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    Too tired to chime in much on this one at this hour other than to say for the person bashing the comment on the Buggyworks ‘Lofts for Sale’ advertisement on the building… NO comparison to the lame blonde chick digging on the side of the Connextions (or however you spell the first of the two lame attempts at naming condos, not lofts, condos).

    The Buggyworks sets the bar. Phase II is raising the bar. Real floors, high end appliances, urban village, etc. Come on. The Connextions/Ecclextions (I don’t know how to spell them and don’t wish to waste my or Google’s time looking up how to spell them) nonsense… I looked at a few units. First of all, the names suck. If they do one more project with some lame spelling and ‘x’ in the name, I will puke on their front sidewalk.

    Second, yah right. The ceiling height made me laugh out loud. The finishes were lame. I am sure they have electric. That’s right. Nearly every project has electric. Even those units at North Bank’s tower and lofts (except the top five floors I was told) do not have gas.

    Price in life is lead by supply and demand. The Buggyworks has 68 total lofts. 63 are residential and 5 are live/work. All are sold out. Phase II is now under way. Look out!

    I love this city

    in reply to: Northstar Cafe: The New McDonalds #130882

    This is America and everyone is entitled to an opinion, hence why I am posting this, my first post on this board to date. I love Northstar, both locations. I tell everyone I know that the Northstar Clintonville location, in my opinion, is the most beautiful restaurant in this city. I have worked in the food and wine business for over ten years. I have never entrusted my health to a place until Northstar arrived on the scene. To each their own, but Northstar is the number one restaurant destination for me multiple times each and every week. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)

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