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  • in reply to: Jury Room Closing #1049615

    Jim Lauwers

    … Wow.

    in reply to: Betty's Fine Food and Spirits #218571

    Jim Lauwers

    614 said:
    True but you never know given the parking situation :P

    Liz Lessner actually owns the building Surly is in, according to the auditor’s office.

    Status Active
    Original Filing Date 05/23/2005
    COLUMBUS,OH 43215
    Effective Date: 05/23/2005
    Contact Status: Active

    …that mailing address is probably going to have to get changed.

    in reply to: The FINAL Columbus Underground Happy Hour – Nov 7 at The Crest #553566

    Jim Lauwers

    Coremodels said:
    For something of this magnitude, I’m in.

    For sure.

    Hi Walker, please rename this event “The FINAL Time Coremodels Lies About Attending a Columbus Underground Happy Hour.”

    in reply to: Dispatch killing off The Other Paper #529063

    Jim Lauwers


    in reply to: Glen Echo Park vandalized #504651

    Jim Lauwers

    cheap said:
    i meant that people need to know what it is like to be flat broke or homeless before pissing away money on something like this.
    i think it would make them appreciate a buck a little more.

    Hey just curious, how much do you pay a month for internet access?

    in reply to: Wendy's Son of Baconator #503428

    Jim Lauwers

    Relevant sidenote: for anybody who’s reading this and is into metal–Despite what Youtube is claiming, Sweden’s enigmatic proto-metal ensemble Ghost is not playing at Ace of Cups on August 1st. The band actually scheduled to play is This Old Ghost.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    please don’t eat the son of baconator.

    in reply to: Wendy's Son of Baconator #503411

    Jim Lauwers

    I’m getting some complaints that the chart is still unreadable for people with neck problems, so here’s an ADA-approved version

    in reply to: Wendy's Son of Baconator #503408

    Jim Lauwers

    CU’s forum software automatically resizes all images to “just barely illegible,” but fortunately I’m smarter than some dumb computer:

    in reply to: Columbus Food Trucks — Too Much Of A Good Thing? #500756

    Jim Lauwers

    joev said:
    Oh my God – not only is her commentary useless, but so is her calling in life.

    Thanks for the input, Amateur Vexillographer

    in reply to: Columbus Food Trucks — Too Much Of A Good Thing? #500752

    Jim Lauwers

    However, until McDonald’s opens a food truck, this fear is shallow at best.

    There was a Giant Eagle Market District food truck at the Gahanna Jazz Festival.

    Food trucks, like all hot fads in music and sex, stopped being cool exactly 35 minutes after you first heard about them.

    in reply to: Prometheus #483921

    Jim Lauwers

    -A decent sci-fi action/horror movie with impossibly large shoes to fill. Without the Alien tie-in, it would only be on the blockbuster level of (let’s say) Pandorum, which is sort of a shame because the ending credits for this movie contained an entire college yearbook. It’s also unfortunate that the Alien name is propping this film up, because it pokes several odd plotholes into the series’ continuity. Nerds will still be arguing about the lifecycle of the xenomorph after we’re all dead.

    -Falls into the common sci-fi prequel/sequel trap of appearing to take place in a universe where the computer interfaces get clunkier and uglier as time goes on, which I always find funny.

    -Contains a scene where the protagonists are being “chased” by a giant inanimate wheel, and choose to run directly along its predictable path of travel rather than running 90 degrees away from it. (I always find this funny, too.)

    -Does anybody know how many crewmembers were supposed to be on board the Prometheus? It felt like there were a couple dozen unnamed security staff who popped into and out of existence at will. Maybe holograms? Maybe….. GHOSTS????

    in reply to: Wii U #447729

    Jim Lauwers

    GCrites80s said:
    Not less than five years; it will have been exactly six.

    I was thinking the people who really drove the Wii’s adoption probably didn’t buy their console on day one (and, actually, were probably more likely to have received the console as a gift from a “traditional video game market” member.)

    in reply to: Sell me on your neighborhood! #499395

    Jim Lauwers

    oh never mind the fire fighters are here to solve the problem

    anyway yeah just move anywhere and commute to the short north on the weekends, it’s probably awesome

    in reply to: Sell me on your neighborhood! #499393

    Jim Lauwers

    Someone is smoking marijuana outside of my apartment and the smell is strong enough that I’m afraid I’m going to reek of pot come Monday morning.


    in reply to: Wii U #447724

    Jim Lauwers

    Walker said:
    Probably not.

    But what do I know… I haven’t even watched any of these E3 videos that resparked this conversation.

    In my mind you represent the “flowers and sausages” optimist view of the video game market, whereas I’m the “nobody’s going to pay for a new version of Madden every year are you INSANE??” pessimist.

    So I appreciate your view, Walker.

    I appreciate you.

    come back to us :,(

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