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    I sincerely apologize to Ashley and those joining him on Friday night.

    I acknowledge Ashley and his guests did not receive the service to which I am accustomed to providing and again, I apologize.

    I care so much that I went out the door after he and his guests saying to please come back – on us.

    I care so much about what I am doing and about those that work with me that I don’t like to push people beyond their limits.

    That Friday night was the busiest night we have had so far. With limited seating and limited means with which to turn around glassware and serving ware – we can only turn out a quality product so many times in an evening. We continue to look at our systems that are in place and see how we can improve upon them. We WILL be open until closing time going forward.

    Anyone that knows me beyond just the screen of a computer knows what I am about – service driven, delicious food and drink, within the reach of nearly every man and woman – in a beautiful setting.

    I am so sorry, thank you, and I hope to see you soon at MOUTON and we can chat.

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    Good morning columbusunderground readers.

    My name is Yusef and I along with one partner own MOUTON.

    I have remained silent through questions and concerns thus far as time prevents me from chiming in – and I prefer to listen and see what people are saying, not weighing in regularly.

    June has treated us well. This was our first month of business, after a nine month planning and building process, one that pushed me to my limits, trying me far more than I ever expected.

    I would like to share with you my plan for expanded hours, menu and HVAC.

    Most importantly, for the comfort of those who work with us and those who come to drink and dine with us…

    This Friday additional duct work will be added to our basement, enabling the necessary boost from a two ton furnace to a five ton. This was called for during the architectural and engineering phase of the project but the cost was prohibitive. We are thankful for kind landlords who see promise not only in the neighborhood but in our passion and vision for this space. A completely glass facade has been both a blessing and a hindrance and we hope to show that not only can you enjoy seeing out and in but you can sip wine and laugh in a cooled space.

    On hours…

    Starting next week we will open for morning coffee service. Logan Demmy is heading up our espresso program. He is amazing. Not only is he a spectacular barista but he has turned out to be a great waiter as well. Logan has been pushing for us to open in the morning hour and for this reason we will. Keep up to date with our hours on our facebook fan page as any changes in our hours will be reflected there. At this moment we will pour Brioso Milano and SNOWVILLE milk Monday-Friday from 9 til noon. It does seem foolish to me to not open on Saturday and Sunday, days that Northstar has a line that creeps around the block, however, we are not there yet. As of this moment, we also have no menu item in place to serve with this coffee. I hope you will look past this and see that we feel we will be serving one of the best cups of coffee in the city of Columbus.

    We are also adding Wednesday evening to our nights of service, with the hope of Tuesday following shortly after.

    As a ten year resident of the city and nearly that long of the neighborhood surrounding MOUTON, I pay attention to business around me. It seems that the nights we have chosen to be open are best suited for a new business that is centered around a wine & cocktail bar type of atmosphere. I hope to be proven wrong by adding more nights to service, offering up attentive service and a bit more relaxed pace.

    And finally, the menu.

    Thank you for wanting more. All along I have not wanted to offer anything that we are not executing to the best of our ability. Food needs to look and taste good. I am thrilled with the choices we have made thus far and the feedback that at least I am hearing has been nothing less than positive, with the occasional comment being ‘More cheese.’ We are expanding our selection of cheese and cured meats. When left at the helm of our culinary program just days before opening, I had no alternative but to move at a snail’s pace. I would not want to serve anything that is less than exceptional. I hope you see this.

    In all, I am very pleased with our performance thus far. I went into this with no expectations, honestly.

    The delight to me is to walk outside of the space and look in. To see diners filling the space, talking, laughing, looking around, and enjoying themselves.

    In the end my concept has changed a bit, yes, but it is natural for one to tweak things as they go along.

    I hope you will come and experience what we have to offer you for yourself and not let any preconceived notions scare you away.

    Take good care and enjoy this upcoming holiday weekend

    in reply to: Hubbard Grill – Old Rosendales/Details space in Short North #355059

    LOL @ personalized license plates giving clues to the new tenant. I do know that a gent I know was seen in the space – owning a car that has COOKE1 on the plate I believe…

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337437

    I am parting with a gorgeous linear rectangle golden oak topped Charles Eames for Herman Miller Aluminum Group table .
    Measures approximately 6′ x 3′.
    The table is similar to that which is pictured with the exception of no black rubber edge.
    This is the first oak rectangle top version I have come across.
    Original label still intact.
    A substantial piece with nice patina – yet in wonderful vintage condition.

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337352

    gotta love MCM

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337348

    Thanks a lot for the compliments.

    I’ve been collecting for years and have decided to slim down – with a business to focus on these days.

    Some great deals to be had and some pieces are sure to appreciate in value.

    The Girard quilts I have I see as quality pieces that will delight the eye.

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337342

    and a couple last minute additions – a beautiful and original ‘factory desk’ that came from NCR in Dayton, Ohio and a very vintage NYC subway gate, complete with original key, paint, etc.

    The factory desk’s purpose was to be used as the front reception/cash register/slicer area of my restaurant, however I found a few more pieces that have a little different appeal to them. This one is a bargain due to it’s size, storage ability, thick wood slab top, etc. You pay what I paid $375.

    The subway gate was nixed by some of the creatives involved in my project and for that reason I am going to part with it – $255.

    Want pics of anything I have – just send me a pm and I’ll get them to you. I’m looking to move the desk piece quickly and the others on my previous list pretty much the same.

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337335

    modern for the moment

    All pieces have provenance and are being sold to either make room for other pieces or to fund other projects that are currently in the works.

    1. early and original Philippe Starck for Kartell Prince Aha stools. I have two of these. Each is a beautiful shade of pastel – 1 lavender and the other a pale lemon yellow $65 each retaining their original Kartell box and plastic wrapping material

    2. from a short stint that Philippe Starck had with Target – a much sought after pair of light up end tables. Translucent white in color with a clear cord that houses an on/off switch. $350 for the pair

    3. from the same collection for Target I have his toy car. brushed nickel push handle and all packaging still in tact. This is a gem. $95

    4. and lastly, from the same collection, a white table lamp. never used, original packaging. $45

    5. original Philippe Starck for Kartell orange Louis Ghost high stool. These are expensive to buy elsewhere. $125

    6. a Thomas O’Brien coffee table in wonderful condition. It had many happy times, games and meals housed atop it while @ The Buggyworks. $40

    7. one rather rare Michael Graves table fan. Retains original box and was not used as it is one of a pair. $75. Beautiful colors, housing mechanism, shapes, colors and buttons. Memphis design at it’s finest.

    8. a rather rare vintage Tolix table 55. As purchased from a flea market in the south of France. $1500 obo. It is absolutely stunning. Angular and modern in design, 100% metal construction. Could be used as either a desk, small dining table, etc.

    9. a beautiful set of 13 wine glasses. Marked made in France, modern design with jeweled green stem and clear coupe. $85

    10. early folk American whale on a pedestal stand. $85.

    11. Michael Graves fireplace screen. Black with leather pulls, many folding doors and a beautiful leaf cut out design. $65

    12. I also have a rather rare Blu Dot Lily Pad table. The production was ceased rather immediately due to a structural issue where the table wobbes. There are 3 beautifully grained walnut veneered discs that sit atop cream metal rods. These rods are finished off at floor level with walnut pegs. A stunning piece and priced well @ $125.

    I also have quite a collection of Alexander Girard textiles and objects for sale. Various sizes, shapes and colors. The quilts are stunning and some of the finest design I have ever owned, period.

    Please do not hesitate to inquire.

    Thank you

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337311

    I have a bunch of modern good design I am parting with – as people buy it up.

    Send me a PM and I will have a list put together.

    in reply to: Apartment Therapy Classifieds for Columbus #337282

    Mary Catherine’s Antiques in the Short North JUST put a set of 5 Paul McCobb black dining chairs up in their front window. They are beautiful. If anyone needs chairs – jump on it!

    in reply to: The Garage Slab Magazine #337239

    What’s it about?

    in reply to: The Wood Companies Short North Apartment Building – News & Updates #336571

    @ Thory
    This week the needed architectural and mechanical engineer’s drawings will be viewed and hopefully submitted to the city for approval right after
    I am currently working on menu development
    Things appear to be coming together nicely

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334788

    Thanks Mike.

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334787

    When is the meeting/open house social?

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334790

    I love this project so don’t hate me for saying this


    I was also so enamored with a Buggyworks style Wonder Bread Factory Lofts

    maybe that’s what Prescott Place behind of Havana will bring us – I think they are moving along a bit there with that spectacular sawtooth building

    It’s great to read of all the talent behind Wonderland – many of which I personally know and am certain that this will further the Short North tremendously

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