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  • Seconded on the Earplugs, I also have a pair of Hearos. They have them at Sam Ash for about 15-20 bucks depending on the level of protection, they are musician’s earplugs and attenuate the sound in a flat manner across the spectrum instead of blocking highs like most foam earplugs do. It is actually easier to understand people and talk at a normal distance with loud music blaring with them on then with them off… especially because you can still look at the persons lips and hear their voice at the same time versus having them shout into your ear while you look away… Best 15 bucks I ever spent, no one has even noticed them and I usually go out 3-4 times a week. If you go out and especially if you are a DJ you NEED to get hearing protection (it’s actually easier to isolate the monitors without turning them to 11 with good hearing protection)

    in reply to: Halp! tree trimming, driveway repair, gas fireplace maintenence #333437

    Premier Home & Lawn Service took care of one of my rental properties a couple months ago and I was really happy with them. They do tree trimming and driveways, phone is 614-270-6969. That should put you in touch with Patricia, she is the owner. Nice lady! Had a 2 day deadline over a weekend, with quite a bit of work to be done, they had it finished on time and in great shape. They may not remember me but you can tell them “James from the Oak St. duplex with the jungle in the back” sent you :)

    in reply to: Columbus films on TIME WARNER ON DEMAND #315795

    Cool, I will check it out for sure!

    in reply to: any good salsa or reggaeton nights? #307947

    I’d recommend martini park at easton

    in reply to: Good tile store #313240

    The Tile Shop on Morse Road


    better selection, but habitat columbus is gonna have better prices

    in reply to: Habit @ Onyx 10.29.09 ALL Electronic Dance Thursdays #311819

    don’t even think twice about this its gonna be hot! and who doesn’t want some of those 3$ pizzas? jason on the patio makes a stiff drink and will get you right where you need to be so show him some love when you come out :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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