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  • in reply to: $1 Oysters – Monday Nights at Rigsby’s #344245

    Amazing. can’t wait!! I had some wonderful oysters @ deep wood happy hr. last week….but…1.00??? REALLY!??

    in reply to: Cheap but good Italian food? #292166

    joev wrote >>

    ChesterRock wrote >>
    OMG… NO! Not Marcella’s in the Short North, we went there the first month it was open. The pizza was LAME and everything was over priced. Probably one of the worst places I have ever eaten. Its just one of those “look at me type of places” It is a nice design and the service was good, but, the food is second rate!! Frozen pizza is better and cheaper!

    I went early after they opened, too. And I would have agreed with you had I not returned. The food is actually priced pretty reasonably now, I think. The drinks are outrageous expensive. But the food is very good – pretty authentic, even.

    I crave the white anchovies ALL the time…I did get an order of them takeout, at the polaris location for lunch (since it’s very close to my job)one time, and was pissed when I opened the box and discovered there were literally like 3 fishies with a ton of diced celery….ugh!! Therefore…I will NEVER go to the polaris location ever again.!

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    DavidF wrote >>

    This is actually really good.

    Where did you get this!!???? We used to carry the spicy maya bar at world market…it was my favorite!!!!! Please let me know!! I love this company!

    in reply to: What is your favorite home accessory store in Columbus? #322266

    HeySquare wrote >>
    That Olde Time Pottery place (which is going out of business) was great for cheap glassware.

    Really?? I was just there yesterday…It didn’t seem as though they’re going out of business…If so..I’m seriously bummed.

    World market is my fav….but…ahem..I also get a paycheck from them.

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    from world market: wasabi shrimp chips, dried chili mango, World market brand triple berry chocolate bar, dry roasted edamame, ginger gummy bears, and snap pea crisps…

    AND…my favorite from CAM….red bean ice cream bars…Even in the winter I can’t resist eating one on the way home.

    in reply to: Q: Best Affordable Champagne for Mimosas #318790

    patient_zero wrote >>

    melissagiggles wrote >> …mimosa’s should NEVER be served with a spumante…EVER..

    Oh really? Could you cite your source?

    Yea…my palate.You failed to quote the “haha.”

    I am well aware that many people and many establishments make mimosas with spumante…Which is why I can rarely have a mimosa with brunch..

    Really…I was just being silly.

    in reply to: Q: Best Affordable Champagne for Mimosas #318787

    not bashing anyone…but…mimosa’s should NEVER be served with a spumante…EVER..haha…anyway..italian sparklings go best…mionetto “il” prosecco is about $13 a bottle…yum…also…bollicini prosecco is 10.99 and also delish…

    there’s enough sugar in orange juice…a sweet champagne is overkill…the crispness of italian sparklings really go well with mixers…

    that being said..segura is delicious and we actually have HUGE magnum bottles for 10.99 right now at world market…that would be alright for mimosas…although I’d stick with a prosecco.

    in reply to: Best Places to Dance in Columbus? #293555

    dig!,sweatin, and funkdefy(new dance night) are all at circus…high and 5th ave..

    thursdays at skullys music diner for ladies 80’s…

    there’s also moral tales at the summit..though i haven’t been since feb….

    get right at club karma,

    there’s this new dance party called dance or die..though i haven’t been to that..

    i’ve probably missed a few.

    in reply to: Dirty Frank's Hog Dog Palace #267379

    i can’t wait to go!!

    in reply to: Dawes Arboretum #291910

    The last time I went was perhaps 8 years ago….I remember being most impressed with the japanese gardens.Def a good/short day trip!!

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