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  • in reply to: Where did all the auto detailers go? #1119700


    I don’t have personal experience with them but you might want to look into Klean-A-Kar on East Main, downtown by the library. The car wash part is very popular, for whatever that’s worth.

    DISCLAIMER: New Albany-types may encounter or be forced to interact with people of color and/or those with less income.

    in reply to: Machete attack at Nazareth on Hamilton Rd #1119054


    I sympathize with the restaurant owner because of what happened. How could you not? But I don’t know what exactly he expects the city to do and it does not sound like he knows, either.

    Crappy things happen to businesses all the time. Is the city supposed to do something every time a business gets robbed? When it closes down because an owner goes broke or gets sick and cannot continue? When it shuts down because of listeria?

    The owner mentions the city came to the restaurant when he was remodeling even though he applied for permits. Did he have the permits? Is it enough to simply have applied for them? (I have no idea).

    Plus he blames the city for not protecting him against the attack. That’s just childish.

    I get that he is extremely and understandably frustrated. But Government is not Santa Claus.

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    The city isn’t big enough for two music festivals.

    Now, now, Skeeter. We don’t want no trouble ’round heah.

    in reply to: Moving to Franklinton? #1110292


    And they are “pioneers” from the sense of moving TO the neighborhood, which has seen almost nothing but exodus and demolition for decades. They’re filling in the gaps that have been left, like pioneering plant species filling in a disturbed ecosystem. I thought the reference was obvious.

    Ah, yes. Hearty, khaki-clad adventurers braving harsh conditions to move to a desolate location & spread the message of artisan toast and light rail to the few souls who dared to remain.

    (Not aimed at OP. I hope Hinderpants finds happiness in Franklinton or wherever else she chooses to move).

    in reply to: Moving to Franklinton? #1110276


    Here’s what you need to know about being an early pioneer in a neighborhood like this:

    How is one a “pioneer” when they move to an area where people already live & have for decades?

    RE: Franklinton — The condition of the housing stock is the biggest problem. Too many abused, neglected & previously-flooded homes.

    in reply to: Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio – News & Discussion #1099515


    We have always solicited opinion pieces from a wide range of individuals on a wide range of topics, aiming to have as many viewpoints represented as possible.

    Did you solicit any from the pro-Issue 3 side? If so, who? If not, why not?

    I agree there are some serious flaws with Issue 3. But here’s what Wirtshafter had to say —

    Those who wish to grow at home will be forced to register as a grower, pay $50 per year for a license and grant permission for government inspections of their homes.

    There is no provision in the Amendment for government inspection of homes. Could law enforcement still do that? Sure, I suppose. But nothing in the Amendment authorizes it. And, in a state awash with heroin and heroin overdoses, and where marijuana is already decriminalized only the truly paranoid think police will be beating down doors to check for peoples’ licenses or whether they have 4 plants vs. 8 plants. It does not happen now. Why would it happen if Issue 3 passes?

    Issue 3 preserves Ohio’s draconian drug laws

    Someone please let Wirtshafter know Ohio decriminalized marijuana to a not-insignificant degree decades ago.

    Only monopoly marijuana contained in its original, sealed container is legal outside your home

    Amendment language — “it is lawful for persons 21 years of age or older to purchase, possess, transport, use and share…marijuana of one ounce or less….”. Nothing in the Amendment says anything about it being in original, sealed containers although only marijuana purchased from licensed retail stores (or homegrown) is legal. Law enforcement will have the burden to prove the marijuana you possess was not purchased at a licensed store or is not home grown. Only the truly paranoid believe law enforcement will make this any kind of priority.

    Public pressure forced a revision of the original petition to include the most meaningless home growing provision imaginable and Regulated adult use is a success in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon

    Washington allows for ZERO home growing. Colorado allows for 6 home grown plants, Oregon allows 4. Ohio would allow 4. Colorado, Washington and Oregon all allow for 1 ounce of personal possession, just like Ohio would. How are these states significantly different than Issue 3 regarding “regulated adult use” and home growing?

    Wirthshafter on the grow sites – “They will be miserable places to work in”

    He knows this how?

    Issue 3 will supply Ohioans with factory grown schwag and With only second class products available in the stores

    He knows this how? And does he really think millionaire investors are going through all this trouble to provide a product nobody wants or will buy?

    in reply to: Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio – News & Discussion #1099502


    Why did CU publish that op-ed from Don Wirtshafter that contains such blatant lies?

    Some simple fact-checking would have confirmed several things he claims are not true whatsoever.

    Did CU solicit the op-ed from him? Will there be any counter op-eds? Does CU have a practice of fact-checking any op-eds or clarifying what is claimed in them? Or is it just a hands-off approach and people can use CU to say whatever they want?

    in reply to: Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio – News & Discussion #1098452


    You can get caught with almost a quarter pound of it and it’s a $150 fine.

    And get put in jail for a minimum of 3 days in some cities, like Medina, And get your driver’s license suspended. And become potentially ineligible for some professional licenses. And get hassled by police who want to search your car. And have your current or future employer find out.

    Other than that…

    in reply to: Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio – News & Discussion #1097553


    They now promise to build a medical marijuana research center in Ohio if citizens vote “Yes”.

    That’s actually part of the Amendment language itself. A vote for Issue 3 includes a vote for the research center.

    in reply to: Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio – News & Discussion #1097550


    Why kind of boon would it be to Ohio farmers if they could grow hemp? Issue 3 doesn’t touch it. This is why I’m voting no.

    The Ballot Board keeps a pretty tight lid on making sure ballot initiatives are single subject. I’m 99% sure they would see a) legalizing marijuana for personal use and sale and b) industrial hemp as totally different subjects. Or at least different enough from each other to not be lumped together.

    That is, if Responsible Ohio was even interested in the two being combined.

    In any event, if you are otherwise inclined to vote for legal marijuana but are rejecting Issue 3 for this one reason then that is awfully short-sighted.

    I have plenty of reservations about Issue 3 and Responsible Ohio. But not so many that I’m going to reject the prospect of legal marijuana. There is no “wait until next year”. No one else has come even remotely close to getting on the ballot in Ohio and will not unless the magic money fairy grants them $20 million.

    in reply to: Whats the word on OTE? #1094963


    If you buy that house, I’ll be a stone’s throw away.

    The vacant house behind the one you’re looking at needs torn down. I don’t think it’s salvageable. On that section of Fair (between Champion & Ohio), there are 2-3 other vacant houses. One is being renovated. Another one was bought with renovation in mind but nothing has started.

    I’ve lived there 2.5 years. It was a total circus when I first moved in – and not one of those good circuses. Thankfully, the little group of apartments nearby was sold & the dealers, junkies, etc were kicked out. The apartment down the block on Champion that was the scene of 2 drive-bys, among other things, is closed up. The house across the street from me that had been busted for meth and/or crack manufacturing is also shut down. With those improvements, the neighborhood is a LOT quieter.

    That said, I woke up at midnight last night to the sound of 5-6 gunshots that sounded like they came from my porch. No dead bodies anywhere. So, that’s a plus.

    Still, the neighborhood is on the upswing. There are very good deals to be had if you’re buying. But it will be awhile before the vacant homes are filled & other improvements are made.

    TL/DR = if just boarded up houses nearby give you pause, this particular neighborhood is probably not for you. It’s getting better but still has problems. I don’t regret buying here and I was literally surrounded by the problems I mentioned above (and knew what I was getting into).

    in reply to: Jeni's recall #1091241


    Extensive essay indeed. I read it and lost track of the fact we’re talking about….ice cream.

    “we bring people together”
    “to say we do things differently is an understatement”
    “we’ve spent a lot of time soul searching and asking a lot of hard questions”
    “what makes Jeni’s Jeni’s? What is it that we do that only we can do?
    “our recipe is unique in the world of ice cream. It can’t be made just anywhere”
    “there is nothing easy about how we do what we do”
    “we live in the 21st century. None of the old rules apply. We are free to break things apart and put them back together in ways that we couldn’t do before”

    Seriously. Get over yourself. You make ice cream. Tasty ice cream – yes. But, c’mon.

    in reply to: Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio – News & Discussion #1091152


    drink booze (or ever go inside a sleazy bar) and to never use drugs

    What was Jesus doing making all that wine?

    no dopehead will ever enter into the Kingdom of Heaven

    If only the same could be said for those who use run-on sentences, no punctuation, and bad grammar.

    in reply to: Chips N Go #1091071


    Olde Towne East residents say drunks, drugs, and prostitution are some of the problems a local business is bringing to their block.

    Bringing, brought, continues to bring…

    The business in question is a gas station and carry out store called “Chips N Go” on East Main Street.

    East Broad, not East Main.

    I hope this place goes away soon.

    in reply to: Jeni's recall #1090654


    The current workers are probably salty (pun intended) because of how their fellow employees were treated after Shutdown #2.

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