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  • in reply to: 400 Farmers Market at 400 West Rich #517780

    Eliza Ho

    It’s tomorrow (March 9)! 400 W. Rich Winter Market for fresh produce, uncommon goods, music and art.

    Facebook Invite:

    in reply to: Celebrate Local Store at Easton #470627

    Eliza Ho

    You will also see a local art wall contributed by all talented local artists of diverse styles. Plus, they are for sale too. Participating artists include:

    Matthew Richard Barnes (misterbarnes.com)
    Amanda H.Cook (amandahopecook.com)
    Larry Doyle (lorenzostudios.com)
    Mark Eberhardt (markeberhardt.com)
    Thom Glick (www.thomglick.com)
    Michael Halliday (www.michaeljhalliday.com)
    Andrew Ina (www.andrewina.com)
    Jen Kiko
    Ellen Knolls
    Bryan Kossmann
    Lisa McLymont (lisamclymont.com)
    Terri Ogburn (www.drumlovrstudio.blogspot.com)
    Brian Reaume (Birchwaterstudios.com)
    Christine Guillot Ryan (www.GuillotRyan.com)
    Laurie Schmidt
    Jamie Sommer
    Derek Stewart (derekstewart.com)
    Chris Tennant http://www.theheathenhoard.bigcartel.com
    Alicia jean Vanderelli-Troutman (ajvanderelli.com)
    Jen Wrubleski (www.jenwrubleski.com)
    Christopher Burk (www.christopherburk.com)

    Eliza Ho

    Officially, Indianola Bridge is a state property, and the City helps maintain it. We consulted both the City’s Public Services and ODOT about their schedule to repair the bridge. They have plans to repair the bridge in 5 years, and the extend of the repair has not been determined. The City’s Columbus Arts Commission is aware of plan of repair and has supported the mural project to move forward.
    The Ohio Birds Mural is public art itself. It is also a catalyst of transformation of the space into a future bird sanctuary. We’re taking baby step towards an overall improvement of the Glen Echo Park and Ravine. Different things are happening down there, including restoration of native plants. The mural is part of this larger effort.

    in reply to: Columbus Arts Festival 2012 #495876

    Eliza Ho

    An amazing exhibition at 400 W. Rich: Columbus Local features work by central Ohio artists and craftsman that stretches across every medium. 2 and 3 dimensional work in all sizes, jewelry, pottery, as well as indoor and outdoor installation art. Gallery opens this Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Arts Festival (11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on F and S; and 11:30 to 6 on Sunday)

    in reply to: Scioto Mile – News & Updates #440876

    Eliza Ho

    A new article on Columbus Monthly on the proposed “Columbiad”

    Eliza Ho

    I think coffee truck serving breakfast will be great, before folks heading to work. Coffee with pastries or bread, something from Omega to go with. That will make a good start of a day!

    in reply to: Dinin' Hall #476189

    Eliza Ho

    Excuse my ignorance: I’m very curious to know how exactly cafe and restaurant owners feel about mobile food units? I’ve heard here and there complaints like “unfair competition” because the cost of running mobile food units are so much lower than that of brick-and-mortar eateries, but I haven’t seen any restaurant owners, individually or collectively, say things publicly against the food truck trend. On the contrary, I’ve seen cases in which restaurants and bars work with food trucks and street food vendors to better serve customers.

    So, how much impact have food trucks had on restaurant businesses?

    in reply to: Dinin' Hall #476174

    Eliza Ho

    You’re right on, Walker. We’ve talked to many food truck and cart folks about this concept, all of them like the rotating idea, which gives them freedom to still be on the street and try out other locations.

    I want to throw out a question though: Would you as customers like to buy directly from vendors? Or do you prefer to approach a centralized cash wrap to make order and buy drinks, just like a typical cafe?

    in reply to: Dinin' Hall #476171

    Eliza Ho

    The exhibit just opens today and the Dispatch articles has picked an interesting angle to focus on Dinin’ Hall—how it can help revitalize struggling neighborhoods. While I believe Dinin’ Hall can benefit these neighborhoods, I want to emphasis that Dinin’ Hall would work best for communities that have no easy access to food and restaurants. Dinin’ Hall can serve locals as well as draw people to the neighborhoods. Along the river can make good locations and there should be many options out there. Dinin’ Hall is a concept that is adaptable to many neighborhoods.

    Mr.Compton said:
    I think we will see atleast a form of this idea sprout out to a few upstart businesses in 2012. Alteast… if I have anything to do with it!

    I agree. Some forms of the idea will happen this year. Dinin’ Hall can be one. It aspires to be a street food hub where people can try out food from different vendors in an urban, communal dining setting. Yes, I also agree that it can be an incubator, a testing ground for new menus. Dinin’ Hall can be a great asset to the community, a happening space where people gather and socialize because of street food.

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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!