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  • Dinin Hall

    We also received clarification from Senior Legislative Advisor Bryan Clark’s phone call and email. We appreciate the Council is taking the time to clarify and hear out inputs from the public, especially the mobile food vending community (MFV). They welcome comments and suggestions on issues below. Please contact Mr. Clark at [email protected]
    We appreciate their responsiveness!

    Mr. Clark’s email reads:
    “… Private operations. There has been a lot of confusion about our intentions on this point. To clarify – we’re not going to limit the size of food trucks operating only on private property, or limit their use of external generators. We’re still planning to limit truck length to 25 feet for the public right of way because our spaces won’t accommodate larger trucks. We’re also discussing the generator issue for trucks in the public right of way and would appreciate any feedback you have that would address noise, pollution, and right of way access.

    As far as operating requirements, trucks operating on private property only have to get the MFV and health licenses. Those licenses require basic health inspections mandated by the state, as well as safety inspections by our License Section and Division of Fire.

    Operators wouldn’t need any other permit or license from the city to operate on private property. We plan to extend the same approach to MFVs that also operate at special events.

    Temporary commercial permit. This is only required if an MFV is operating in the public right of way. MFVs do not need a temporary commercial permit to operate on private property. For example, if you were asked to cater an event in German Village and the property owner didn’t have off-street parking, he/she could request that permit and you could vend from the public right of way for that event. However, if the same property owner did have off-street parking, you would not need any permit to cater the event.

    Rules and regulations. Generally speaking, our city code establishes the framework for regulation, but the nuts and bolts of administering that code falls to rules and regulations. Under our charter and city code, rules and regulations can’t be promulgated without permanent legislation. All rules and regs will have to be presented to the MFV Advisory Board for comment before adoption, so food truck operators will always have a voice in shaping those requirements.

    To give a sense of what we’re expecting… We have ADA requirements in the draft ordinance, but these are very limited in scope to pedestrian traffic. They doesn’t impact the size, design or operation of the trucks. We are working to pull together the guidelines Public Service provides to restaurants, as well as the inspection forms used during the pilot project. These will give a very good sense of where we’re headed re: specific rules and regulations…”

    Dinin Hall

    We have serious concerns about the proposed changes in legislations. We hope Council members provide the reasoning with specific data to explain why restrict trucks on both public and private property to no longer than 25 ft and no external generators. Also, they need to provide clear definition for the requirement of fire suppression systems. These new restrictions and requirement can easily put many food trucks vendors out of business. Many food truck oriented events and businesses, including us, will be jeopardized. The Council should really step back, slow down, and work directly with the mobile food community to work out standards that are reachable, cost effective for small businesses. Our vibrant food truck scene has helped put Columbus on the map as a foodie city. To rush passing any new regulations can be detrimental.
    Please let our council know your concerns.

    desecration said:
    Anyone one with concern contact Bryan Clark, who is senior legislative advisor. After my email to the council member yesterday afternoon about this issue, he contacted me by phone.
    His contact information is:

    90 W. Broad St., 3rd Fl.
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Phone: 614-645-6992
    Email: [email protected]

    in reply to: Weddings with Food Trucks! #546052

    Dinin Hall

    Thanks so much for the mention! In addition to the event space available, we also feature Columbus’ best food trucks Monday through Friday. If you would like to talk with truck owners and taste their food, we can help coordinate. Check out our website at dininhall.com and 400westrich.com

    in reply to: 400 Farmers Market at 400 West Rich #517770

    Dinin Hall

    No fear of the snow! The 400 Winter Market is one of the funnest thing to do in weekend, and we’re open with a diverse cast of food trucks, including Lac Viet (Vietnamese pho noodles), Empanada Joe’s (Colombian cuisine), My Place or Yours (Classic american comfort food), and Sweet Mobile Cupcakery. Shop and eat the best of Columbus, all under one roof.

    Empanada Joe’s Yuca pieces (Cassava roots)

    My Place or Yours’ Meatloaf Sandwich

    Lac Viet’s Beef Pho Noodles

    in reply to: Fine Food + Design at Dinin' Hall on October 6 #515386

    Dinin Hall

    Some pictures of the exhibit at Dinin’ Hall and 400 W. Rich:

    The Ohio Birds Mural

    Tree Mural (a.k.a SoHud Mural)

    Gay Street banners

    in reply to: Autumn Columbus Food Truck and Cart Festival, Sept 28 at Columbus Commons #514499

    Dinin Hall

    gardocki.1 said:
    I plan on stopping by, I haven’t been able to go to one yet. Any favorite food truck?

    This is not a comprehensive list but we do know the trucks below are great:

    That Food Truck
    Street Thyme
    Oh! Burgers

    Brisket/ Wrap:
    Paddy Wagon


    Blu Olive

    Los Jalapeno

    Sophie’s Gourmet Pierogi

    Cheesy Truck

    Late Night Slice
    Earth’s Crust (Vegan options)

    in reply to: 400 West Rich Street #308378

    Dinin Hall

    DavidF said:
    Obviously it has to be named “Drinkin Hall.”

    +1 hahaha!

    in reply to: Local Foods Week 2012 #507947

    Dinin Hall

    We’re also proud to present Local Street Food Week (August 13-18). Every day, our vendors will feature items that are made of locally grown vegetables and locally sourced meat. Also, we will have FREE children’s activities on August 14 and 17 about DIY gardening and healthy eating at Dinin’ Hall. Join us!

    in reply to: CU Meetup at Dinin' Hall, Saturday July 28 2012 5-8pm #505860

    Dinin Hall

    Also, Sweet Carrot and Green Meanie are serving their signature dishes and more, too!

    Just some examples to entice you:

    Housemade pulled port on a summer corncake (Sweet Carrot)

    Green Meanie and housemade sauces

    Solar Cafe’s tricycle serving hot and iced coffee onsite!

    in reply to: CU Meetup at Dinin' Hall, Saturday July 28 2012 5-8pm #505859

    Dinin Hall

    Folks, reason to do firework: Great food for the great (Fton and others) communities! Here’s preview of one of the participating trucks: The Swoop. Below is their menu:




    in reply to: CU Meetup at Dinin' Hall, Saturday July 28 2012 5-8pm #505845

    Dinin Hall

    This CU meet up is also to introduce customers to our new vendors, including Sweet Carrot, Swoop, and Solar Cafe. We’re so excited to have them join us at Dinin’ Hall this month and August. Don’t forget our veteran vendor: Green Meanie. All of them will serve exquisite dessert items. Their menus will be announced soon!

    in reply to: Dinin' Hall #476209

    Dinin Hall

    Yep, menus are on our Facebook page[/url]
    Also, we will host Solar Cafe’s coffee trike’s debut.

    in reply to: Dinin' Hall #476202

    Dinin Hall

    Thank you so much for the support! We’ve been quite busy in the past three days of our first week. Thanks so much for all of our food trucks and carts. Without them, Dinin’ Hall wouldn’t have been possible! And our customers are just so nice and generous! Thank you very much for your kind suggestions. We hear you, and will make adjustment wherever possible.

    in reply to: Ajumama: Korean Street Food Truck #492070

    Dinin Hall

    Ajumama rocks!! They will be in Dinin’ [email protected] 400 W. Rich every Tuesday and Thursday in May.

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