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    groundrules said:
    I see zone enforcement pretty regularly where I live in Harrison West. Maybe talk to your neighborhood liaison police officer.

    Any ideas how to go about locating contact info for this officer would be fantastic.

    I also found a partial map at this PDF, but apparently, such maps like I’m looking for are city secrets.


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    Nitsud Regnifloh said:
    When cyclists start obeying the traffic laws as they are supposed to, I will accept them as fellow-commuters.

    Winner! Even though they are commuters, I see too many people riding their bikes at 20+ MPH on sidewalks, trying to avoid walkers. I see too many cyclists running red lights (including without stopping!), and I see too many cyclists on the sidewalk, then in the street, then back on the sidewalk within two blocks.


    It’s not that hard.

    And yes, I realize it’s just a few bad apples, but it’s these apples that really do leave a rotten taste in my mouth. Too bad there’s no way for red-light cameras to capture these guys…one or two, and they’d quickly learn that “red means stop” no matter what your method of transportation is.

    Walk around campus during the fall or spring when OSU is in session. If you’re traveling 20+ mph on a sidewalk, playing “slalom” biking, something is wrong.

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    Walker said:
    I seem to recall The Dispatch having a paywall in the early-to-mid 2000s, but they took it down.

    Will be interesting to see how their audience and customers respond to this.

    They did limit their articles to subscribers only around then. However, you could take the end of the dispatch.com URL, mix it into the beginning of a similar url, such as 1460wbns.com, and be good to go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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