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    Also, Kasich may be taking the credit for getting a couple of films here, but I guarantee these negotiations didn’t start the day he took office.

    I’m not a supporter of Kasich, or his wacky economic policies, but I have always had a problem with tax incentives. Communities and states often give up much more than they get, just to have something to “hang” on the wall. Large tax incentives and other corporate welfare programs are generally the best way to win a race to the bottom, as far as economic health goes. Generally, once the corporation/entity in question has taken advantage of the incentive, they cut and run, generally laying off thousands of people in the process.

    Cincinnati is probably the closest thing we have to Pittsburgh, insofar as a variety of “looks” within a few miles radius. Columbus can’t stand in for anything on the eastern seaboard, as we have no “ocean”. Cleveland benefits from being able to look as though New York Harbor is just a couple of streets over.

    Columbus could probably double for other heavily glaciated northern areas, like Minnesota or Wisconsin. ;)

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    Alcoheroe wrote Anyone know a place that will do a dc jack repair on a laptop reasonably?

    Anyone know a place that can get me a better price?


    You could also try Kevin at Right Click Computer on Grandview Avenue (1249).

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    kitoba wrote I thought your idea of reaching out to under-served populations was a great one.

    Yep, right now you virtually never see anything from Africa or the Middle East. Eastern Europe is also under represented.

    kitoba wrote I know there is at least one local Somali filmmaker

    Feel free to forward any contacts.

    kitoba wrote Another idea might be to specialize in cult classics

    Jen and I have been discussing that. Maybe one a month, or maybe even a week long event once or twice a year.

    kitoba wrote Here’s another concept — hold a monthly online event, where people vote on what film they want to see. The only catch –in order to vote, you have to pledge to buy a ticket if your choice wins!

    Hmm. That’s interesting, though I’m not sure how workable it is. I’ll check around to see if anyone else has tried this and, if so, how they did it.


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    I hope to make daily posts letting everyone know how it’s going. Includes pictures! ;-)

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    HighLife wrote Any chance you’ll be getting a liquor license?

    No. That’s really not something I want to pursue right now. Frankly, policing drinkers and worrying about liability aren’t things I look forward to.

    There are plenty of restaurants in the Grandview area, so having dinner and a drink before the film are easily doable. It’s a little different up where Studio 35 operates, as it is relatively isolated.

    Plans may change, but for now no liquor.


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    golden wrote

    Hopefully you will be keeping it classic?

    The other thing I would mention is that the best theater experience I’ve had came from the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles. It seemed to me a case study of how to successfully operate a single screen theater in the age of multiplexes.

    I don’t know if reducing capacity is workable for you or not but it gets my vote.

    Best wishes on the project!

    Holy moly, the seating sounds nice but there’s no way to do that at the Grandview. We would basically be removing every other row and that leaves only about 120 seats in our situation. I do like the decor in the picture.

    We will not be going too far afield in the decorating. The theater has already had one MAJOR modification in the past, so in many ways it can never “be” what it once was. We want to develop a design that is evocative of the 20’s, but with a more modern palette. We are also considering adding decorative elements from some of the (now long closed) theaters that used to dot Grandview, eg the Boulevard, The Arlington, etc.


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    daniel wrote no questions, just a hearty good luck, and relief that you know what you’re doing. Congrats on buying the place!


    And just to clarify, we are leasing the building.


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