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  • in reply to: Issue 4: Columbus Metropolitan Library Levy #390930


    Wow, this is an eye-opener. If .6 mils is $5.24 per month per $100,000 of home value, it sounds like I’m already paying them about $40/month for the base millage, and now this increase is another $10. Over $50 a month just for libraries?! I’d pay that for police and fire protection, but that’s a lot of money for an occasional book (which usually runs me another $5 in late fees anyway).

    I would support a renewal of 2.2 mils, but an increase seems poorly-timed given the economy.

    in reply to: New to Thai food, any advice? #328615


    I’m boggled by the posts that say Bangkok looks like a dive. Maybe people just mean from the outside, because admittedly it doesn’t have a lot of curb appeal. But inside, I find it perfectly charming, like a family-friendly asian diner. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t serve alcohol and the adjoining asian market doesn’t sell beer. Nothing goes with thai food like a cold lager.

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    Tenzo wrote >>
    Had some suprisingly good food at Thai Lotus on Lynn street (more like a pedestrian alley) by High and Broad. Food was nice and spicey.
    The only thing that bugged me was that the prices go up as you get closer to the door.

    Yeah the lotus is a bizarre place but nice in a pinch. They have this big picture menu, and almost since it’s opened, more than half of the menu items have been crossed out. I don’t even know why it exists – they have what they have on the steam tray and that’s it. It’ll satisfy your lunchtime curry craving if you don’t have time to drive to the ‘burbs.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354564


    A few fun ideas for food-inclined folks:

    Jeni’s is hiring a summer scooter driver:

    Snowville is hiring food advocates:

    Kitchen Little is hiring “perky and carnivorous” food help:
    (I love this place. if I didn’t have a job I would want this badly)

    And, totally unrelated to food, I got this in email today from the Clintonville Resources Center, looking for a social worker:

    Supervisor of Senior Services-position available immediately
    MSW/LSW required
    Full-time Supervisor (MSW with LSW required) to supervise Outreach Workers serving seniors over age 60 in neighborhood Settlement House at the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center (CRC), 14 W. Lakeview Ave, Col 43202. This position is a member of the agency’s management team. Some case management and supervisory experience necessary. Knowledge of program design and planning, familiarity with contracts, budgets, and grant writing preferred. Benefits as well as CEU’s and supervision for LISW licensure hours available. Must pass background check and driving record check. EOE. Email your resume to [email protected] or call Angela Kypriotis 614-268-3539 x225. Visit our website at clintonvillecrc.org


    I’ve used fudha a couple of times, but I can’t help but feel bad for the restaurant since I usually use them at places I would go anyway. And after having a bad experience (Tasi claimed my fudha serial number had already been used by someone else), I think I’ll steer clear. It’s not worth it to save $5 and why would I want to do that when I want the restaurant to profit and stay in business.

    It actually concerns me all of these electronic promotions and discounts that allow you to print out your gift certificate. If I can be told that mine has already been used, then clearly there is a risk of fraud or bookkeeping errors. It’s more of a hassle, but if I could get a genuine non-forgable gift certificate in the mail, it might allay my concerns about hassle/embarrassment if my Tasi experience is repeated.

    As far as discounts, I would prefer to see more restaurants take the lead of Deepwood and do special menus (the morel menu, beer menu, or this week’s wine menus come to mind). I end up spending more than I would otherwise, but I always chalk it up as “educational” when justifying the extra expense. I also like a great bar menu selection. lately, we don’t even eat dinner at Rigsby’s, we just sit at the bar and split a pizza and a couple appetizers. It comes out much cheaper, and we really prefer the experience.

    in reply to: State Route 315 Construction – News & Updates #378054


    I found it wasn’t that bad last summer. There weren’t that many cars on the compressed roadway because of all the closed entrances, so traffic moved pretty well. Although some jerks didn’t seem happy going 45 and went way too fast in those very narrow, curvy lanes.

    Of course, my entrance to 315 is Ackerman or North Broadway so other than visits to Lennox, my use was largely unaffected. I heard horror stories about people using Olentangy as an alternate. If it’s feasible, you might try Indianola and Summit to downtown. Both move really well most mornings.

    in reply to: Best Patios in Columbus – Summer of 2010 Edition! #376179


    lifeliberty wrote >>
    I just read an article about that. it was related to the cost of fees or permits. they changed the fees now to make it more affordable for businesses to have patios. I’ll try to find it.

    thanks for posting, that’s great they changed the fees. $79 per seat is pretty ridiculous.

    I also noticed that the Darby’s patio at the Hyatt Capitol Square (State between 3rd & High) is now open for summer. It’s HUGE and has lots of shade from a huge tree. The food/drink is nothing to speak of (it’s just the outdoor branch of a hotel sports bar, after all), but definitely a great spot to meet friends after work downtown.

    ETA: Darby’s patio hosts a summer concert series and the line-up was just announced:

    June 10 Conspiracy with Matt Munhall
    June 17 MojoFlo with Francisco
    June 24 John Schwab Party Band with Matt Munhall
    July 1 The Randy’s with Alex White
    July 8 The Menus with Francisco
    July 15 Floorwalkers with Bobby Huffman
    July 22 The Ark Band with Alex White
    July 29 Red Wanting Blue with Matt Munhall
    August 5 New Orleans Funk Orchestra with Alex White
    August 12 Reaganomics with Francisco Rojas
    August 19 Swagg with Alex White
    August 26 The Spikedrivers with Bobby Huffman

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    Sure, there are some really nice patios, but for me the criteria for “favorite” has to do with whether I can reasonably expect to get a table on one! So here is my list of unspectacular patios where you can usually get a seat:

    La Chatelaine (Worthington)

    That said, Basi and Barcelona patios are super nice.

    Can anyone explain why Columbus has a terrible patio culture? Is there a city law/permitting process that we can lobby to change?

    in reply to: How Does Your Garden Grow? #250207


    alison wrote >>
    The feral cats have been pooping in one of the beds. Spread a big garbage bag of used coffee grounds on everything, and tossed some ornage peels under the rose bussh yesterday. No crap today, so I’m keeping my ffingers crossed.

    This is happening to me too, and in our veggie beds! Are orange peels and coffee grounds supposed to keep them away?

    in reply to: What do you pay for child care? #369515


    We pay an obscene amount to have a nanny come to our house ($12/hour) but it allows me to work and get to the gym and doctor appointments without dragging twin toddlers with me. We are in a position to afford it, but I have no idea how a single parent or person just starting out in a career could handle it, even at a daycare center. Rates at the center in my office building run $1900 a month for two infants so that’s probably a non-starter for anyone making < $70K.

    I think a lot of people wind up at unlicensed in-home care where who knows what your kids are eating or if they exercise or are left in front of a TV all day long (I worry about this myself with a nanny).

    I won’t make a political statement except to say it’s a shame.

    in reply to: where would you eat in Powell/Polaris? #371522


    Bonefish is a chain. I’ve seen them in Arizona.

    Last time we went, we tried to find Ha Long Bay and drove through three different strip malls with no luck. I’ve been there before but I cannot seem find it again. Is it definitely still there?

    in reply to: Kitchen Little in the North Market #362679


    Definitely hit the $5 bison burger special on Thursdays. And I don’t know what they put in their cole slaw, but it’s awesome and the perfect accompaniment (if you can steer clear of the heavier options) to the burger.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354548


    I also saw this one searching the State of Ohio website, which looked kind of interesting. To get the full page (w/ benefits and other information go to the main job search and look for jobs at the Legislative Services Commission)

    Job Title: Legislative Service Commission – Telecommunications Internship
    Agency: Legislative Service Commission
    Opening Date: Wed. 02/17/10
    Closing Date/Time: Mon. 05/31/10 12:00 AM Eastern Time
    State Salary Range: See Position Description
    Job Type: Full-Time, Temporary, Exempt
    Location: Franklin County, Ohio
    Pay Range $25,400 – $27,400
    Hours of Work 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Job Location Columbus

    Two interns will be hired as full time, paid employees to work as production assistants to the Studio Director of the Ohio Government Telecommunications media center. Responsibilities include producing, directing, editing, camera operation, and other various aspects of television production. In addition to providing the State House Studio Director with staff assistance, the program offers outstanding college graduates a unique opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology such as digital cameras and non-linear editing equipment, as well as learn a great deal about the legislative and political processes.

    Applicants must complete at least a bachelor’s degree program by December 2010. Applicants must have a telecommunications background in Mass Media Communication, Journalism (Broadcast or Video & Film), Communications/Communications Arts (Electronic Media, Journalism, Radio/TV, Broadcasting), Telecommunications, or Radio/Television or relevant experience in the field. Applicants must have some experience in videography, editing, directing, audio and lighting and/or on-camera experience. Applicants should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a strong academic record.


    A formal application and instructions can be found on our website:

    Employment will begin the first week of December 2010 and will continue through December 31, 2011.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354547


    Just heard about this one today (CRC = Clintonville Resource Center)

    Want to Give Back To Your Community??
    Come Work At CRC as an AmeriCorps VISTA member!
    CRC has been selected as a Host Site for the SHARECorps AmeriCorps*VISTA program! We were awarded one of the 34 VISTA slots available out of 125 requests in partnership with The Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks. This position is a one year term beginning July 30, 2010 for 40 hours a week. All members must be recruited and have paperwork completed no later than June 11, 2010. We are recruiting immediately for this position. Must be 18 years old or older.
    Duties include:
    1. Implement and oversee CRC’s new Lend-A-Bike Project
    2. Build capacity for Senior Breakfast Club volunteers
    3. Assist with overall volunteer coordination
    4. Build capacity for CRC as an Ohio Benefit Bank site
    5. Available for some evening and weekend events
    6. Provide education to the community on a variety of Settlement House programs and projects
    7. Build capacity of existing Choice Pantry Advisory Council
    8. Build capacity of CRC Community Garden projects
    VISTA members do not receive an hourly salary, but instead receive a stipend of $893 per month. The approximately yearly amount is $10,716. Sick and vacation time are also included as well as health care benefits. Upon completion of your one year term you have a choice between a $5,350 education award, or a $1,500 cash stipend.
    We are recruiting immediately for this position. Send your resume to Angela Kypriotis at [email protected] or fax to 268-5028. For questions related to this position call 268-3539.

    in reply to: where would you eat in Powell/Polaris? #371515


    Luce in Powell
    Bayleaf Indian at Polaris

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