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    I don’t think *squeezed* is the right term. The area described is about 5 times the size of Jeffrey park. Plenty of space to *squeeze* in surrounding development.

    Honestly looking at the area this looks like a squeeze to me.

    Your options are to totally rework the area around lowes. Which could be a cool but would require cooperation of a lot of businesses. Or to demo and redo a lot of Expo center land, which last time I rode by had a large new building going in. We could also Demo the History Center, which could happen if they end up relocating downtown as rumored. I don’t mind the area but it still strikes me as a bit squeezy : )

    The idea of turning the tailgating culture into a bar culture would have a negative impact for many people. The first issue I see is there are a lot of families that get to the stadium early to tailgate. The parents grill and have a few drinks while the kids play soccer and eat. That will obviously be wiped away. Also, tailgating is much cheaper than the bars. You can bring your own beer and food for much less than going to the bar. I think if they can update the stadium, get the fairgrounds to knock down the price of parking, fix traffic flow problems before and after games, and pave the rest of the parking area I would have no issue with the team staying where they are right now.

    When I said bar culture I was speaking in terms of supporters groups.
    There are good number of open air lots in the arena district that cost the same or less than Crew Stadium Parking. If you build something new in Penn West you could easily create Tailgate lots opposite the stadium and even market them as premiums in STH packages. The Crew used to do this before most of the lots were paved.

    Plus look at the list of things to be fixed at the existing site. Paving the lot and reducing parking prices are possible but I doubt they’d do it since the unpaved lots are usually where horse trailers are parked during fairground events. Traffic flow issues are something I doubt will ever be resolved properly.

    I like Crew Stadium, it’s our old Iron and Concrete fortress. It’s only 2 miles from the short north and connected almost the whole way by bike lanes which I take every game. But that location has been long since eclipsed by better options. I don’t think we’ll move downtown, but I wish we would.

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    in reply to: Idea: Relocating Crew Stadium to the Arena District #1127343


    Downtown is the only way to go in building a new stadium.
    No development is going to be squeezed in the gap between the tracks, 71 and the fairgrounds.

    We will be at CCS until the 25 year lease is up, and then if the team is smart they take the option and then immediately begin planning the new stadium. From there they can retain CCS for events like Rock on the range, Random HS, MAC or State championship games and move the Crew.

    In my dream fantasy world the Crew build a new stadium snug against the tracks opposite the buggy works that can leverage the parking already available in the arena district.
    From here you can develop the land around the site into a “Crewville”, patterned after wrigglyville, along with NRI and other developers interested in that block of the Arena District/Penn West.
    Concerns about vehicle access are pretty easily solved with a few street improvements plus the fact that even those who drive in to the games will walk the short distance from existing parking structures. Plus if the “Crewville” actually comes to fruition a smaller scale Cbus route running from High down Nationwide Blvd to the Scioto and back could be added.

    This is all my fantasy world but I see the benefits NRI gains in an anchor to their Penn West plans as a huge plus. On top of that the exposure the team gets and the change in neighborhood for casual fans will be tremendous.

    -The Team gains a boost from the new venue and location.
    -The Fans retain walkablity
    -Minimal new parking is needed (Tailgating areas can be easily added, though I imagine a Bar culture would emerge)
    -The city gains a new an interesting neighborhood.

    [/Simcity daydream]

    in reply to: Balboa — New restaurant in former Shoku space #1127324


    Many of the taco places in town are fairly sucky.

    El Camino, meh.<br>
    Local Cantina, average at best.<br>
    Condado, mmm cold AND soggy.<br>
    Nada, nada value.

    Your Condado comment was on point when they first opened but I haven’t had a bad taco from their in a very long time. I’d suggest heading back and giving it another shot.

    in reply to: The Arbor #1126322


    This seems like a solid plan.
    I don’t get the gripe about parking, we’re replacing lots without losing spaces and not adding cars to an area that can be tough to find spots already.

    I think the fact that these are slated to be more affordable units and will add more density are much bigger wins, than the oversized lot “loss”.

    in reply to: Millennial Tower #1126319


    You can look right down the block to see 250 High and “value engineering” at its finest. It looks nice at the street level but all together is much cheaper looking that it’s original proposal. Not a shocker as 600 Goodale and their faux stone panels fit the same bill.



    Maybe I’m just not savvy enough but 250 high looks a lot like the proposed renderings to me…

    in reply to: Millennial Tower #1126145


    This is incredibly exciting. 25 stories is nothing to sneeze at.

    Now let’s just work on that name…

    in reply to: Pick-up or Rec Soccer #1125777


    Crew Supporters Union has a pick up soccer page on facebook that has regular posts on when people are trying to get together. It’s been a minute since I’ve gone but they were usually around campus and welcoming of anyone who wanted to play.

    Edit: I’m at work so I can’t post a link but I believe the page is called “Crew Union Pick Up Soccer”

    in reply to: Uber to End Surge Pricing, Allow Tips #1125673


    It’s my understanding that taxis can’t entirely compete with Uber because they fall under regulations that require them to service all addresses within an area when possible at the same rate. Uber can pick and choose what neighborhoods to go to, or not and they can raise the price to go somewhere that they don’t really want to go. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    It’s funny you mention this, two weeks ago when I was in Chicago we were having a conversation with our Uber driver and she basically said the opposite was the case there. I’m unsure if it’s different here in Cbus, but our driver there said Uber would service neighborhoods cabs refused to drive to there.

    Of course Cbus and Chicago are very different types of cities so I’m in the dark as to the regulations here.

    in reply to: Uber to End Surge Pricing, Allow Tips #1125490


    But let’s be real… the main reason people use Uber is because of the technology and the app, especially in Col

    I would say that was the case at the start but I think anymore it has a lot less to do with the App and a lot more to do with the service. I mean yellow cab has an App now but I don’t see lots of people switching.

    I have found Cabs here to be incredibly shady in their practices and poor in their service. The fact that all of that costs more than Uber, and you’re basically obligated to tip is the absolute kicker.

    both mine and complaints of people I know with Cabs here have been…
    – Terrible Service, rude drivers
    – Drivers intentionally taking long routes
    – Drivers pretending too or actually getting lost while they run the meter
    – Drivers not arriving when they say they will

    in reply to: Uber to End Surge Pricing, Allow Tips #1125441


    You still don’t HAVE to tip with this change.

    Obviously you don’t HAVE to, but you know the expectation to tip will become a norm in a matter of weeks. I don’t know a single person who says they regularly tip their Uber drivers. I guess based on comments here a lot of people do but that has not been my experience. So for me this is basically going to raise cost of all of my ubers by 20%. Thus my reasoning why I dislike it.

    Personally I hate Obligatory tipping. Don’t get me wrong I do it in situations where you have to (Bars, restaurants valets etc), I know people rely on it, but I don’t like the practice.

    in reply to: Uber to End Surge Pricing, Allow Tips #1125305


    I dislike this.

    This is going to end up costing people more on average per ride since the Expectation of a tip will very very quickly become the norm. One of my favorite parts of Ubers is the fact that I do not HAVE to tip.

    in reply to: Marconi Parking Garage is Closing #1124740


    Very exciting news. Hopefully whatever replaces it has some true height too it.

    As others have said this is a spot that could be a nice impact on the skyline and it sits at an interesting junction for lots of different purposes.

    in reply to: Kaufman Developments Buys Short North Land #1124582


    I hope they can see it themselves to incorporate the Electrical Workers building into any new development. It’s a great looking historical structure. Maybe some sort of rec center or event space?

    I was just about to say “Let the battle over the preservation of the IBEW Building begin”

    I would think that is the sort of building you want to save. It looks like it’s in good shape, fairly sizable and it looks rather nice. The fact that it’s 91 years old seems to cement it for me.

    I like your idea of Rec Center or event space. With apartments likely to go into the rest of that lot it seems like a clever way to utilize the building.

    in reply to: COTA Updates in 2016 #1123712


    Yeah, this is the one I use since I work in the adjacent building. I’m also very confused as to how we’re supposed to get the tickets to get onto the AirConnect bus. For example, if I’m the convention center, where do I buy a ticket? Do they expect us to walk all the way down to one of the downtown kiosks…???

    Regardless, I don’t think they should’ve moved the kiosk from the South Terminal either. Hopefully they’re looking to buy a new one.

    This is a perfect example of COTA to me. Start something new and good with the airport line, but then bungle the deployment by moving one of it’s few convenient ticket kiosks away from an established location.

    Plus like you point out, if I’m already downtown where do I get tickets as an out of town visitor?

    And they really only own 3 ticketing machines? [headinhands.jpeg]

    in reply to: Moving into Downtown? #1122223


    I used to live in the Polaris area before moving downtown and I cannot recommend coming down here enough!

    Sure there are petty crimes that happen, but lock your car and don’t leave money, phones ore computers in there and you’re good. I’ve found it’s more people pulling at door handles than anything else. Also I think it’s overblown since that’s the main focus of this site. When I lived in polaris my neighbors had their cars broken into twice and another their home once so that sort of crime is everywhere.

    As far as renting goes pick what feels safe and nice, but be prepared to sign on the spot. I had more than a couple places swooped out from under me because I took a day to think about it. It’s been a few years since I had to do that battle but I can’t imagine it’s much different now.

    Also if your potential job is in the Brewery district don’t count out Downtown or Short North areas as well, the Cbus runs down into the Brewery district and could make for an easy commute every day from a neighborhood on its route.

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