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    The residents already have a “Parking by Permit Only” status on their streets. The city took the signs away 2 years ago claiming that they needed repair. The residents have requested that they be put back up because Wine Bistro patrons are literally racing through their residential streets and making U-turns in driveways looking for a parking spot in front of their homes. Would you want to live with kids on such a street?

    This was not the situation when they moved in. Nine years ago, without notification other than 3 small ads in local papers with just parcel numbers (Do YOU read those itty bitty ads? Do YOU know YOUR parcel number?), the city rezoned their homes to be multi-use. The residents can not contest this, since the timeframe for reconsideration has expired.

    The city officials and council don’t want to retain the “Parking by Permit Only” because it will upset the owner of the Wine Bistro.

    Right now, the city is in violation of the law, the residents have repeatedly expressed their concern for the safety of their children, and the city has put up roadblock after roadblock on every turn.

    What would YOU do?

    The residents are impotent. No one is listening to them, no one cares. Their only recourse is to vote the Wine Bistro dry, but in order to do so, they need to vote the entire precinct dry.

    Here’s an article from today’s ThisWeekUA talking about the vote on the parking status …

    No one cares until something happens to them. These folks have been raped by the powers that be. Just hope nothing like this happens to you.

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    Walker … I apologize. In your picture, you look like Andrew Miller.

    The comments about doing homework and reporting facts still apply, however.

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    Mr. Miller:

    1. As a reporter/writer for a newspaper, I would think it would be prudent for you to report the facts and refrain from publicly expressing your personal opinions on a matter on which you wrote. Journalists have a code of conduct, and I question whether by posting here you are violating ethical tenants of the profession. You are free to express your opinion, but not if you are posing as a journalist at the same time. This also makes me question what other journalistic standards of conduct you are or have been violating.

    2. Your article does not include all of the facts. As we speak, the City of UA is in violation of the law by not having the “Parking by Permit Only” signs up, signs which were taken down several years ago. That is all the residents are asking for, namely to have them returned to their legally-appointed place. The city has misled everyone as to why they were taken down and have not been returned.

    You, yourself, said “I’m not sure how this works in Upper Arlington, but in Columbus I don’t think it’s an impossible procedure to have parking restrictions applied in residential areas to prevent commercial use.” Do your homework and ask city officials why the signs aren’t up when they legally should be there. THAT is the story you should be writing.

    3. This is a huge safety issue. Wine Bistro patrons are whipping up and down the streets and turning around in driveways in order to secure a rare parking spot. Would you let your child play in your yard/driveway with this kind of manic behavior going on?

    4. If you bother to do some research, you will find that the Wine Bistro has two locations, one in UA and one in Worthington. Critical here is the ratio of parking square footage to building square footage. I am not going to do your homework for you. Go to the Franklin County Auditor’s webpage and look at the stats for each, and report on what you uncover. This facility should never have been approved in the first place due to the dearth of off-street parking space available.

    Are you truly a journalist or are you merely a shill/pawn for City officials?

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