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  • in reply to: 2016 Presidential Race #1126667

    How about the soon-to-be available Longaberger basket building in Newark as national headquarters for the Republican party, soon-to-be a basket case with Trump at the top of the ticket?

    in reply to: Columbus Mayoral Race 2015 #1126066

    Mayor Ginther fails to meet with the BREAD organization, even though he claims to share many of the group’s goals. perhaps if they had wanted to meet to discuss making contributions to his campaign fund rather than rebuilding neglected neighborhoods and the improving the lives of their residents, he’d have been there to collect so fast heads would spin.

    in reply to: Ward System for Columbus City Council – News & Updates #1125930

    Good editorial in today’s Dispatch and, as usual, Jonathan Beard’s on-line comments are spot-on. Also, see Mark Dillon’s comments following Friday’s editorial “Taxpayers soaked on parking garage”. Glad some people see through the machine’s corruptly-financed misinformation campaigns. There’s hope, I hope.

    in reply to: Columbus Mayoral Race 2015 #1125701

    Dispatch editorial,”Taxpayers soaked on parking garage”, demonstrates what Columbus officials do when they know the voters aren’t paying attention, as voters proved last November. You bought the machine’s lies, Columbus, now we’re all going to pay for it. (Wouldn’t be surprised if there are “success fee”- paying contractors to benefit as well.)

    in reply to: Columbus Mayoral Race 2015 #1124999

    So now Mayor Ginther’s father has been arrested on assault and domestic violence charges. He was also suspended from the bar twice (2003 and 2006) by the Ohio Supreme Court for misconduct and neglect of his clients. But mayoral campaign ads last year made it appear that both Ginther’s parents were practically saints — and Columbus voters bought the misleading hype hook, line and sinker.

    in reply to: Does Cols 311 Website even work? #1117262

    311 has been good for bulk trash pickup and code enforcement. Reporting anything in regards to streets, traffic or sidewalk issues is absolutely a waste of time. Seems to me that 311 is good for services that had their shit together, but for everyone else, it’s a non-starter. In regards to traffic issues, I’ve even sent multiple emails to the department heads with a cc: to council members and never received a response from anyone. Maybe our esteemed mayor and council should start holding themselves and the people who work for them accountable.

    Why would they? They haven’t in the past but still get reelected. Rather than serving their constituents, they’re more interested in punishing quality incumbents who have the unmitigated audacity to think for themselves. And they have become addicted to the money generated from corrupt unethical practices. You get what you vote for! Stop rewarding their behaviors and they’ll have to stop it.

    in reply to: Does Cols 311 Website even work? #1116934

    In September of 2014, the Dispatch reported that thousands of calls to the city’s 311 call center had been ignored and that “Employees in some departments said they were told to just delete them.”
    See http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/09/08/311-calls-ignored.html

    Yet people continued to adore Mayor Coleman’s administration and voters elected his chosen successor, Andy Ginther, mayor. You get what you vote for! It’s too late to complain now.

    in reply to: Does Cols 311 Website even work? #1116590

    I’ve had an account at the 311 website for Columbus for a while (opened when I downloaded app). Today I tried to report a large open dumping of trash at N. 3rd Street and I-670. However, my message was returned as “undeliverable”. Has anyone actually gotten this site to work?

    For further background, I actually stopped into City Hall this morning on the way to work to ask where to report an open dump, and they told me to call 311, which I did, and the message on 311 didn’t have exactly what I wanted and said I could go to the website, so I did. I feel like I’ve been running around in circles.

    Did you provide John Raphael the requisite success fee?

    in reply to: Columbus City Schools – News, Updates, and Discussion #1115228

    Yost is absolutely correct. Where is the public outrage? Are we so accustomed to ethics violations by our “leaders” in Columbus that we’ve forgotten that we deserve better?

    in reply to: Patrick J's – closing #1113505

    Highly motivated seller.

    in reply to: Patrick J's – closing #1113392

    Read the story on this topic in today’s Dispatch. How could this man, John Raphael, who didn’t pay his taxes from 2004 to 2014 become such an insider in the local Democratic machine and Andy Ginther’s political mentor? And given Andy’s and John’s very close long-term friendship (not to mention the fact that Ginther acknowledges that he, himself, asked Redflex for political contributions), how could voters believe that that there were no bribes paid by an Australia/Phoenix-based company whose only interests in Columbus (and Chicago) were its lucrative contracts? The cover up was so transparent, yet people bought it. Hopefully, information released at Raphael’s sentencing in March will open some eyes to the true character of the Mayor. But people have to be willing to see the truth.

    in reply to: Patrick J's – closing #1113007

    kmg67: Interesting observation. Probably not the cars of employees preparing for the lunch rush.

    in reply to: Patrick J's – closing #1112829

    Where’s the money laundering going to be done now?

    in reply to: Columbus Mayoral Race 2015 #1112168

    See the Dispatch web site for more on the Centerplate scandal. Defenders and apologists of the Coleman/Ginther political machine must be getting exhausted defending these scoundrels. Also, there’s a good editorial on Kevin Boyce, another product of the nasty, quasi-fascist machine. Maybe one does reap what one sows.

    in reply to: Columbus Mayoral Race 2015 #1111978

    Dispatch article today addresses the inadequacy of Mayor Ginther’s ethics proposals. Who would have guessed? They’re essentially designed to maintain the pay-to-play status quo while giving the appearance of reform. I predict Columbus citizens will buy the package hook, line, and sinker. And when the next corrupt events come to light, they’ll believe the mayor when he says “I had no idea”.

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