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    The 2016 Lenten Fish Fry Guide from The Catholic Times


    “Try them all!”


    let the Governor know he may need to reroute to get to Wendy’s!


    Ad for employment says opening June 23 with a map showing Hamilton Rd location, north of Morse.

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    I enjoy having the calamari for carryout, yum!

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    I would agree with alexs that Scioto Gardens matches your criteria. Lots of uncommon native bushes and trees. They have an annual festival that has artists & gardening talks, this year on July 20. Located on west side of Delaware.

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    I saw this at the Rave theater at Polaris this evening (Wed. 28th). Highly recommend it! An inspiring performance by a genius at a time of transition – he was changing styles and bandmates, with only a year left on this world. The performance is the entire closing (Monday morning) set from Woodstock in its proper (original) sequence:
    Message To Love
    Spanish Castle Magic
    Red House
    Lover Man
    Foxy Lady
    Jam Back At The House
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    Star Spangled Banner
    Purple Haze
    Woodstock Improvisation
    Villanova Junction ! ! !
    ENCORE Hey Joe

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    In January 2006, OEPA issued an NOV for similar drilling mud (bentonite) releases into a trib to Alum Creek and also under the Olentangy.
    From Friends of Alum Creek newsletter:
    Drilling Fluids Found in Unnamed Tributary
    and Alum Creek
    On January 12, 2006, OEPA issued a Notice
    of Violation (NOV), following a storm water
    complaint initiated by a FACT member. The NOV
    was issued to Columbia Gas after an investigation
    revealed that bentonite drilling fl uid had
    discharged into the unnamed tributary immediately
    south of Alum Creek dam and had escaped into
    Alum Creek.
    Columbia Gas is building a 25 mile natural
    gas distribution pipeline, some of which will
    be beneath Alum Creek. According to OEPA
    representative Harry Kallipolitis, bentonite poses a
    suffocation danger mainly to some small mollusks
    in the creek. A Columbia Gas representative
    indicated that the bentonite observed in the
    tributary did not appear to have been a result
    of ground seepage from the drilling operations,
    but instead, was caused by an unreported
    transportation spill by a Columbia Gas contractor.
    As reported in the January 5, 2006 edition of
    This Week Olentangy, OEPA had previously issued
    a Notice of Violation against Columbia Gas for
    bentonite leaks observed in the Olentangy River
    in Liberty Township, Delaware County. The leaks
    resulted from bentonite escaping through ground
    fractures during the drilling operations. Columbia
    Gas has reportedly acknowledged losing some
    38,000 gallons of the drilling fl uid during drilling
    The NOV issued for the Alum Creek spill
    included orders for Columbia Gas to immediately
    contain the drilling fl uids which appeared to have
    escaped through storm water runoff. The order
    also required Columbia Gas to remove the drilling
    fl uids from the stream, suggesting hand removal
    with shovels and wheel barrels, and an after-thefact
    401 water quality submission to include cleanup,
    restoration and mitigation associated with the
    illicit discharge into Alum Creek.



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    State links quakes to work on wells
    By Joe Vardon
    The Columbus Dispatch
    Sunday January 1, 2012 11:34 AM

    The Kasich administration has put a temporary stop to the disposal of waste from oil and natural-gas drilling in wells within a 5-mile radius of a particular Youngstown well — a well believed to be the cause of 11 earthquakes since March, including a 4.0 quake that struck around 3 p.m. yesterday.

    READ MORE: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2012/01/01/state-links-quakes-to-work-on-wells.html


    No comment in the article from ODNR-UIC geologist Tom Tomastik, who has been responsible for permitting of injection wells for years, under multiple administrations.

    in reply to: Yabo’s Tacos #449079


    They opened yesterday Fri. June 17. They’re still working out some rough spots. I’m seeing differences between mission explained on Yelp and what’s being served so far, time will tell.
    Location is about 1/4 mile north of Polaris in Giammarco’s previous location, near UDF.

    in reply to: Best Calamari in Columbus? #292280


    Chi Thai on Hamilton Rd north of Morse Rd. Thick breaded slices from calamari steaks with a sweetish sauce and some crisp noodles (sort of a mini Mee Krob base)

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