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  • geedeck

    I don’t want to make you all feel like you’ve made bad suggestions, but I will and then a mic will hit the floor.

    Queen’s Table.

    Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat Fishboat

    in reply to: The Madisons Building Downtown #1036224


    Definitely a rock and a hard place. If the buildings are abandoned, they need to come down at the cost of the owners. If the city of Columbus takes them over, where does the money come from and how are they managed? Do we have the option of Campus Partners-esque third party?


    I’ve previously tried working on public works projects in that park, that involved Liz’s mom for Columbus 2012. Essentially it boiled down to being her way or the highway.

    I look forward to a junction in time where this absolution is not the case and we can all work together towards optimal goals, but well, y’all can judge the pudding as you will.

    in reply to: What video games are you currently playing? #408457


    Gone Home is 50% this week on Steam.


    I’ve got former co-workers who helped to make this and I’d strongly encourage anyone bored with Battlefield 1955 v.4 Alpha Hydrex to check it out.

    It’s an adventure game. Like Myst, but not bad.

    in reply to: Who makes the best Reuben sandwich in town? #553066


    herps and derps. That’s what kitchen inspections are for. It’s the 21st century, and if you’re eating in Columbus and they have a green sticker, you’re probably ok.

    I actually got the kitchen tour one time. It’s just… a clean little kitchen and freezer.

    in reply to: Who makes the best Reuben sandwich in town? #553054


    All I see are pages of wrong my friends.

    You need to go to Bernies and have Paul make you a reuben. It’s the freaking perfect $6 unpretentious sandwich. Chips. A cup of whatever soup Roma made today. Some type of lager to wash it down.

    If you haven’t been there, I don’t even know why you bother living in Columbus.

    in reply to: End of August and September Mobile Monday Schedule and the future? #549302


    Maybe more/better advertising? I know there’s a St. James sandwich board now, but maybe some “FOOD TRUCK HERE” type signs on Detroit at both Summit and 4th ends? Aside from CU posting, what advertising has been tried?

    TBF, I think there’s a bigger issue here. While restaraunts have a permanent place, no food trucks do. There’s web resources, but those are irregular in their consistency or even presence. What I really think should exist would be a website that would quantify the stuff that bogs the less adventurous down

      [*]Location & hours for day(or, week really)[/*]
      [*]Payment method[/*]
      [*]Menu (text or link, and not a freaking PDF or flash site. OMG those people.[/*]
      [*]Vegetarian/Vegan/etc etc[/*]
      [*]Possible allergens (peanuts, dairy, wheat [ie gluten free])[/*]
      [*]Turn around time[/*]
      [*]Call ahead phone #[/*]
      [*]Links to reviews[/*]

    Because in my experience, it really doesn’t take much to deter some folks from trying food carts (again). There’s a twitter roundup thing, but, eh. I think Columbus has a decent food enthusiast culture, and Food Fort has done great work, but I still think part of the Proper Working Foodtruck Culture Machine of Greater Columbus isn’t there yet.

    in reply to: Xbox One #541447


    Per Walker’s tweet “So… what’s it going to be… Xbox One or PS4?”

    Oh come on tweet author, you are better than that. Why does it have to be one or the other? I mean what about the Ninte… haha just kidding. BUT. BUT.


    League of Legends has already hit 500k _concurrent_ players (ie all online at same time). World of Warcraft, well, say no more. Valve with Steam is a better benevolent overlord than MS, Sony and Nintendo combined, that costs no money to players and offers a better environment and return rate for developers. Every game that comes out on PS3/360 looks massively better on a PC. Consoles might get the lead for a bit, but how long? And at the cost of being locked into a single ecosystem?

    You say it takes a $800 PC to equal a console? Sure, but how many of us have had to buy multiple PS2s? 360s? PS3s? Paid for XBoxLive or PSN+? Pays for the extra content that Valve gives away for free and encourages the same? Plus the PC, you hook it up to the TV w/ HDMI and you instantly have a better content display platform than Roku/AppleTV/you name it. Free Hulu, free CrunchyRoll, free Daily Show/Colbert, the list goes on. PC support is easier than ever too. You kids. Not caring about your IRQs or your 640ks.

    Plus it’s open. Will it do kinect? Not as easily as a XBONE, but it can. You can get a wireless controller receiver and use your 360 controllers. Or PS3 controllers. Or PS2 controllers via a USB dongle. You can make a tiny computer or a huge computer or a whatever.

    Also? I thought the PS4 reveal was underwhelming. Now I want that level of whelm back. So little whelm. The littlest whelm.

    tl;dr consoles are fun but PCs have powah

    in reply to: Proposed Ohio Law Would Change Rules For Passing Bicyclists #542664


    M.O. said:
    What we really need is three feet of well-paved berm. Cyclists who bike on our crowded, skinny no-berm farm roads would be safer playing Russian Roulette.

    I disagree not with your logic (safer bikers) but that berms make bikers safe. You pretty much need a full blown separate bike lane, or just a full car lane that bikers can take. In my cycling experience, some cars will be plenty happy to take your lane if they think you aren’t using enough of it. Then again maybe we’re just using different words to describe 99% same things.

    Anyway, hope this passes.

    in reply to: Charcuterie Tasting at Due Amici on Sunday November 18 2012 #519171


    Just got back from it. I… eh. Hmm.

    in reply to: Some Thoughts on Downtown Dayton #518484


    As Mrsgeedeck said, I grew up in Dayton, went to HS in downtown at Chaminade-Julienne, so pretty familiar with the area. As she and others pointed out, the urban sprawl is one of the main factors that murders culture, but the other is, is that anyone who has/d drive to Do Something either moves to CLE/CMH/CIN or just out of the state. Dayton doesn’t attract you because it’s amazing, Dayton attracts you because your lack of inertia can’t overcome it’s gravity. It is a hellmouth of mediocrity, to use Buffy parlance. When you have smaller places like this, you don’t find amazing leaders for the place because it’s a great job, you get them because they love the community. I never saw a single one of those in my time there, though those are 14 year old views of someone who was 18 or younger. That said, I still have to go there for family and like I say to mrsgeedeck every time we go “Oh that used to be a…” is a constant phrase. Outsourcing, just to other parts of the US, also helped to cripple the place as NCR, Mead and even the fucking Dayton Daily News got out of the city (the latter moved out by Springboro, the low-rent version of New Albany).

    It’s not all terrible. If I was creating a data center or other IT stuff that didn’t need a proper big city, it’d be an amazing place to set it up. And if they somehow with the blessings of space-elmo-jesus got a train, it’d be fabulous commute for Cincy/Columbus.

    I do applaud folks like Walker for giving it a shot. They need like a hundred thou more of him.


    Cookie said:
    Can anyone point me to some information about bath salts that doesn’t smack of Reefer Madness? That Spin article was ridiculous.

    but but but

    As small knots of sweaty tweakers gape from across the street, visibly frustrated that one of their favorite haunts is being hit

    HOW COULD THAT BE HYPERBOLE. Cookie that is hard hitting journalism, can’t you see.


    GCrites80s said:
    Bath salts will return after these messages.

    geedeck, is your avatar a Samurai Pizza Cat dressed up like Lt. Rick Hunter? If so, man that’s sweet.

    We now return to bath salts.

    GCrites, I’m warning you about skull injuries due to the mind blowing visuals



    As for what’s going to happen on that block: maybe some cheap space. Maybe a PR company will move into one of those buildings and you can hire them to keep you from empathizing with drug dealers on public message boards. Nah … let’s not ruin a Columbus original ;).

    Good golly not a durgs dealer!!!111one

    If you want to derp it up and play the cable news soundbyte game, then yes it’s bad for liz to say this. If you want to actually have a discussion about the nuances of how this will effect more than just a dude going to jail, then yes, one can have empathy. This stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The pressure and drive for these pseudo-legal drugs is because the US government has been waging a long and costly war against drugs that cripples our economic engines by criminalizing people needlessly.

    So yes, you can either play the Nancy Grace home game, or you dig further into the issue and actually see how this isn’t just a black and white clear cut issue.


    I’m just happy that the Saveway might actually get an owner who cares. I’ve spend the last year trying to get Sully to stock Mt. Dew Code Red without success.

    The lack of 20oz Code Red? That my friends is the true crime here.

    Anyway, who wants to go into business with me selling sexy glass corsets floggers that can be use to smoke legal substances??

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