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  • in reply to: New food Trucks/Ideas? #432937

    Fusion Cafe

    Here’s another take on that style of restaurant:


    It’s a cool concept.

    in reply to: Will food trucks/carts stay open in the winter? #416796

    Fusion Cafe

    We are winterizing our vehicle so we can serve and not freeze or succumb to propane gas poisioning. Repairs and modifications are almost complete. Besides, the cold weather modifications we’re installing, starting next Tuesady Dec. 14th we’ll be back inside Dick’s Den during the weekly Bluegrass Jam series practicing new recipes and menu oferings. We may be temporarily down due to the weather elements but we are not out! Come get your Fusion-on and enjoy some great music from some of Ohio’s best musicians.

    in reply to: Chain Restaurants with Food Trucks #402730

    Fusion Cafe

    I got an e-mail a couple weeks back from someone at Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer asking did I think a corporate food truck would work. I told them it would probably work well..in another city. Let’s hope the game stays geared towards us small business entrepeneur’s and the corporate dynasties stay out.

    Or we could look at it as a form of flattery and that we must have really hit on something if the big boys want to play on our court.

    in reply to: Can someone recommend a good, reliable and certified Home Inspector? #343947

    Fusion Cafe

    Synder Inspection and Consulting
    [email protected]

    Aaron will take good care of you.

    in reply to: The Ghosts of Columbus Past #317982

    Fusion Cafe

    1. When television was much simpler..we only had 4 channels: 4,6,10 and 34.
    2. All the radio station’s were AM.
    3. Les Brown running for City Council and call his Mother for her endorsement and her urge for Columbus to “Vote for my son, he’s a good man!”–everyday.
    4. Jerry Hammond. KC Jones Baby. Buck Reinhart. Lushetka. Otto Beatty. Fritz The Nite Owl. Flippo the Clown.
    5. Neighborhood’s where everybody knew each other.
    6. Northland Mall was an outside Mall (by the way it was the 1st covered Mall in the US). The C&S Lounge. Mount Vernon Ave. When the Fair cost $2.00 and ALL the rides were free! The deli/restaurant in Downtown Lazarus. You had to walk outside and up temporary steps to get on your plane at Port Columbus.
    7. Northern Lights Shopping Center was a destination and the home of Big City Gameroom. Stelzer Rd. was 2 lanes.
    8. Bussing. All Black (damn near) Catholic grade schools and parishes.
    9. You couldn’t find a parking space for 2 blocks on the weekend near Linden Park.
    10. My 1st foray into the Hospitality Industry: Steak & Ale @ Morse and Maize..and Morse Rd. only had 2 lanes in each direction!

    Damn, I’m getting old!!!

    in reply to: “Immigrantification” (n.) – Gentrification by Immigrants #403381

    Fusion Cafe

    I believe that word about sums it up. That corridor has become one of the new “immigrant-ized” area’s of Columbus. It’s just unfortunate that the big box retailers and Northland had to shut down to give the new breed of entrepeneur’s a chance. Hell, not too long back Columbus was so segregated that there were only certain neighborhoods where certain races & nationalities could live–let alone operate a business. Moving forward and inch and still moving backward a foot..progress at it’s finest!

    in reply to: The Great Food Truck Race – Food Network 8/15 #395266

    Fusion Cafe

    I am tuning into this one. I haven’t been much into reality tv since the 1st season of Rocco Dispirito’s “The Restaurant” years ago. This is right up my alley!! In fact, we got nominated for Season 2 and you can vote for us at their website.

    in reply to: What are you addicted to? #392870

    Fusion Cafe

    Matouk’s Hot Sauce
    My Wife’s Oxtails/Macaroni Pie and Stewed Spinach-Garden Veggie Mix
    My Mom’s laugh
    Dick’s Den
    Poetry/Spoken Word
    Hip Hop bands with Live Musicians
    Nice People
    Folk’s who’ll try new foods/tastes/textures/flavors
    The Hospitality industry
    animals/birds and my Wolves and Goldfish
    should I go on…?

    in reply to: Dirty Frank's Hog Dog Palace #267865

    Fusion Cafe

    Over the last month I’ve talked to lots of folks working in the Hospitality industry and everbody’s refrigeration and ac systems (including our’s on an aluminum platform) are getting worked overtime!
    Hell, last weekend we witnessed rolling blackout’s of the street lamps up and down High St. near Dick’s Den because everybody and their momma are working that ac overtime!!

    Wimps!! If you go in an establishment and they have food worth being there for and it’s hot= 1. Order it to go! 2. Order more cold beverages!!

    in reply to: Ray Ray's Hog Pit #352755

    Fusion Cafe

    Ray-Ray’s is good BBQ!!! This is one of our favorite’s and like someone posted, they are good people and were very helpful and forthcomming with tips while I was refurbing Bessie Mae. You’re missing out on something good if you don’t patronize them.

    in reply to: New Location: Fusion Cafe #388029

    Fusion Cafe

    Fusion Cafe wrote >>
    OK, it’s official!! Our newest loacation and operating time: every Wednesday 11am-2pm @ the corners of Washington Ave. and E. Broad St. in front of State Auto Insurance and 3 parking meters from the Columbus Art Museum. We’ll have new Rotation’s each week and during these Summer months can always concoct you a delicious, refreshing and healthy Fruit Smoothie with Rainbow Sherbert and your choice of juice. We’ll keep FB’ing, Tweeting, C.U.’ing and Yelping to keep you abreast of current locations and Menu Rotation’s. Try something new for a delightful-delicious change!

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