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  • in reply to: Columbus is Test Market Site for Fast Food Products #468213


    Coremodels said:
    People aren’t fat because of the existence of fast food anymore than people die of gun deaths because of the existence of guns.

    Fat people eat crappy food. Fat people will eat crappy food in large quantities regardless of how it is served to them. If McD’s was gone tomorrow and a place opened up that just had a trough out front with that ketchup dispenser and fries swimming downstream in bacon grease, people would eat out of it.

    I am 100% against adding prizes to eating crappy food but enough with the soviet shit of trying to eliminate choices for adults.

    Bingo! Also, anyone going to mention a lack of physical exercise? I think it’s great that we’re a testing ground. Bring it on. The whole Midwest is thought of as obese and there are stats to say that image is correct. I’m not obese or diabetic and I do what’s responsible for my health, like exercise. However, I’ll tell you what, I can eat like a machine and often do. 1000s of calories in one setting and I enjoy every damn bite. Then I drink a beer. I just get out and work it off and balance out my food choices for the remainder of the day. You know, I’m responsible for my health.

    in reply to: NBC4 News is an embarrassment to Columbus #468565


    cheap said:
    that’s funny.

    the reason i mention it at this time is because channel 4 consistently runs these types of stories,not just every now and then.
    it’s a pattern of lameness i see,not serving a demographic.

    heck, a guy was found dead in his townhouse the other day on the northwest side of town under suspicious circumstances,and it doesn’t even get a blip on any news sources in this town.

    as for other metro areas running this kind of schlock,i have lived in a few,and i don’t remember this crap on the news.

    I guess I’m confused; however I don’t watch local news stations much, but my experience is that they would have one or two “low-key” stories and the rest would be sports and local crime etc. I would think that since these stations are local they therefore attempt to “personalize” the station for the community by running these kinds of stories. No? I would just change the channel when something stupid comes on. Do the other stations do a better job in your opinion?

    in reply to: St. James Tavern 15 Year Anniversary Party&Beerfest #461202


    See you then.

    in reply to: Removal of J Gumbo fence and flowers downtown #455974


    scosan said:
    god forbid someone has a dissenting opinion. isnt this supposed to be a forum?

    scosan: Interests
    wang dang sweet puntang

    Ummmm, yeah…

    in reply to: Defenders of Consumerism? #456096


    Tenzo said:
    So you think it’s bad to “consume” things? Or catering to people who consume things?

    The term “consumerism” was first used in 1915 to refer to “advocacy of the rights and interests of consumers”

    The term “consumerism” is also used to refer to the consumerist movement, consumer protection or consumer activism, which seeks to protect and inform consumers by requiring such practices as honest packaging and advertising, product guarantees, and improved safety standards.

    Well, like you said, there are two sides to every argument.


    in reply to: Ohio Abortion Bill #431735


    Personally, I hate the term “Pro-Life”. If you’re pro-life, why kill anything with a heartbeat? I can’t believe this matter is still debated after so many years?

    in reply to: Hot Head Burritos opening in Columbus #445368


    Neil Jaye wrote >>
    I miss Baja Fresh for fast-food Mexican. Oh, well.

    I completely agree.

    in reply to: Hot Head Burritos opening in Columbus #445363


    tolemac5050 wrote >>
    crOm…you are aware they are in the process of widening Hill/Rome Rd from Kroger (Roberts) down to about where Meijer is…making good progress too!

    No! I was not. That would be very welcome indeed. Good news, thank you.

    in reply to: Hot Head Burritos opening in Columbus #445360


    I live in Hilliard and the last thing Hilliard-Rome Road needs is more traffic. That street can’t support what it does have, which is why I avoid it if at all possible. <insert next Hilliard joke>

    in reply to: Does Ohio Have the Best Year-Round Weather in the US? #441170


    drewtoothpaste wrote >>
    I love Columbus, but:

    Ha! Nuff said. I hate the cold, but it’s not bad enough to chase me from the city. Could always be worse. However, the thought of curling up on a hot rock in Arizona sounds pretty good this time of year.

    in reply to: What is everyone currently reading? #103691


    KSquared wrote >>

    Cookie wrote >>
    The Poisoner’s Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York

    Thank you for this recommendation! Thoroughly enjoyable book that manages to be full of historical information, interesting science and entertaining stories at the same time.

    God you are such a nerd… :-)

    in reply to: Alternative to Time Warner? #223665


    maveric1 wrote >>

    vestanpance wrote >>
    I’m seriously thinking about switching to Uverse. We’re paying around 150 with TimeWarner for roadrunner, hd dvr, Hbo, no phone.

    Love U-Verse! One thing I found out recently was that I can have 2 HD channels recording and still watch other channels. TW didn’t allow me to do that.
    If you can get U-verse, I highly recommend it.
    One thing to note. The internet speed is limited by your in-house phone wiring. U-verse runs fiber up to a node in your neighborhood and uses the telephone copper-line to transmit the final distance. That distance and condition of that wire greatly affects the internet speed.

    Sadly, I can’t get it where I am at. I have to choose between WoW or TW. I had U-Verse for one year and agree it’s really good. Wish they would hurry up and get it here.

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    Daz wrote >>
    We have WOW.You will have a hard time finding a stronger advocate that you switch from Time Warner. WOW is awesome, with the exception of one thing:Their guide system looks like it was written in 85.

    So perfectly explained!!! I may actually go back to WoW. The service was solid. But that damn channel guide, gads!

    in reply to: Urban Exploration Groups – Do we have these in Columbus? #402674


    anillo wrote >>
    forgotten ohio is this the site you’re thinking of? Either way, it’s a good site. lotsa stuff for all over ohio there.

    Thanks anillo, I see some locations I wouldn’t mind trespassing… err, I mean… visiting.

    in reply to: Job Openings in Columbus, Ohio #354606


    rus wrote >>
    I had to go look up ‘identity management engineer’. So that’s what they’re calling the people who run the AD/LDAP boxen…

    It’s the story of my life. There’s more to it than LDAP though. Often includes SSO, and the identity life cycle. We are starting to explore virtual directories at our company. Cool stuff.

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