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  • in reply to: HighPoint at Columbus Commons #490729

    @heresthecasey: what was the outing where they had the tables out in your pics?

    in reply to: Columbus-Chicago Passenger Rail #507444

    CalebR said:
    I read the comments (usually full of negative and trolls), but many of them seemed to be in support of the proposal (except for one or two). I hope this becomes a reality. I would surely consider Chicago for college.

    I sincerely hope that you would consider Chicago for college regardless if they have high speed rail from Columbus. There are a couple good schools up there that don’t require high speed rail to get to.

    in reply to: Thoughts on the value of an MBA? #535313

    GCrites80s said:
    I’ve never worked somewhere where they paid for outside schooling (I did get the MBA essentially for free by working as a graduate assistant at the school). Is there a provision where if you leave within, say, 2 years (or do something to get fired) that you end up owing the company tuition costs?

    It is usually tied to something (depends on the firm); it isn’t an altruism deal.

    in reply to: The Olympics in Columbus? #509959

    osubilly said:
    Ohio Stadium could not be used for the opening and closing ceremonies without major renovations. I have a feeling that bleacher seating is not what the IOC would be looking for. We would need to build another stadium somewhere in the 9 figure range that we wouldn’t use for anything after the olympics was over.

    I don’t find it worthwhile to even spend the money on a bid to the IOC; however, with that said, the Coliseum in LA (where USC plays) was used for the games (including opening and closing ceremonies), so I don’t see why Ohio Stadium couldn’t be used

    in reply to: Ohio will not establish state-run health insurance exchange #504215

    rus said:
    There’s some bureaucratic problems as well.


    Oh I don’t disagree there are some bureaucracy/political motivations involved; however this is also a great deal of economic efficiency involved that can be seen if we can step back from the immediate cynicism that always seems to surround politics (of which I am often guilty too).

    in reply to: Ohio will not establish state-run health insurance exchange #504213

    Without taking a stance on the merits of the bill one way or the other, at this point, I believe that the republican party thinks the bill will be repealed in the not-too-distant future, so it would essentially be a waste of money to set up the exchange at this point (especially for a republican administration that believes repeal is inevitable). When and if it appears that the law is going to stay on the books, a state exchange would probably be set up. Just my two cents.

    in reply to: Skyscraper Window Washing #504088

    I would definitely need a little extra pay because I would constantly need to buy new underwear.

    in reply to: What is everyone currently reading? #103847

    Just finished Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. Pretty decent; if you enjoy cyberpunk and/or sci-fi, you will enjoy this.

    in reply to: Groove U: introduction & information session #413963

    The OP has the best job title I have ever seen.

    in reply to: Los Potosinos in the KLD #495086

    Walker said:
    And only $1.50 each. ;)


    in reply to: Los Potosinos in the KLD #495084

    Walker said:
    Got some tacos, burrito and quesadilla for dinner!

    Good lord, that looks tasty.

    in reply to: Los Potosinos in the KLD #495080

    I think this is brought up in the KLD thread.

    in reply to: Thanks for the cheap shot, Nationwide #494784

    karmafonic said:
    It’s hard to blame a big corporation for the work of one (or a few) person in the advertising department.

    We mustn’t forget, corporations are people :) So it is not confused, only having fun at this point.

    in reply to: Thanks for the cheap shot, Nationwide #494770

    DLDude said:
    Maybe I’m late to the party but I actually found this kind of funny. If I would have seen that coaster I would have laughed. I didn’t even put it together that it was a Candle Lab (ish) design. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of Candle Lab until you guys made a stink. Where’s the humility? Be honest with yourselves, you’re a small-town business with a VERY VERY VERY simple logo that is easily re-created either on purpose or not. My hunch is whoever photoshopped this owns a candle from you on his/her desk and used it to quickly make something up. So now you’re taking what could be a fun and goofy way to promote your brand and crying foul. Well, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. -1 Karma point for Candle Lab

    I don’t think its the use of the logo so much as combining the logo with the premise that the candles smell like tires burning. That’s the issue (at least, I think).

    <——– upset that he’s not in Columbus

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