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  • in reply to: Working visa for the States #555015

    Can you get a work visa without a job? Our English friends had theirs initiated by their employers I think.

    in reply to: Kingsdale Houlihan's?? #522586

    The Houlihans sign is on the new build in the parking lot off Tremont. Not on the las margaritas space fwiw.

    in reply to: Thinking about moving to Charlotte. #447240

    Ah so the reference was the issue–not the sentiment. Really?

    in reply to: Thinking about moving to Charlotte. #447226

    SusanB wrote >>
    I will not live anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line. As stated previously in this thread, once you get out of the city you are in dueling banjos country. Columbus is as far south as I ever want to live.

    In case you’ve never noticed you don’t have to get far out of Columbus to be in “dueling banjo” country. Most of New York state too in my experience. Hell I’d hazard a guess that there is plenty of banjo music anywhere south of German Village. But don’t let that get in the way of your ridiculous bigotry.

    in reply to: The Lane – Mixed-Use Development – News & Updates #445819

    Apparently common sense and comprehension are mutually exclusive.

    in reply to: Got guns and ammo to go with that community garden ? #411811

    This niche has already been handled.


    in reply to: Looking for an electrician for a few jobs #378033

    EmZeeGee wrote >>
    Efficient Electric did work for us, and we were happy with it and them.

    Same here. I’d use them again

    in reply to: Crew 2010 Season Discussion #340709

    Wow that is fan-tastic! HSH deserves a lot of credit for what they’ve accomplished.
    What I remember from Bigsoccer is that they have a private club/members only license but of course anyone can become a member. If there is an assload of people there on Saturday I’d assume they are open or check their website–surely it says something.

    in reply to: Undercover footage from Conklin Dairy in Plain City, Ohio #375346

    I wish there was a police department fool enough to hire this guy. If there is I’ll start law school tomorrow.

    in reply to: ComFest No BYOB Signs #281469

    People who don’t care for Comfest seem to be willing to invest a great deal of time agonizing over it. Just don’t go. Why whine about something free?

    in reply to: Best place to buy veggies for garden? #269604

    I look forward to the Chadwick sale every year–a good selection of heirloom tomatoes. The plant sale at the Historical society is the weekend before this I think–it’s decent too but doesn’t have the overall selection.

    in reply to: Moving Boxes? #269129

    These show up on Freecycle too fairly often.

    in reply to: Street Speech newspaper #269045

    lifeliberty wrote >>
    the petition people, ugh, I just keep walking. i wave and keep going. I don’t even open my mouth. they just really aren’t worth my time. I would just tell them I’m not registered to vote, but I’m not into the whole lying thing. it’s easier to just say nothing and keep moving.

    It is easier to keep walking. I got into it with one of these guys at Goodale on Sunday because I wouldn’t sign his casino petition. He was from out of state so he didn’t understand any of the reasons I didn’t want to. Did you know though that casinos will help the starving people?

    in reply to: Chefs and Nature Lovers– Garlic Mustard Challenge #261652

    I wonder if the state would be interested in something like this. It’d be killing two birds with one stone–better environment for the state and hundreds of pounds of fresh, free,leafy greens for prison menus.

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