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  • in reply to: A complete lack of respect for Columbus voters #1092187

    If the outrage is directed at public monies being diverted to private enterprise in the form of charter schools, then I can understand it.

    Seems to me, that if you continually and willfully deprive a system of resources; then you don’t really have the moral high ground in lambasting said deprived system for it’s inefficiency.

    It’s a sad day when inflammatory rhetoric and cynicism rule the conversation while our children’s future is being left to the whims of profiteers.

    in reply to: Yelp reviews: Can you trust them? #1087518

    I recently read some of the Yelp reviews for Studio 35. I’m sure most people on this board have had some experience with that venue.

    One of them read: Parking was a nightmare!

    What type of person does it take to review a place negatively for something all but out of it’s control?

    I personally do not have the energy to explain everything that is wrong with that statement. Because there is a LOT wrong with that statement.

    The problem with yelp, as I see it. Is that anyone, and I mean anyone with a rudimentary grasp of the English language, an internet connection and a keyboard, can say nearly anything they want, without reprisal. In short, it costs them (the reviewer) nothing, compared to the countless hours and money and resources that have gone into that particular space (Studio 35).

    This type of “citizen journalism” boarders on defamation… In my opinion.

    The reviewer, in this particular case, simply could have said something like, “I see what they are trying to do, and I also understand that it is a beloved community landmark. But, it’s just not for me.” Or “Parking was inconvenient compared to some of the bigger first run movie houses in town.”

    Or, as I like to call it, THE TRUTH.

    But no, this person was so inflamed from their one to three block walk from their car that the night in question devolved to a nightmare?! Come on.

    Dare I get started on the unproven, unvetted claims of experience and expertise so commonly ladled onto reviews of restaurants?

    Fuck Yelp. I’ll defy the odds and form my own opinion. Thank you very much.

    in reply to: The Crest Gastropub #1079760

    Their chef left for the Crafty Pint a couple months ago, so maybe that’s it.

    And, their menu was absolutely massive compared to the amount of space they have for storage and production.

    It has been quite a while since I last visited The Crest. But, from talking with some friends in the industry and a couple that have worked there. It is a logistical nightmare to offer so many hands-on, highly prepared dishes in the clown car they have for a kitchen.

    Something has to change. Either the way they prepare their dishes, the raw materials or the menu. In order to avoid going down the Applebee’s route, having everything prepared off-site, the only other solution is to scale back the offerings.

    With their business model, the “gastropub”, the idea is to keep people in their seats and drinking. As that is where the margins are the biggest. Offering food, thoughtfully curated and prepared, becomes another reason for you to stay and order another round.

    in reply to: Question of selling crafts #1079426

    Wholly Craft in Clintonville is another place. Also, Celebrate Local. Which I believe is somewhere in/at Easton.

    in reply to: Plastic Bag Bans in Columbus #1069413

    Again though, you’re conflating littering and plastic bags. No one is suggesting we should be littering and its already “banned”.

    People were free to litter until there was an effective ban as well as PSAs “encouraging” people that it’s really, really dumb. AND, people still do it!

    For me, it is not a cognitive leap of faith to draw parallels between littering and the introduction of plastic into the environment, by man. Obviously, there is no single magic bullet… Obviously, everyone needs to bear some of the responsibility. That includes the industrialist, the profiteers and the consumers. Obviously, there are not many people walking around with plastic and intentionally throwing it on the ground proclaiming “IN YOUR FACE ENVIRONMENT!”

    I shouldn’t be shocked, but it never fails to amaze me.

    Really circuitous, pedantic, chicken or egg arguments, desperately trying to justify how “our” freedoms are being trampled on. And then, finally, the “if I can’t get my way I’ll just leave” argument. Because the freedom you want is the freedom to consume and exploit and freedom from the burden of conscience or consequence.

    All I can really say to that is, hurry up. Seriously, GTFO. Just be sure to take your freedom garbage with you. Read: store it in your own ground and not in ours.

    The problem as I understand it, with plastic bags, is that they can not simply be transformed into more plastic bags. They are turned into other things. Outdoor flooring, or park benches. This practice is not recycling. This practice is referred to as down-cycling. It breaks the circle, so to speak.

    As opposed to other materials such as glass, paper and steel. Which can be recycled endlessly. Sure, it is less convenient. And by less convenient, I really mean costs more money.

    An out-right ban is the only real choice as far as I’m concerned. There is no debate. To dress this issue up any other way is an exercise of extreme childishness.

    To me.

    in reply to: Plastic Bag Bans in Columbus #1069020

    It’s not a problem around here.

    So, there is no problem.

    Lets all trivialize it a little more.


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    The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.

    in reply to: Buckeye Lake Dam — News & Discussion #1068236

    There was an intriguing suggestion by a caller during Anne Fisher’s All Sides.

    He suggested tying it to Ohio’s semi-defunct canal system and thus turning it into a “Viking River Cruises” kind of thing.

    I believe he mentioned that was part of the original purpose of the dam and lake. Transporting goods from Lake Erie to the Ohio river and vice versa.

    I thought it worth mentioning again. In such a scenario, there is potential for generating more income through tourism and somewhat justifying the expenditure.

    in reply to: Hounddog's Pizza #1065689

    One night I watched my server bend at the waist and give a young man a very competent looking lap dance while he was propped against the doorway to the kitchen. All while forgetting to turn my order in and in front of a very full dining room.

    After waiting roughly 5-10 minutes for her to tear the ticket out of her book and hand it off to the kitchen staff. I called her over and said something. Eliciting a scowl and a “GOD, UHH!” She then proceeded to stare me down and shouting over the usual din of the dining room, yell “happy now!?”

    I asked for a manager, and the young man who was the recipient of the aforementioned lap dance approached my table. I said all the usual things most people would say in a situation like that. He said there was nothing he could do. That if I didn’t like it I could leave.

    So I did.

    I called back the next day to talk to the owner to relate my experience. I was given the General Manager. A seemingly nice woman. After telling her what happened she said she was told by her staff and manager on duty the night before that I walked out on my bill. And that I owed her for the balance…

    That was two years ago.

    If Hound Dog’s pizza cured cancer, I wouldn’t buy it.

    If they gave it away for free, I wouldn’t eat it.

    in reply to: The United States of Income Inequality #1057735

    Sad… Lots of ideas on what the exact problems are. Anyone that has not lived in a cave for the last 30 years knows, empirically, what all of the problems are. We all know.

    To be honest, tl;dr. Why? Because I’m sure it’s 80 pages of the same mind-numbing, self aggrandizing, pedantic rhetoric. “No this is why! NO, THIS IS WHY!” /yawn

    The only real question is: What are any of you going to do about it? Statistically, not much.

    Statistically, most of you do, at least some of your shopping at Walmart.

    Statistically, most of you still support businesses that routinely engage in aberrant behavior towards their employees, markets and affiliates.

    Statistically, most of you didn’t vote in the last election cycle.

    If you want to point the finger at someone or something. Do it facing a mirror.

    Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have to catch up on Sons of Anarchy.

    in reply to: Smoking Rates at All Time Low in US #1053035

    Use is up in Eastern Europe, Africa, China and India.

    Big Tobacco still has it baby!

    in reply to: Nelsonville Music Festival 2015 #1052617

    From the time she used to play in Sufjan Stevens’ band, writing little bluesy folk songs on the side, Annie Clark has changed so much. Reborn as guitar heroin, metamorphosing pop music with her clashing clothes and tearing into the crowds with strange and martial guitars, St. Vincent is a different woman. In that time, she has released four breathtaking albums (the latest one, a critically acclaimed eponymous creation, was released earlier this year), has collaborated at length with David Byrne of Talking Heads fame (2012’s “Love Is a Giant”), as well as Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, and Swans, among others. She even got to be the front women for Nirvana, replacing Kurt Cobain at a Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame concert. The world of rock praises her for her angst, the world of pop for her class, and the crowds of all type for her spectacular live shows; St. Vincent is truly one of the greats of her time and her legend is surely just beginning. St. Vincent will headline the festival on Saturday, May 30th.

    I couldn’t agree with this more. One of the better guitarists I’ve seen or heard in a long time.

    What an upgrade from the derivative Avett Brothers.

    in reply to: Bullying | Does anyone care? #1052615

    OH, and yes. I agree that there should be a very vocal conversation about these things.

    As long as no one is talking about these things, no one is going to be doing anything about them either. That includes schools, parents and children.

    It takes a village.

    in reply to: Bullying | Does anyone care? #1052614

    I think some things are different today than they were in my day. The internet for one. LOL! But, I also think that kids are kids. The particulars may be different. But the angst of “growing up” is universal.

    I don’t think there is one particular little thing that we’re going to mention that will provide us with the AHH-HA moment we’re looking for. Part of the parent trap is that we tend to over think a lot of situations. I feel like I am running all the time. But I sure have had a lot of time to think about these things, good and bad, that I’ve experienced. And what they all mean, and how they affect me and the persons that share my life now. It’s all so convoluted, filtered through an old lens and with out-dated information.

    I realized that nothing was going to change, relative to me, if I did nothing about it. I don’t know why, but I got proactive. So, I’m less inclined to let things slide when it comes to the goals I have set for myself.

    When my daughter (the oldest) was in preschool. One of her classmates bit her so hard on her arm it left a big ugly purple bruise. When I picked her up that day and saw the bruise, I freaked out. The faculty had nothing to say, and they weren’t offering any solutions as far as I was concerned. My daughter and I waited outside in the parking lot until the offending child’s parent came to pick him up. She pointed them out and I confronted them. Yes, I threatened them. Physically and legally. And I wasn’t quiet about it. My daughter never went back to that school. And she witnessed the whole thing.

    When she was in third grade. I received a call from the school principle. My daughter had sat on a little boy in her class and wouldn’t let him up until the teacher pulled her off of him. After an hour of discussion, it came to light that the boy had pushed her, several times, out of her chair. On the ride home that day I told her she did the right thing. And that “if someone ever tries to bully you again, you need to protect yourself.”

    Her freshman year in high school, she was a founding member of a Gay-Straight Alliance group (the first of it’s kind in that school). She also was suspended for throwing a boy down a flight of stairs. The fact that this boy was a known terror and, in this particular case was, literally, pushing a kid with cerebral palsy against a wall, repeatedly. Apparently was besides the point.

    Don’t get me wrong here. She is no angel. But she isn’t afraid to stand up for the things she thinks are right. And I couldn’t be more proud.

    My point? Some people, right or wrong, have to fight for their spot in the world. I believe it’s more of a personal accountability issue. At the end of the day, as a parent and a person. I can’t be there all of the time for my children. As a parent, I’ve tried to pass on my accumulated knowledge and experience in order that they can make the best possible choices relative to their lives. As a parent, I’m comfortable that she is strong enough within herself to navigate a world that might not have her best interests in mind all of the time. And that she doesn’t have to victimize herself needlessly either.

    in reply to: Triple Pay Proposed for Workers on Thanksgiving Day #1052405

    Politicians meddling into wage and work hour decisions by a company is unwarranted. Between employee and employer. If your employer makes you work on a holiday and you don’t want to, find a new job and quit.

    See, I knew you were going to say that. An over simplified, free market, Utopian, libertarian-ism.

    Those were all self-indulgent, rhetorical questions. The argument is way too nuanced for an internet forum. I should know better. And I have a feeling the logic of which would be lost on you. Needless to say, sometimes people need help. Because for-profit companies seldom have workers in mind when they are making business decisions.

    Google “robber barons”. It’s a long list. And there are some similarities between then and now that are to close to call coincidence.

    Speaking of rhetorical questions! What good is a government that doesn’t advocate for it’s electorate?

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>EvilAnton wrote:</div>
    From his own website:<br>

    That’s probably not the best source of unbiased information on him.


    It gets worse.



    This is a slight reach on my part. But I think it clearly describes what an idiot this guy really is.


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