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  • in reply to: The Dennison (Formerly The Leafy Dale) in Victorian Village #187718

    It looks nice. Urban Order did the floorplans.

    The paint colors they chose look fresh and classy. The paint has only been applied to the sides and back of the four story building.

    The property next door is for sale for $750,000 I was told. This piece of property separates Leafy Dale from a really cool Victorian that sits on the opposite corner of the Circus House. A new carriage house was built on the rear of this house and also designed by Urban Order.

    The facade of Leafy Dale concerns me. It is in need of some repairs and looks very tired in comparison with the newly painted sides. I was told the Victorian Village commission has not yet allowed changes to be made to the front of the building. Upon close inspection I feel this is a mistake – but the front garden level unit is really grand. The terrazzo floor is so nice

    Also the rear alley area construction needs some attention.

    Little information is available as of yet. Units starting at $124,900

    in reply to: Buggyworks – News & Updates #172268

    Phase II looks like it is nearly a go.

    Contract stage for those in reservation is set to begin soon.

    in reply to: Buggyworks – News & Updates #172267

    Nope, sorry, no link, no pictures. I just saw it when I was there

    in reply to: Buggyworks – News & Updates #172265

    The Buggyworks is beautiful.

    Orange Barrel did some media lining Firestone Alley. This all looks good. The images of the Firestone Lofts rooftop area is really cool. Also the renderings of the alley show much change is in the future for this project.

    I was told that contract stage is set to begin shortly and delivery will take place within two years from this start.

    A rumor of a restaurant is also lurking

    in reply to: The Dennison (Formerly The Leafy Dale) in Victorian Village #187717


    Some are already sold I was told

    Units will be larger than first developer had and the outside of the building had the trees dug out (the shade is missed but the trees were so hacked to death that they needed to come down_

    Also, the exterior sides and back of the building are in the process of being painted. The natural sand colored brick facade will be cleaned up and left untouched.


    in reply to: The Broadwin Condos – Updates & News #191455

    and alas, I drove by The Broadwin on Sunday and the place looks deserted.

    in reply to: The Broadwin Condos – Updates & News #191453

    or sell it to someone else. Nationwide anyone?

    in reply to: The Dennison (Formerly The Leafy Dale) in Victorian Village #187715

    I stopped by and spoke with a few construction workers. They stated a new owner is slated to offer these up as condos. Make this the second developer to have contact information for me and not return a phone call. Sigh. People are stupid

    in reply to: The Broadwin Condos – Updates & News #191442

    Oh this is good. I have been absent from this site for a while but here goes…

    I have contacted the developer of The Broadwin on NUMEROUS occasions, only to not have a telephone call returned. What gives?

    YES, DATES HAVE BEEN PROMISED AND PROMISED AND PROMISED AGAIN. It is a restoration project. Finish it, period. I was told from the developer’s mouth that the project would be delivered by May. Also, don’t advertise open houses on The Broadwin only to not hold open houses. Sell the building to someone who can deliver.

    I would have bought on of those condos again and again except for the fact that phone calls aren’t returned, time lines are fictitious and progress is little to none. The website for The Broadwin does not function properly (units and floorplans do not match up).

    Potential buyers and the viewing public expect and deserve things to be done in a proper and timely fashion. Period. Exclamation point!

    in reply to: Ice Cream Truck #190707

    I have seen Jeni’s cool ice cream truck. I wonder what all it does for her business

    in reply to: The Dennison (Formerly The Leafy Dale) in Victorian Village #187713

    I didn’t see anything recent. hmmm. ok. i will search away

    in reply to: Buggyworks – News & Updates #172257

    I heard some crazy stuff about phases two and beyond yesterday.

    It’s gonna be really nice.

    in reply to: Buggyworks – News & Updates #172253

    Those tower renderings sure are nice

    in reply to: Woodland Park and other Lesser Known Neighborhoods #176592

    people should post links to good buys on here regularly. I like this topic!

    Hungarian Village is what zip code again?

    in reply to: Buggyworks – News & Updates #172242

    I stopped by their sales office today. Nearly the entire 4th floor is under reservation as well as other 3rd floor units. Floor 2 is being held for loft office space (unless residential demand pushes this aside) and floor one for retail.

    In a related Business First article, the developer, Kyle Katz, just signed 5000 sq ft of space to a leading architectural firm – with construction set to begin very soon. Columbus spices up the cities where they hold office space.

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