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    I love NorthStar, and everytime I go there it reminds me more and more of McDonalds.

    Here are some similarities:

    1. Both have more than one location on major roadways

    2. Both have no service

    3. Both have no tipping

    4. Both donate a portion of thier earnings to charity

    5. Both have free self-serve refills on pop.

    6. Both require ordering from a counter than from a a waiter

    7. Both have outdoor dining options

    8. Both rely on a standard small menu of quickly prepared foods

    9. Both have a loyal following of addicted customers

    10. Both have equally unappealing breakfast menus

    11. Both are mostly fingerfoods

    12. Both are famous for thier burgers

    13. Both attract customers with no dining manners (people using computers, cell phones, wearing hats while eating, etc.)

    14. Both have literature to read.

    15. Both serve meals in cute little brown recycled boxes.

    16. Both sell soup. (Some locations)

    17. Both offer BBQ Pork Sandwiches (McRib and BBQ Pulled Pork)

    18. Both have breakfast Burritos and pancakes

    19. Both sell Pizza

    20. Both target specific demographics

    21. Both have lots of employees who bike and walk to work

    22. Both are non-smoking

    23. Both have hi-chairs for kids

    Add some more if you wish please.

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    Certainly not planned parenthood.

Viewing 2 posts - 1,216 through 1,217 (of 1,217 total)

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