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    It was supposed to be a bar – they remediated the oil and other pollutants that were going into the sewer. Thought it was on hold due to parking that was to be in Grandview proper, although the business portion was to be in 5XNW… Maybe Grandview agreed to the parking qualifications… they were pretty high due to the fact that it was going to be a restaurant AND a bar (and have a patio?) I don’t remember it has been so long since they came to us). I AGREE – better than a used car lot… polluting the environment and looking terrible!

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    We probably approved it’s zoning definetly provided city services maybe met with its owners to help launch it… Provided recycling opportunities planted trees did traffic planning to support it created a park nearby (we r in the process of creating two)… We should get some credit… Put in bike lanes do it’s workers can have other options besides cars… Worked with Cota on bus routes…

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    Mama Mimi’s is checking into staffing and may just participate out of their Gentiles shop although they thought it was an excellent idea from a marketing prospective… More to come checking with Romeos!

    Calling the area the Grandview area is fine… Just give us some credit too! Most people credit Grandview thinking that Grandview heights did all of this urban planning and led the charge when it was actually the other way around with our neighborhood being in place years prior to theirs … I like Grandview I love the area I’ve lived here on and off since 2001… I know the grandview heights folks and invited them to participate in many of our events and they were a part of the last pizza crawl in 2012… But check out our website we are more than just advocacy… And remember us when a biz opens between third and kinnear we probably were behind it! http://Www.fifthbynorthwest.org

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    Maps will be provided at the Ohio Taproom of suggested routes!!
    Beer and drinks will be available throughout the Pizza Crawl!
    Any questions, email us at [email protected]!
    See you there!

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    The list of Pizza Places competing for the best slice is final!
    The event will start at the Ohio Taproom on Third & NW – Then fan out to the following locations:
    -Halwani’s (around the corner from Mazza) on Grandview Ave.
    -Romeo’s &
    -Mama Mimi’s
    Join us for some pizza, beer & fun! 6- 8pm Thursday Oct 2nd!

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    OK most of it is! :)… Until Third…:) (3/4ths?)
    OH and the Giant Eagle Discussion is a community forum that will be a structured community event to discuss public input about the communities’ point of view of what should go into that space… a chance for community discussion – hoping to have a community business meeting focused on that area – reviewing our Urban Commercial Overlay/Neighborhood Plan – which had architects, city planners, business owners, and residents input! :)

    And, per the schools comment – I believe that Grandview Heights leases the football field from the City of Columbus… or some such arrangement – is what I’ve heard… so technically it may be C-bus too, but Grandview has “the rental option to use it” (forever).

    Just spoke to the Ohio Taproom, and they are excited about this event – back to the Pizza Crawl… working with Mama Mimi’s to maybe have them onsite to offer some ‘za onsite (since they are so far away from the rest of the spots), may have a Clintonville Area Commissioner with us to walk the ‘hood Crawl…, and Dewey’s is planning to set out a nice spread as well… so should be fun! Heard from Clintonville folks that we are lucky to have so many great artisan pizza places (not the AC – other residents up there) that they probably couldn’t do a similar event in their neighborhood…

    And, we are! And, it REALLY isn’t about fighting over what is Grandview and not, it is about recognizing all of the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood too (not leaving us out in the credits) – to have fun events, to install sidewalks, to bring development like these pizza places & other spots, and to celebrate together!

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    We are getting a great response on pizza places for the crawl and participants that are going to be attending! Dewey’s, Grandad’s, Mama Mimi’s, Halwani’s and ZPizza – just to name a few!… Look for us at the Grandview Art Hop (which is all in 5XNW ironically) passing out flyers about the event, look for our posters in the windows of the spots that are promoting their ‘za and suds – such as The Ohio Taproom… and join us in the fun!

    We are expecting 50-75 people proving what a great neighborhood 5XNW is – at least – maybe more! It is walkable, friendly, has a lot of great restaurants… so let’s see who gets the bragging rights for the best spot at this bi-annual event!

    (Oh and next event that we’re putting together right now for November will be a community meeting to discuss the development plans for the old Giant Eagle-location on the corner of 5th & Grandview… working with City Planners, Liaisons, and such right now to put it together… More to come!)

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    Grandview only starts at 3rd – 75% or 80% of the businesses that people say are in Grandview are really in 5XNW. We were told by the City that our name couldn’t reference “Grandview” it is a separate municipality and we have a different Mayor, recycling effort, Zoning Board, Police force, taxes, bike lanes…

    We had over 200 people two years ago attend the event – it was very popular, and maybe 75 the first time 4 years ago – it IS well attended. And, this isn’t the only event we’ve done successfully – we probably had 1,000 people and the Mayor of Columbus and his whole cabinet – last fall… and a community night last spring with maybe 75 people again! :)

    We do a lot of good for the hood – and the City of Columbus in general – we started (successfully) the whole free curbside recycling program – we’ve oversee zoning for the whole area (Third to Olentangy River Road, Kinnear to Northstar/Wyandotte)… and soon will be bringing a “greenspace” (somewhat thru Recs & Parks) but not officially so it isn’t a “park” on King and Olentangy adjacent to the river.

    We are public officials that oversee as volunteers the whole area of Columbus that is in-between UA, Grandview Heights proper, Marble Cliff and the University Area Commission – and have worked with the developers of all of most of the new businesses and restaurants that exist between these boundaries – as well as Car2Go, etc. We recently put in new sidewalks on Grandview Avenue, King Avenue, and are applying for new sidewalks on Northwest Blvd. and Northstar… as well as other improvements to the neighborhood. We petitioned the City to repave 5th Avenue and part of King – as well fixing many of the alleys that were in bad repair… and may do decorative street lights throughout the area if there is enough money in the grant.

    We worked to develop Loops, Mazza, part of Grandview Yard (although we lost on them following the urban development plan :), Woodlands Patio, and the new hotel on Olentangy River Rd. (and we may get more redevelopment along that corridor), we helped Wendy’s to rebrand their stores on 5th and Olentangy to bring those up-to-date… and oversaw the Mews development as well as “Granvdview Village” behind the Kroger’s… AND, the Kroger’s expansion (with accompanying signage updates & sidewalks – and the gas station… and landscaping and we are working on more on this property).

    We fixed hundreds of potholes, burnt out street lights, and we were instrumental in starting the Farmer’s Market on Grandview Avenue, the bike lanes on King, the soon to be bike path on Third, the widening of the underpass on Third… which is coming soon, and the Community Garden that feeds the homeless at Blvd. Presbyterian Church (through the 43212 Civic that we started).

    And, we will oversee the Rife’s redevelopment and the Giant Eagle… :) We have worked hard on the Suboxome Clinic remediation (better planning to accommodate this in need population), and have done studies on traffic flow and are currently working with the City to improve that – we installed the turn lanes on King Avenue (and planted trees through the Civic on 5th). We just don’t get a lot of credit for everything… everyone calls it “Grandview” and gives them the credit. We can’t change our name without reforming the Area Commission… it had to be a unique name… so, we like to think of it like North by Northwest (the movie) or South by Southwest the music festival.

    We put into place Urban Commercial Overlays working with City Planners and architectural standards that make it very attractive to developers – and bring all about many of these new fun places to go… such as Miller’s Ale House, Matt the Millers, Jimmy V’s (back in the day), Bibop, Loops, the Rude Dog redevelop, the Ohio Taproom, Dewey’s Pizza…

    Just give us a little credit – we do a lot of good… :) We may just have a “funny” name! And, this event is meant to celebrate the walkability, the variety of pizza places – due to neighborhood’s Italian heritage, be fun (a little pizza and maybe some beer…), get people out exploring new places, give our locally owned pizza shops (and maybe a few corporate shops – as we don’t want to leave them out). :).

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    Huffman’s in Upper Arlington has a great butcher shop! I hate to see them go… took pictures of the place when doing a brochure for 5XNW eight years ago as an icon of the neighborhood! Two years ago the Riffe’s said it was going to be condos… don’t know now if that is still the case!

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    Who is planning to attend this time? This will make the 3rd time we’ve hosted this event & are adding beer to the mix (on your own) as a part of the event – and as a great way to promote the Ohio Taproom as a local resource! Hope to see you there! :)… Look for more information at the Grandview Art Hop and around town at various restaurants & pubs!

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