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  • in reply to: Scioto Mile – News & Updates #440731

    Mister Shifter said:
    Yes. They were all posted on the previous page.

    Still underwhelmed huh? lol It definitely does nothing for visitors, but just for them to look at, I guess. Would be nice if there was a staircase inside and a look out deck up top. But I’d prefer another design.

    in reply to: Scioto Mile – News & Updates #440728

    Has anyone seen these additional images on the Dispatch? I am a little underwhelmed with the original photo on the Dispatch but these photos help the design a little.

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    in reply to: Parking Meters on High Street Downtown #466540

    The Hills Market Downtown, the proposed new condos in the Discovery District and metered parking Downtown (which needs to happen). Next announcement is a skyscraper to be built Downtown and I’d say I was dreaming. This gives me everything to smile about. Good news day!

    in reply to: The Hills Market Downtown #466359

    Some very exciting news for Downtown Columbus. No doubt a huge win for nearby residents and retailers. The future is limitless for this neighborhood. Neighborhood Launch is already one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I’ve seen in this city.

    in reply to: Proposal to Reroute some COTA Buses from High Street to Front Street #462799

    wynnie said:
    I agree that this proposal is racist and has little to do with parking. One only needs to look at the reader comments on the Dispatch web site to confirm that this issue is about getting the “undesirables” off High Street. When they comment, “The people have no business even being downtown, only there to live off government programs. There is constant drug dealing going on and yes, most of the riders look like complete thugs.”

    This is overt Jim Crow-style discrimination. No group of people are “FILTHY MAGGOTS.”

    Also, aren’t the High Street line-ups in front of the Statehouse (northbound) and COTA headquarters (southbound)? Isn’t business doing well there? I don’t see any empty storefronts in those line-up locations. However, I do agree that idle times could be shortened.

    Wynnie, although this first move brings the #1 off of High st, I think once this is tested out, COTA will bring more busses off of High. Bringing metered parking onto High and therefore retail, will offer COTA passengers of all ethnicities more products and services for them to enjoy along their commuting experience. This also has the potential to provide minority owned business a chance to launch their business Downtown. Think of the amount of jobs this can bring for #1 riders who rely on jobs along the route or Downtown. Although it seems harsh that they are wanting to take the #1 to Front st as the first test, it has the best rerouting plan and seems ideal.

    I personally avoid the Dispatch Comment section because there are often classist and racist statements there. I don’t think those statements reflect the majority of the way people in our society feel or even COTA for that matter.

    in reply to: Proposal to Reroute some COTA Buses from High Street to Front Street #462791

    Dispatch: “Some see discrimination in COTA Downtown reroute plan”

    By Robert Vitale
    The Columbus Dispatch
    Monday October 10, 2011 12:16 AM

    Willis Bryant has heard why Downtown planners want to reroute the COTA bus that takes him from the East Side to Columbus State, to Cleveland Avenue stores and back home again.
    But when he listens to their argument — that lines of buses and crowds of riders are hurting efforts to fill High Street storefronts — he hears something else.
    “They don’t want people who look like me,” said Bryant, who is black.

    Read more

    I am all for the re-routing of the majority of busses off of High on the Downtown Mile on High area. From a business owners/retail perspective this is common sense. The area and Downtown needs the retail to fill in and metered parking is the best solution to this problem. In my opinion this has little to nothing to do with racial discrimination or elitism and more to do with improving the economic strength of Downtown. Any positive impact Downtown should be beneficial for everyone. COTA should also let the number 2 travel on front st and I’d be happy with that. The complaint of it being too far and inconvenient explains just how lazy we are in this city. If you happen to ride in the other 13-14 largest metro cities, walking a few blocks or transferring isn’t a huge deal. If this returns and creates jobs like city planners and leaders expect. It should happen.

    in reply to: The Columbus Idea Foundry – News & Updates #447099

    Hopefully we can get them to their goal. Fringe Outfitters is donating $40.00 to the cause. After their open house, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by The Columbus Idea Foundry. Thanks CU, Pay up!

    in reply to: City of Columbus May Shrink Pearl Market – RESOLVED #452214

    cc said:
    The Dispatch article made it seem that they are working on a favorable solution. I guess I wonder why no one looked into it before.

    “Councilwoman Michelle M. Mills, chairwoman of the safety committee, said she’s looking for a solution that can be applied to the entire city.

    The Pearl Market organizers “reached out to us, and I think we’ll find a solution,” she said. “I’m confident.”

    Funny thing is we don’t need a solution to be applied to the entire city. That type of thinking is why this city urban living diminished. I understand they need consistency, but with special initiatives to create vibrancy and walkable destinations downtown, they should let Capital Crossroads and special districts have more say.

    For residents and visitors to see this type of energy spill into the sidewalks is encouraging. Why reduce that?

    Get out of the small town thinking bureaucrats. Sheesh

    in reply to: City of Columbus May Shrink Pearl Market – RESOLVED #452196

    murfmurphy said:
    Could the city’s reasoning be that they want to eliminate the Pearl Market and move all of that activity to Columbus Commons?

    You may be unto something. The way the market was growing, I thought Columbus Commons and Pearl Market could support both. There is something about markets in a back alley that goes over better than just in a park. My vote is for both, but only because the park needs more people. If not, leave the market be.

    cbus11 said:
    Columbus has a long history of startups, but that doesn’t seem unique when looking at large cities. I recently looked at some information on regional Chinese startups and the numbers were mind boggling.

    I completely agree. But I don’t think Portland is the only weird City in America, just as Columbus was known for Arches before St Louis was, but they capitilalized on it before we did.

    We have to be an idea. Deliver the idea and sell it to people who want to go after that idea.

    These cities stake their claim and we can stake our claim and continue to strive at this with companies and organizations such as SBB, ECDI, Tech Columbus, Jenis etc. Pennsylvania was the country’s first oil boom area, and yet Texas is branded as such now. It’s all in branding. And this type of branding can actually drive us toward something great.

    “How the States Got Their Shapes”, is a great show. I enjoy the interviews of students from OU and OSU. The show on OHIO and Columbus was cool. I was confused (on the timing) but not surprised about the (great start-up) of Jeni’s. But as if it was a lightbulb that went off in my head, I thought Columbus should be named the start up capital, if we’re still looking for an identity. The Indie-Start up brand should be tied into the slogan and given some thought from the research group the City hired. It could only be good at attracting artists and business pioneers.

    Answer: The Independent-Start up City

    in reply to: New Columbus Underground – Glitches, Bugs and Other Wackiness #450460

    I’m getting an Error 404 page when clicking the Columbus Underground Logo/Picture at the bottom. The arrow to the right of it zooms me back up to the top. I like that feature. Great new update. Me like.

    in reply to: Future High Rises #442515

    Can Governor Kasich and City leadership reel in Sears to build a high rise or multiple mid rises in downtown Columbus? I sure hope so. Maybe we can create a competitive tax incentive for Sears HQ and the 6,000 people it could attract downtown.

    Sears eyes Ohio, other states for HQ

    in reply to: Columbus Commons – News & Updates #263066

    jpizzow wrote >>
    I still think it’s a mistake to close the park completely off to High St. I think it will create an out-if-sight-out-of-mind attitude towards it. The park would only be open to a concrete parking garage and a street that experiences very little foot traffic. What a view! If anything, the corner of High and Rich should be spared and some high quality sculptures and interactive installments should be put in place to engage those passing by. It could help pull people into the park. Everybody loves interactive art and I don’t see ANY downtown at all. Think of Millenium Park. The interactive art is just off the street. If you’re walking down Michigan Ave. and look over, it looks intrigueing enough so say “hey, lets check that out”. That’s what Columbus Commons is lacking. I do love those building designs, although who knows what will be proposed and finally approved. Honestly, I’d rather see something that isn’t a spawn of the Arena District. Fill in the corner of 3rd and Rich and build one or two along High. There are a plethora of other vacant lots surrounding the park that are desparate for attention first.

    +1 to ^

    I wonder though, maybe if they left some more room between the entry brick posts and the proposed buildings would that be enough to engage pedestrians and passers by to the park?

    in reply to: Market 65 @ Capitol Square #422800

    The fact that they’re open until 8pm shows some improvement and forward thinking. Are they currently/ interested in spirited offerings?

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