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    Stu Nicholson
    Stu Nicholson

    Got a very nice response from the local franchisee for Raising Canes about the property on N.High across from Graceland. Here is the substance of what their spokesperson e-mailed me today with her permission to share:

    In 2013, RCO Limited (dba Raising Cane’s of Ohio) acquired the commercially zoned property located at 5132 North High Street in Clintonville with intent to develop it for a new Raising Cane’s restaurant. Since the acquisition, all permits and communications were offered and attained within recommended guidelines and regulations. Site developers were instructed to keep as many trees as possible on the site. We thought they provided a wonderful natural barrier between properties along with a beautiful atmosphere for future customers. The Bill Moose Ravine was enclosed in a large pipe during the 1960’s to improve water run-off.

    o Our developers are working to preserve as many trees as possible.
    o Cane’s takes its role as an active community partner very seriously and remains committed to providing beautifully landscaped restaurant properties for the communities we serve.
    o We support The MOMS Club® of Clintonville, OH and will fund their project to plant trees in the ravine and throughout the Clintonville area.
    Q: What happened to the ravine?
    A: Bill Moose Ravine is on the north side of the restaurant site. In the 1960’s it was enclosed in a large pipe to improve water run-off.
    Q: Why did this happen?
    A: To improve the overall erosion and sediment control on the site. When the site was acquired initially, the ravine was full of trash and hosted illegal drug use. Cleaning it up helped improve the community as well as the site itself.
    Q: Why did you have to cut the large trees down?
    A: Due to the risk of having large potentially unhealthy trees on the property, only the strongest were chosen to survive. Several trees had to be removed for safety reasons so that they would not be at risk of falling on cars, the restaurant, our Crew members and our customers.
    Q: What are you doing to preserve the Clintonville community green spaces?
    A: We are working with The MOMS Club® of Clintonville, OH to support their project to plant trees in the ravine and throughout the Clintonville area. We remain deeply committed to community partnership and continue to be open to other opportunities to demonstrate our commitment.

    (NOTE: They also e-mailed that they will be in attendance at the next CAC meeting and will be available for questions & comments.)

    in reply to: ODOT casts eyes toward public transit #554382
    Stu Nicholson
    Stu Nicholson

    Just wanted to say the reference to “Fun Facts” on the website for the ODOT Transit Study was on an early draft when the website was being created. As new “factoids” were added, the title of “Fun Facts” was forgotten about and not changed. Thanks to heresthecasey for spotting it, as that helped us see the problem and get things corrected. (BTW: I know this as I work for one of the project consultants and not for ODOT directly.)

    in reply to: Columbus has to be largest City in USA without rail transit? #227844
    Stu Nicholson
    Stu Nicholson

    Absolutely correct…. sad to say.

    Columbus is the second largest city (next to Phoenix) without regular intercity rail passenger service and the largest state capital in this category.

    Streetcars last rolled down our streets in 1947 and both light rail and the resurrection of streetcars are still a much-desired but unrealized dream.

    Want to change that? Here’s a couple of organizations where you can make your voice heard:

    National Association of Railroad Passengers: http://www.narprail.org

    All Aboard Ohio: http://www.allaboardohio.org

    We also have a budget year coming up in the Ohio General Assembly. So ask your state senators and representatives (especially those running for re-election or as challenger) what they plan to do to put more dollars into rail and transit. Let them know that your vote counts on their answer.

    in reply to: Young Professionals of Columbus Survey #209719
    Stu Nicholson
    Stu Nicholson

    I’ve actually had the pleasure of speaking to the Columbus Y-P’s and they are a group that is very receptive to making change in mass transit, how we develop land, sustainable practices, etc. They are very much in favor of intercity passenger rail, light rail, streetcars and how that will impact making Columbus a place to be.

    The organization is run from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

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