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    cc wrote >>
    That seems a very sensible approach for a portable product such as popcorn. It could also compliment the movie nights in Goodale park.

    That’s an awesome idea! I’d visit a popcorn cart :)
    I buy all our meats, cheeses, produce and flowers from the North Market and I also walk there for lunch with my son. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pam in her shop. Perhaps a cart would be a better option for a business owner who wants flexibility in their schedule…

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    t_wms wrote >>
    I think it’s important to know that there are other things going on in the Market. The market board allows some merchants to owe back rent for years! At least two of them have recently owed several thousand dollars and been allowed to pay it off a little at a time. (I know this from the merchants themselves!) So….you have to ask yourselves, Why Pam and Why Now? When even the management says she is only two months behind in her repayment schedule? How do they decide who is allowed to owe back rent and who isn’t? Why destroy her business by only giving her 30 days to vacate (in order to have yet ANOTHER empty stall in the Market) when other businesses get 90 days (which might make it possible to find another location)? No one is asking these questions, but then, no one ever questions the Market management or the board. It’s just very sad that they are destroying another business.

    Would I be jumping onto Roland’s mat by assuming this is Pam?

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    Ooh, a gym within walking distance! I wonder if they’ll have childcare…

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    Kitchen Little
    slobbery baby kisses

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    I know an 8 month old who is looking forward to his first taco truck tour!

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    Bear, will there be a ticket available for non-members who want to donate the extra $10?

    I just wanted to share a little bit of information, for those of you who care to take the time to read :) I had lunch with Dick Jensen today, and not only is he a delightful man but he’s SO passionate about bringing good, healthy food to people. It’s his inspiration and his goal in everything he does. That was very clear when talking to him. I hope others will consider donating the extra $10 to support someone who has not only supported Slow Food, but is trying to make sure those that live in Columbus and the surrounding areas can eat a little better.
    Thank you for listening all :)

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    lifeontwowheels wrote >>
    And making blanket assumptions about people and their kids and telling them where and how they should spend their money isn’t selfish or showing a sense of entitlement?
    Get off your high horse and let people live. If a restaurant has an issue, they have every right to determine if something is a problem and ask that the parents (or any patron sans kids causing a disturbance) to address or be prepared to leave.


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    This is absolutely heavenly!!

    Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Mustard Sauce

    Four 6oz chicken breasts about ½” thick
    4 thin slices of plain Havarti cheese
    4t chopped Thyme
    1/2C chicken stock
    1/4C heavy cream
    1T + 1t Ben’s Sweet & Hot Mustard (you could substitute with a Dijon)
    Salt and freshly ground pepper
    2 Large eggs
    2T freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
    Flour, for dredging
    Extra virgin olive oil for frying

    1) Preheat oven to 350. Using a small knife, cut 4-by-3 inch pocket in side of each breast. Insert a Havarti slice and spread 1t of thyme in each pocket. Press gently to close.

    2) In a small saucepan, boil the chicken stock and cream over moderately high heat until reduced to ½C, about 5 minutes. Whisk in the mustard and boil for 30 seconds, whisking a few times. Season with salt and pepper, and remove from heat

    3) In a shallow bowl, beat the eggs. Bear in the parm. Put flour in another shallow bowl.

    4) In a large non-stick skillet, heat ¼” of olive oil. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Dredge 2 breasts in flour, shaking off the excess, then coat with the beaten egg. Fry over moderately high heat until golden, about 2 minutes per side. Transfer to large baking sheet. Coat and fry remaining breasts.

    5) Bake chicken for about 12 minutes, until just cooked through. Reheat mustard sauce and pour onto plates. Set the chicken on the sauce and serve.

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    osulew wrote >>

    Lakee911 wrote >>

    Daz wrote >>
    Since Jo moved, the amount of milk that I purchase has dropped by ~60%. In that, I feel as though I can afford to pick up Snowville 2% now instead of Giant Eagle brand.
    It’s really… really… REALLY creamy and delicious.

    Where does the fat free and 2% come from? Wouldn’t making that be more than minimally processed? Maybe there are skinny cows, 1% and 2% cows? :)
    Since I do like it, and everyone else loves it enough to buy it, maybe my cheap-ass will have to splurge occasionally for it. My cappuccino yesterday and my latte today were awfully good…

    Making reduced fat milk is just a matter of separating the cream from the rest of the milk to get the fat content you want. I believe it’s just done by centrifuge in modern dairy operations. But the milk is still free from typical factory dairy processes like high heat pasteurization, homogenization, and isn’t subjected to chemicals and hormones. If you buy their whole milk, the cream rises to the top. You, I presume, could make your own lower fat milk by simply pouring off that cream layer rather than shaking your carton to incorporate it back into the milk.

    You’re right about skimming the fat off the top….although you’d still need to do some shaking because the foremilk and hindmilk separate as well (the foremilk will settle at the bottom and it isn’t as nutrient rich). I’m basing this solely on what happens to Froggy’s milk, but I can’t imagine the composition of a cow’s milk is much different.

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    jarsloth wrote >>

    catnfiddle wrote >>
    ACK! Double post! On a side note, does anyone other than Greener Grocer carry their cream?

    Whole Foods has it.

    Weiland’s also carries it :)

    in reply to: Thinking of skydiving #376916


    I would totally go to a CU meetup like this :) hehehe
    I’ve never been skydiving, but I did the Rip Cord at Cedar Point and loved it!

    in reply to: Crew 2010 Season Discussion #340711


    We’s gots us a very wonderful and generous babysitter tomorrow, so we’ll be there! Woo hoo!!

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    BCNation wrote >>
    Comfest is how the Buckeyes claim they’re a great team, when they can’t beat teams such as Utah State, Siena, and Florida.
    Comfest is how Michigan fans realize that they used to be a great team, and now they’re a has-been, like that kid from the Home Alone movies.

    These things you come up with sound funny in your head, I’m guessing…

    in reply to: 3 Babes and a Baker’s Cupcake Truck #382200


    The only thing that would make a cupcake truck even better is to make it ice cream truck style so I have to run after it to burn off some calories first.

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