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  • in reply to: Cincinnati Streetcar News #193792

    May I ask who/what we’re waiting on? Why can’t City Council get this done? Should we do a letter writing campaign? I’m a little frustrated.

    in reply to: Tonight is Dime-A-Dog Night with The Columbus Clippers! #391567

    I experienced my 1st game last Friday. I’m ashamed because I am a native. But it was great, I even started to think that we could support a MLB team? lol Ok maybe not but it was a great experience. Go Clippers!

    in reply to: Arches Downtown? #391717

    cbustransit wrote >>
    IF they did it…and i’m not sure they should…but IF they did, they should distinguish it from the short north arches somehow…like only white lights not color changing ones

    Or maybe make the arches sterling instead of Black?

    in reply to: Arches Downtown? #391716

    I like the idea! Lets push for it. Extend these arches all the way south down High just before 70 and Livingston. Maybe this will further spur interest in around Columbus Commons.

    in reply to: Interstate 70/71 Construction Downtown – News & Discussion #386336

    ODOT choked and suffocated the residents, businesses, families and communities in these historic districts more than half a decade ago. Please don’t let them do it again, especially as Columbus starts to find the pulse of its heart revived by our city’s core.

    in reply to: Ban Short North Soliciting #384561

    I did register voters today for the holiday, so I hope registering voters doesn’t count as soliciting.

    in reply to: White Flight? Suburbs lose young whites to cities. #369148

    whoops! Sawry for the dbl post.

    in reply to: Columbus City Schools – News, Updates, and Discussion #326597

    I appreciate you highlighting CCS achievements Walker. Although the district has some problematic schools there are some that perform well. I had the privilege of talking to the Columbus Downtown Highschool students the day after you interviewed Ms. Cleary and they were thrilled to have you do the story.

    Those of us that plan on staying in the urban core should seriously take an interest/investment becuase we too will have a family someday. And hopefully we don’t have to move to suburbia or private schools bc CCS is so low performing.

    racheltb wrote >>
    Sometimes I think the “___ side” locations are given to indicate “not in a suburb”. Maybe they figure most viewers don’t know smaller distrcits like peach or merion village or maybe even clintonville… Media could at least choose the proper cardinal direction.

    All I’ve been hearing is Clintonville break-ins and arsons for the past month. Its gut wrenching.

    And the lack of mentioning the crime that happens in suburbs. Or not showing suspects in suburbs but willing to show those in urban areas with descriptions, and pictures. #petpeeve

    in reply to: Singles Events That Aren’t Lame? #365128

    I think the key is to keep the drink specials open to any type of alcoholic beverage because everyone doesn’t drink wine or beer. If you’re going to offer food. keep those options open as well, got to look out for the vegans, and vegetarians. I also think the board games idea is kool, not a hard concept that can be fun and lively. Overall a good idea I’d be down to attend. Find a gray area that targets a vast number of people not things that are exclusive.

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334905

    I’ll be sure to look out for you Jon. Hope you can introduce me to some folk.

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334903

    Great I’m looking forward to introducing myself and checking out the place. I haven’t seen any CUers since the Shadowbox event in February and I didn’t get around to meet many avatars!

    I’m curious of the availability of space?

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334901

    Bump there is an event today as indicated above^^^. Can I expect to see any CUers there?

    in reply to: New Restaurant Opening March 2010 – Gobblers Original Turkeys #345180

    aaminian wrote >>

    thecandlelab wrote >>
    I would suggest that Walker put something on the New CU account confirmation page that says something like:
    “If you’re creating this account to post bogus information about your business, please back away from the keyboard and reconsider.”
    With a link to an FAQ about how to do it the right way. Its tough to watch a new business shoot themselves in the foot right out of the gate.

    I disagree. If they’re shady, then I say go ahead and let them hang themselves. On the other hand, if they’re a genuinely honest, well-intentioned business owner, then they’ll do things the right way naturally. I appreciate the fact that this site helps us weed out the snakes.

    +1 aaminian

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