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  • The LC is building tens of millions of dollars worth in massive suburban complexes. They have no money problems. This is a steel problem or them wanting to work on the three RiverSouth buildings together. BTW, the lot across from the Julian was being torn up today and the crane was in action.

    in reply to: Columbus $15 Minimum Wage #1122206

    I think we’ll get true glimpses at how this plays out in the near future with Cali and NY doing state wide raises in wages. It’s one thing for a city to do it when it’s easy to ship a job a few miles away but Statewide is a new story.

    Personally I lean toward raising the wage to $15 bucks. I strongly suspect that when people point to cities where Unemployment goes up after a min wage hike what they’re really seeing is more people looking for jobs again as a result of better potential wages. But that’s all a suspicion so I’d love to see if the data bears that out before I make my position the hill to die on.

    Here you go:


    in reply to: White Castle Headquarters Development #1121480

    Just wondering..would a soccer stadium fit on that site? with access roads to garages on some of the nearby cut-off areas like that isolated parcel? It might be one of the only large parcels left close to downtown. Just sayin’ since people have talked about having it closer to downtown.

    At 18 acres I hope they really make the best of it being that is it such a large parcel- and not just some of the same-old same-old like a half size Jeffrey Park(not that Jeffrey Park is bad).

    ^^ It would be great if they could find some way to integrate that triangular parcel, the long parcel north of it along Goodale, this White Castle parcel, and the Pen West area. All of that area but all cut up and divided!

    I proposed just that in early 2014 in a “new Crew Stadium” thread. People claimed the connections, both pedestrian and vehicular, were prohibitive and that the White Castle HQ prevented such development.

    I even provided a picture last summer:

    Retail/apartments/offices would line Goodale and a large garage perhaps attached to the stadium would be immediately East. A new park along the riverfront with pedestrian connections West (Grandview Yard), South (PenWest) and East (Arena District).

    in reply to: Polaris Lazelle Road Development? #1118265

    It appears to be another “extended stay hotel”. So yes, apartments. 6 apartment buildings plus 7 garages and a clubhouse. The total valuation is only $10,000,000 plus $2MM for the land so it’s probably only 70 units or so. That’s on 15 acres.

    in reply to: Parking Garage Condemned on Long Street #1109350

    Since 250 High was announced I’ve always thought a similar building could be attached to the north side of the garage across Long from this condemned garage. A 12-15 story building there would complement the Atlas nicely. Wonder who owns that one?

    in reply to: Best Albums of 2015? #1107664

    Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly
    Dwight Yoakam – Second Hand Heart
    Ashley Monroe – The Blade
    Eric Church – Mr. Misunderstood
    Destroyer – Poison Season
    Swallow the Sun – Songs from the North I, II, & III
    Tom Russell – The Rose of Roscrae
    Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear
    Jazmine Sullivan – Reality Show
    Leo Welch – I Don’t Prefer No Blues

    That’s 10, but in no particular order. Poor year for rock and rap. Pretty good for country and folk though. Nothing is living up to 2013. I’m still discovering stellar records from that year.

    Looking ahead, perhaps big names Radiohead, Kanye, and David Bowie will release worthwhile records in 2016. I’m also looking forward to what Chevelle, Gorillaz, and possibly M.I.A. have to offer.

    in reply to: Cleveland's beautiful, modern apartment proposal for downtown #1103420

    Has anyone made a list of the proposed/under construction list of apartments/condos in the Downtown area as of today similar to that Cleveland comment above?

    You will probably see a similar list to Cleveland just more smaller scale projects. Some on that Cleveland list will take years to get to completion (if getting built at all). Columbus is doing right with its Downtown development, correct scale and costs which will actually be able to have shovels in the ground. Downtown Columbus has such a large area to work with, but in time the larger scale projects will come in.

    Columbus has much larger rental units in construction across the metro than Cleveland has currently. Must look at the grander picture here.

    LeVeque: 78
    Atlas: 88
    250 High: 121
    LC Riversouth: 243
    LC Matan: 117
    Gay/High: 240
    Hartman: 65
    Park’s Edge: 69
    Pen West: 300
    Lucas Lofts: 69
    Town/5th: 84
    Madison’s: 30
    The Julian: 90
    Main/Front: 75
    Long/Front: 34
    Hawthorne Grove: 30
    330 Oak: 100
    Bishop’s Walk II: 26
    Two25: 170
    Stoddart: 52
    Ballet Met/CSCC: 70
    11 E Gay: 16
    400 W Rich: 124
    Warner Junction: 18
    W Walnut St.: 25
    W Rich Warehouses: 50
    Neilston: 130
    6th St Mews: 13

    That’s all I can think of. That’s 2,527 units. Less than half the Cleveland list.

    in reply to: More condos coming to the Arena District #1102865

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>I_am_Father_McKenzie wrote:</div>
    I didn’t know it was owned by the city.

    I don’t believe it is. Privately owned.

    The auditor’s website says it’s been owned by the city since at least 1938.

    in reply to: More condos coming to the Arena District #1102853

    I think there’s some interesting history to the Boat House, being nearly 60 years old. I think a major renovation combined with a mid-rise hotel + parking deck on the existing surface lot behind the restaurant would be an amazing project. ;)

    Of course… just SimCitying ideas over here…

    I didn’t know it was owned by the city. I wonder if an opportunity has ever been suggested to local developers…

    The facade changes are only affecting the first 2 stories (the stone part), and only the courtyard and alley facing sides of both buildings. Probably a good thing so the Rich and High portions differ at street level from the courtyard and alley sides.

    Also the Beatty building is still to be 10 floors. The Dispatch got confused by the 9 floors of apartments with ground level retail.

    in reply to: 12-story, 170-room Hilton Garden Inn Proposed Downtown #1099590

    Because of terrain those 2 cities have fewer spaces for projects. I’ll take our great population growth and tons of infill all over the city over two nearly stagnant metros building taller. Who cares? Does it add to the street level experience? That’s what’s important. Not the skyline.

    in reply to: Kingsdale Shopping Center — Development News & Updates #1093803

    Makes sense. Imagine how much money will be saved in man-hours and utility costs by closing those six hours. It’s a waste of resources to accommodate such a miniscule number of shoppers. My first job 20 years ago was bagging groceries, sometimes working cleanup until 2 and 3 am. It felt like the zombie apocalypse with music playing and nobody in sight.

    Except you’d be saving one position’s hours. There are still going to be the shelf stockers there all night. The only other person in there overnight is the person running the self check-out. All the utilities will remain on. Seems silly as every time I’m in a Kroger or Giant Eagle during these hours, yeah it’s slow, but there are still always at least 3-4 other shoppers in there. Some people’s schedules dictate this is the best time for them to shop. Too bad for them.

    in reply to: Columbus Bike Lanes — News, Updates & Discussion #1092914

    Forgive me if I’m being dumb here, but I’m still fairly new to biking/bike commuting and haven’t explored this portion of the Olentangy Trail/Downtown and how they connect in the area I’m about to describe:

    I was on Long Street downtown a few weeks ago and I noticed a lot of people biking behind a temporary construction wall barrier that was near a building. I’m fairly certain this was on Long Street, and if you go to Google Maps and type in the address 161 W Long St, Columbus, OH 43215, and go to Street View, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, that barricade is there in the Street View photos!

    I was wondering what was going on here exactly. It looks like construction to the big building right there, but there we many people biking behind that wall (and walking too). I think it would be awesome if that wall became permanent. Is that what they are actually doing there? Any info would be great!

    The trail along the river is closed. This is the temporary detour.

    in reply to: New 11-Story Office Building in The Short North #1091748

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Nancy H wrote:</div>
    I do hope they get approval for the 11 story building. The 10 story CMHA is diagonally across the intersection. We need some tall buildings to hide that ugly thing.

    Ah yes, we need buildings to hide the public housing residents. How dare they live in the Short North. Of course the willingness of the Short North Block Watch to blame those utilizing Section 8 vouchers (to, you know, better their lives like the law intends) for violence in the Italian Village makes prejudice like this sadly unremarkable.

    She called the building ugly, not the people living in it.

    in reply to: The Scioto Greenways Riverfront Redevelopment #1091745

    Hard to see but speaking of wildlife returning, I spotted a Great Blue Heron below the Broad Street Bridge.

    Your picture isn’t showing up for me.

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