7 posts - 271 through 277 (of 277 total)

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