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  • in reply to: Bella Boutique: New Retail Tenant at Smith and High #401285

    aww shucks, lol Good reporting though Columbusite.

    in reply to: Rebranding Columbus #397365

    JonMyers wrote >>
    St. Louis seems to own and control the conversation around “Arch City“.
    Columbus missed that opportunity.

    Im not sure how many Arches St. Louis has but, maybe if we went with City of Arches? Seeing how we have many.

    in reply to: Idea: Relocating Crew Stadium to the Arena District #399731

    Im all for placing it over by Vets Memorial and establishing the condo development. Hopefully it would be open to the whole Fton community and embrace the Fton area. the footbridge is already in the works so I feel like this project is already being developed quietly. lol

    in reply to: The Joseph – Pizzuti Short North Hotel – News & Updates #390288

    I’m really glad Pizzuti has selected Arquitectonica again. They are really adding different shapes/designs to our skyline. They did a great job with Miranova, I really like that building while driving into the city from 70 West and also Downtown’s Civic Center Drive.

    in reply to: Elizabeth Lessner on Countdown with Keith Olbermann #399458

    Liz, I’ve patroned all 4 of your establishments and I must say I enjoy the experiences from all. To watch you speak on behalf of Ohio and to know that we have great advocates for Columbus really made me happy yesterday.

    in reply to: Rebranding Columbus #397292

    +1 to cbustransit, artbomb112 and all the other good ideas flowing in this topic.

    in reply to: Rebranding Columbus #397222

    If I could brand Columbus, it would be called America’s Creativity & Business Incubator. I mean we have so many research and tech institutions n developers in the 315 corridor and not to mention all our indie incubators (OSU included). It also ties in the whole indie-art theme.

    in reply to: Kasich parrots ridiculous 3C rail “facts” #393833

    I will not even try to consider Kasich’s position. Ohio can not compete in this society with out proper transportation and if we keep depending on 1 mode, or modes that are disconnected we will fall further behind. Strickland for Governor. That is all.

    in reply to: Are Hyperlocal News Sites Replacing Newspapers? #396281

    This site has been most integral in helping me understand this city. My four years away at Ohio U left me out of touch but I was able to look through CU’s archives and catch up to speed. The newspapers are just no longer engaging.

    in reply to: J. Gumbo’s Expanding Their Patio Down Pearl Alley #395853

    Urbanboi wrote >>
    Lets work on getting our downtown streets rockin before we start on the alley ways.

    I’d say our Pearl Alley is keeping some of our streets rocking (tentatively). Pearl and Lynn Alleys seemed to have kept High St, Gay, and Broad pretty rockin, it was very vibrant yesterday from 11a until 3. We do need more after 5 things. We need more clothing and retail to hold people around or create a destination between 5 and 10p, before people head over to Park street. I really like the permanent stage for artists Walker.

    in reply to: Did Columbus blow it on the Casino relocation? #395898

    Schoolboy wrote >>
    It was a horrible decision. The only possible benefit from having a casino in our city, would have been from the increase in tourism. I’m sorry, no offense to those that live near the Delphi plant, but it’s the last place in Columbus I want representing our city and the last place in our city that would benefit small private business owners / general public. Any new development in the area will be in the form of corporate resteraunts etc, which will offer minimal low wage jobs. Unless of course you count Wexner, who unsurprisingly owns much of the vacant property in the area. Which is a strong case for a conspiracy to the move in the first place. The Short North and Downtown business owners were really screwed on this one. After all of the talk on how to re-energize downtown, this was a perfect opportunity. After this, I’m not even interested in the topic at all. It’s time for a new regime change in this city.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wexner started building/demolishing, especially as the market comes back. I just hope whatever he does out there it’s comprehensive and ties in Fton and Downtown.

    in reply to: Should German Village have Parking Meters? #396061

    Tenzo wrote >>
    It’s a bad idea for a couple of reasons
    1) It’s not an area where a large amount of people work.
    2) It’s a historic area. They are talking about putting in gas lamps and toning down street lights. Big efforts are underway to bring the look back to the 19th century. Digging up brick sidewalks to put in 21st century meeters is an equivalent of ‘let them eat bricks’
    4) With meters comes the need for off street extended parking. Which means either paved lots or 1950’s style parking grarages.
    5) It’s not a retail district in the sense that lots of people go there. Instead, people go there and wander.
    So am I saying German Village is special? Well, yes. It’s unique and a Columbus treasure and should be treated that way.

    +1, let’s get it right this time Columbus. Too often we see our history destroyed i.e. Union Station. Just to go off this slippery slope to make a little pocket change. Columbus needs longterm growth and digging up bricks in GV to pay for a Hilton downtown isn’t worth it.

    in reply to: J. Gumbo’s Expanding Their Patio Down Pearl Alley #395841

    It’s good to see positive signs that they are expanding. Another success story for Gay st and Pearl Alley!

    I’ll just +1 to that. lol

    in reply to: Columbus once again in the New York Times #392431

    +1 Jon Myers, they need to hire your firm dude.

    in reply to: The Metropreneur – Local Small Business & Entrepreneurial News #384754

    It’s great Walker. Read every article thus far. I’m happy for this new endeavor. Thanks for creating more jobs here in Central Ohio!

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