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    Andrew Hall wrote >>

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    lifeontwowheels wrote >>
    I sincerely hope you never have an issue with your business where a customer is unsatisfied and chooses to ignore you and go online with their dissatisfaction instead.

    this will never happen
    i put my customer’s satisfaction first,and i don’t play games with fees i have to pay that are associated with my business.

    So you’ve never made a mistake of any kind? In the way off-chance you did, would you expect a chance to correct it before the customer went apeshit? That is the root issue of what was said. The restaurant in question may have a poor policy (which seemed like a good idea to them), a server who messed up implementing the policy or several other options. Instead of giving them a chance to fix or remedy, you complained here. Again, in the unlikely event your perfection lapses, I hope the customer gives you a chance to fix the problem before airing it out – a chance you didn’t give to others.
    eta – the real test of a business (or a person) is how they correct the inevitable mistakes or problems.


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    Sure a business should include a full pricing upfront, but when do you ever see a sign that says, “hey, dummy, don’t forget to include tax in your calculations!” We should already know that there is a fee involved in using a credit card – Visa, Mastercard and Amex are not non profits, are they?

    Interesting that people clamor to have a unique city, then berate a small business for voicing a valid complaint on a constraint that makes it difficult for them to do business. This does not make sense. Nor does it make sense to want a city full of chains so the cash flow can circulate once through the community and then leave to go to their corporate office and shareholders’ pockets (with a few “local” exceptions). If we all have a problem with this, then let’s just have Starbucks and Applebees up and down High and get it over with. They have enough variety of adequate options on their menus.

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    I think it’s ridiculous but it’s her fault for living in such a bland community. This is what you get in the burbs.

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    somertimeoh wrote >>

    Walker wrote >>
    I’m a fan of the Parsons location too, but I referring more to the similarities to what Somer said… two places with the same name doing the same thing within a few miles of each other with no modern-day connection.

    I assumed those were connected! This town is WEIRD!!!

    It’s like Ray’s in NYC – is it “Ray’s”, “Famous Ray’s”, or “ray’s Orginal”. Personally, I skip Ray’s, any, and head to Di Fara’s!

    Here, it’s Gumby’s or FTON Josie’s, not too many others in town.

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    d_gerard_777 wrote >>
    serving the West Side and anyone in Columbus interested in supporting the vegetable and cattle farms in Central Ohio.

    this IS very exciting. Who are you working with to identify these farms? Are there a particular type of production methods, or is it more important that they are local and will this local aspect play heavily in the marketing? Best of luck, can’t wait to make the trip from the lower west side!

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    futureman wrote >>
    This is a very good read too …
    A couple of the highlights …
    Myth: Ohio is going to be stuck with this slow train.
    Answer: Other states’ train speeds, departures and ridership increased
    with investment. Ohio’s will too. This year, ODOT will start
    environmental planning over 18-24 months so it can tap more
    federal funds for 90+ mph trains on five Ohio routes: Cleveland
    – Columbus; Columbus – Cincinnati; Toledo – Columbus; Toledo
    – Cleveland; Cleveland – Pittsburgh. These investments will build
    on the 3C “Quick Start”!
    Myth: Ohio should sidetrack this train for High-Speed Rail.
    Answer: Ohio is 0-4 (1977, 1982, 1985, 1992) in trying to go from 0 to
    more than 110 mph. No state or nation has either. High-Speed
    Rail is a major investment that requires evolving a supportive
    culture, politics, center-city density and a network of connecting
    and parallel regional rail and local transit services. It takes
    decades for these support systems to evolve, just as it did prior
    to the Interstate Highway System or Europe’s HSR. California
    invested $2.2 billion over 30 years to develop rail to where it
    could pass a HSR bond issue after prior failures. Illinois, Michigan,
    Pennsylvania and the Pacific Northwest may be only a few years
    behind. Ohio is not ready to make the leap to high-speed.
    Myth: There will be no local transit when I arrive.
    ANSWER: Stations are proposed to be built next to major transit services.
    Cleveland’s Amtrak station is served by a frequent downtown
    loop bus. The Southwest Cleveland stop at the Puritas-W.150th
    Rapid Station provides rail access to the city and airport. The
    Columbus station will be on the busy High Street bus line to
    downtown, OSU, etc. Dayton’s station will be at Main Street on
    multiple bus routes including electric trolleys. Both Cincinnati-area
    stops are next to bus routes to downtown and the universities.



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    Manatee wrote >>
    I don’t mean to be too negative right off the bat, since this is all new technology and as such is experimental, which in a way is of course an asset.
    But the startup costs do worry me. It seems like a lot of energy to invest on a risky proposition, when other systems, already proven, can efficiently utilize the sun’s energy with less input at the outset.
    There are potential benefits. But I can’t help thinking we’ll end up descending out of this tower arrangement in less than 20 years, after ammassing tons of data that tells us it’s more efficient to better use the land we have now.
    Basically, this would just be a large terrarium, right? Trying to, in effect, stack several earths on top of each other? Sort of like a condensed version of a terracing system one would see on the side of a hill.
    Very interesting to think about. I can see many plusses, and many minuses.

    I think you are right about the descending from the towers idea…
    See my post on the other thread related to the Sky or Vertical Farm idea. The vertical farm idea is different from this food and energy park idea, which would use existing technology to current benefit as well as research new potentials for food and energy, and at a human scale.

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    uflyit wrote >>
    From what I am hearing the “sound study” group for Schottensteins group, said that a 20-30’tall wall would be needed all around the racetrack to properly contain the sound…..I don’t think so, sound travels over walls,and looking at the wall would be like having a prison in downtown again. The race track is not the right choice for our community,and I feel Schottenstiens is trying to pull this over the communities eyes,and put lip stick on a pig. They should be looking at helping with the Sky Gardens project,and drop the race track proposal. .

    I’m glad someone else has brought this up – sound traveling over walls. This is a fact stated in sound abatement guidelines for highway sound walls. Deflection is an issue as well as the way in which sound travels beyond the “shadow” (effective area) of the walls. Sound walls only lessen the noise for those within the area they are designed to protect, and there is a limit based on height and material. No current technology exists for this.

    If not the sky gardens, then something else that works for the community and will not be a potential nuisance.

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    labi wrote >>


    Have you checked the Community Research Partners website?

    No, but I will, thanks.

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    agtw31 wrote >>
    the main boiler room calling you is actually right here in Dublin.just tell them to take you off of their calling list,and sign up for the national do not call list.
    if you look on the front page of your Columbia gas bill,it does state that through the Customer Choice program,the utility has to provide suppliers with your personal information,unless you opt out.

    I think I will opt out – thanks!

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    agtw31 wrote >>

    hugh59 wrote >>
    I want to see more rail transportation. I want to be able to catch a train in Columbus and be able to travel on rail throughout the country.

    you can start in Canton.
    my g/f rode the train all the way to Vagas a few years back.
    she enjoyed it,once she got past Chicago.

    Amtrak is the only game in town and they stopped service in most minor Ohio cities like Canton and Youngstown. You now have to go to Cleveland or a few other Northern Ohio cities like Toledo or Elyria, or Cinci, to ride. I think they still have service to Alliance, which is a strange location but there must be a reason for it.

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    This is what I thought the case was. I can see Lakee911’s wanting to lock in a rate if thinking long term. But without doing the math, I’m not sure what the long term savings would be. We’ve gotten so many telemarketer calls (believe it or not they are almost all suppliers calling) that we quit answering the phone during certain hours.

    Last years Dispatch article reflects my experience just in price comparison (have not sign on despite their persistence).

    Thanks for the input everyone!

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    swan wrote >>

    laChewla wrote >>
    Reasons Cleveland is cooler than you:
    Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance Hall, the Cleveland Orchestra, Playhouse Square, The Cavs, The Browns, great jazz scene, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center, Lakewood, The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, The Grogg Shop, Peabody’s Downunder, The Galleria, Tower City, The Detroit Superior Bridge, Case Western University, world class architecture, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Tremont, Ohio City, Little Italy, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Opera Cleveland, Lake Erie, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Rust Belt charm, RTA (named best in USA in 2007), Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Greater Cleveland Area, Blossom, the Lumberjacks, the Crunch, proximity to Cedar Point – America’s Roller Coast, affordable, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Art, outdoor ice skating at University Circle, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Public Libraries, the Cleveland Music Settlement, Western Reserve Historical Society, the Agora, Mayfield Heights, Bone Thugs & Harmony, surfing………I’ll gladly list more…

    haha way to be relevant… the lumberjacks haven’t been a hockey team since 2001 and the cleveland crunch haven’t been a soccer team since 2002.

    I think the rest of the list speaks for itself regardless of the loss of two amateur league teams.

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    rus wrote >>

    bman wrote >>
    I agree with many who are saying the world is passing us by, seriously the teabaggers would love nothing less than to see a return to 1950’s.

    Wasn’t there rail service in ohio in the 50’s?

    you bet. My grandpa use to travel for Kroger all over Ohio and the Midwest as well as to DC and NYC by rail. Those teabaggers and their short term memories… they always want to return to days that never were.

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    So, who is the best dealer to go to for a used car?

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