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    gramarye said:
    I’m mostly just posting in this thread so that it starts showing up in my “discussions I posted to” link, but I also felt like sharing that I’m going through a phase of obsessively window-shopping in the Houzz app on my iPad. It’s one of the few things that might persuade me to reevaluate my longstanding aversion (or at least hesitancy) towards homeownership.

    (My wife has also informed me that she deserves a more foodie-friendly kitchen and the dog–my wife came as a package deal, so now I’m told I have a stepdaughter who looks rather curiously like a black lab mix–deserves a backyard rather than a 12-floor elevator ride to do what dogs sometimes need to do. So my downtown-living days may be numbered.)

    Congrats on the “stepdaughter” :) I love houzz for inspiration. We have multiple idea books for our home in Hermann. Much easier than my previous ripping apart of magazines, or later saving pics off the web. They have some interesting articles, too.

    Snarf: I love that address plate! Nice job.

    We’ve been spending more money than we want at Lowe’s lately getting the house ready to put on the market. gramarye – Not to derail too much, but remember that thread where I said if hubby and I both lost our jobs…? Well, I only said that because I expected it. And, it happened. So, lots of little home improvement items on the home in Cols to get it ready for market. And, planning the remodel of the home in Hermann in earnest. We’ll be knee deep in home improvement for the next year at least, I suspect.

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    FoodFort said:
    With all of this gardening going on, if anyone finds themselves with some extra soil or fill, we could use some for our garden build out. We need “good dirt” about 2 fill gallon buckets for our herb garden and 20-40 5 gallon buckets or a pick up truck full of direct (can be “bad” dirt) to even out an area that will be built out as a raised bed garden in the fall.

    Carl and I are moving, and we just took apart our compost bins. You can come grab a couple of gallons of good soil/organic compost from me tomorrow morning, if you want and are available. After tomorrow morning, it will be spread elsewhere. If interested, PM me.

    in reply to: Good vacation spot within around 10 hours from here #539024

    Since you asked for warm, I’m guessing you’re plannning soon.

    Asheville is a fun place to visit, but it’s not 10 degrees warmer than here this time of year, because it’s in the mountains. Having spent a few different years in nearby Wilkesboro for Merlefest, I can tell you spring in that area can be wet and cold. If you like bluegrass, the festival is later this month, and a day trip from Asheville for one day of the music could fill the bill for entertainment (but the festival is not dog friendly).

    Charleston is a great spot. Don’t know how dog friendly it is, since we visited on a day trip from Hilton Head (which is not dog friendly).

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    murfmurphy said:
    What about a day camp somewhere? That was what we did during the summers. I think we went nearly the whole time we were off of school.

    Yeah, those can be great during the summer. When I was in high school, I worked as a day camp counselor for one of the elementary schools in the district that had a summer day camp program. Great job. I had the older girls (just graduated 4 – 6 grade). There were periods in the day, just like school. In each period, we’d go to activities together (arts and crafts, archery, etc), or I’d organize activities (usually sports, taught them double dutch jump roping, etc). If kids needed summer school classes, they’d go to whatever classes they needed and rejoin us in other periods. I hope programs like this still exist.

    Holy crap! I just realized, my girls are in their 30’s now!

    –correction: some are in their 40’s! I still see them as elementary school kids. The age difference between high school and elementary school is big at that time. I have friends that are younger than that, now. But anyway…wow, time flies…

    in reply to: Doggie Eldercare #538264

    By the way, here’s a picture of (from left to right), Morgan, Harley, and Buddy. Morgan was a chipper 14 in this picture, although getting pretty grey in the face. She lived another 4 years. Buddy was part mastiff, so he was a big guy.

    Just figured I’d share, since after I responded to this thread, I just had to look at some old pics of Morgan :)

    in reply to: Doggie Eldercare #538263

    I’m not sure if the poodle is standard or smaller, but being 18, I’m guessing he’s a little guy. Smaller dogs in general tend to live longer than large dogs, but 18 is old for any dog. If you haven’t already, I’d take gramps to the vet for a complete workup, since there are a number of easily controllable conditions that can develop in older dogs. Sadly, you may also be looking at quality of life and making some tough decisions sooner than later. I’ve had 4 dogs on my own since I bought a house at 22. 2 died of cancers, one (Harley) is still alive, and then there was Morgan. Morgan was a lab/doberman mix, who lived to age 18, which is really rare for a dog of that size. God, I loved that dog. Sweetest thing ever — only wanted to please or to snuggle.

    She became quite frail her last year of life. She lost some of the sensation in her hind end (a spinal condition not uncommon in larger breeds). The loss of this feeling meant she sometimes pooped without realizing she was doing it. I was lucky to work from home, so I could keep an eye on things. If you have a yard, then outside with a good dog house in shade and water with ice in it could be a reasonable choice to keep the house clean. If it’s a small poodle, wee wee pads could be a solution, although it could confuse the dalmation, and this would only work if the poodle is just unable to hold it all day, as opposed to unaware of going like Morgan. Dog walkers/visitors like Core recommended could also be a great choice, or doggie daycare (although that might just be stressful to the old guy)

    By the way, gramps may perk up some once he settles in. Older dogs don’t always adjust to change easily, and so the change of ownership, housing, and routines may have him appearing droopier and more confused than he might once he knows the rules of the new game. Having a younger dog to play with could be just the ticket to put some spring in those wobbly legs.

    in reply to: Where do you go with your dog? #240686

    NikkiLee said:
    I am chiming in on this REALLY late! And hopefully some of you are still around!

    I am now back living in Columbus after being away for 10 years. I have two White German Shepherds, and yes, they do make great wing men! LOL

    Both are extremely well behaved though I have one that is a rescue who has fear of people issues. Part of our rehab is to put him into more situations with people. Thankfully, Zoom Room just opened in Short North. We are taking classes there now, but would like to find more places to take him so I can help with his socialization tasks…

    Since this thread started, has anymore been discovered or things changed?!

    I took Harley to Zoom Room. We did agility. She had a great time. Unfortunately, Carl and I are moving for our job this spring, and so we discontinued going to Zoom Room, so we won’t get to meet your dogs. However, I gotta recommend agility, as it can be a real confidence builder for dogs, as long as it’s all done in fun.

    Like your pup, Harley also had fear issues when I first got her. She is a mix of Chow and Belgian Sheepdog. Both breeds have a tendency toward shyness, and on top of that Harley spent ages 9 – 11 months in the Humane Society before I adopted her, so she needed a lot of socialization. Dog parks can be OK for dog socialization, but they aren’t going to get a lot of people socialization there necessarily. If you are going to Zoom Room, walk your dog to places on High Street that allow dogs. Also, head over to Goodale Park after zooming, and sit where you can meet folks that want to come over and say “Hi” to your dog. White Shepards are gorgeous, and folks who are into dogs will approach you, which will be good (people approaching your dog is probably a bigger issue than your dog approaching people, anyway). I also recommend nursing home visitation (I did this out in Marion, but I think Westminster Thurber allows this, and would be near the Zoom Room, too).

    It’s super helpful that you have another dog that is people friendly. Always take both dogs out, and let the people friendly dog soak up the adoration of passersby. Shy pup will see nothing bad is happening, and will want to get in on the action. This helped Harley a lot. Biggest thing, though — just have lots of people over to your house or apartment. Lots of different kinds of people. Don’t make pup visit, but don’t let pup hide. Once again, he’ll be wanting the attention that the other dog gets.

    Once pup is feeling more confident, teach the command “come say hi”. I use this with Harley. It means, approach the person and let them pet you. This is useful in nursing home settings, but also when pup is hesitant. Only do this after pup is usually pretty confident, but just has some folks he doesn’t like (they always seem to pick some characteristic that they remain hesitant about).

    Having lots of folks over helped Harley the most. As did already having a people friendly older dog :) Good luck!

    BTW – In addition to items already listed: Wine on High allows well behaved dogs to come in. Harley always went with us to pick up the wine of the month.

    in reply to: High Speed Rail Development in the US #342036

    bman said:
    Where are you investing your liquid cash and earning 10% return. My CD’s aren’t earning that! Line of credit loans are also more than 4%.

    The markets were insanely good this past year. I did much better than 10% on my investments there.

    However, I don’t even think that’s the point. This is infrastructure, not private industry, and is a main role of government.

    in reply to: High Speed Rail Development in the US #342012

    Patch said</a
    Hell, most people drive 75 and don’t need to stop every 30 miles to let people on/off.

    If you would do it, go straight to the bullet train. Why waste the money on a slow train?

    If folks are driving 75 miles per hour during rush hour, then there really isn’t much car traffic. The heavier the rush hour, the better the comparison between a non-high speed train and car. Additionally, for work commuting, the longer the commute, the bigger the benefit of trains for many folks, simply because they don’t have to worry about the drive itself, and can do work or relax on the ride (doesn’t swing everyone to give up driving, but some).

    in reply to: Zoom Room in The Short North #516725

    Is anyone else taking classes at the Zoom Room? Harley had her pre-class evaluation last week, and went to her first agility class yesterday. We had fun, although Harley hasn’t figured out what we’re doing there, yet. She was quite cerebral, and analyzed everything. Show her once, and she pretty much got what I wanted her to do, and performed what we asked — but didn’t really get why. It was pretty funny, because she impressed everyone as being very low energy. Although she is 11, and has slowed down a lot from her younger days, she still has the speed typical of Belgian Shepards, so I’m dying to see if she turns it on next time. Folks would likely think I brought a different dog!

    Anyway, the place has a great setup, the staff are fun/encouraging/supportive, and everyone’s just there to have fun with their dogs. I definitely recommend it, if you’re looking for activities to do with your dog out of the cold.

    in reply to: High Speed Rail Development in the US #342000

    +1 @InnerCore. I was about to make an almost identical comment (except using housing electrical instead of HVAC). This is exactly it. It’s an investment in the future — not a “Bentley”.

    My parents would take High Speed Rail here (or any passenger rail), if it was available.

    On a personal level: I’m a vocal supporter of Columbus to folks back in St. Louis, but this issue has caused me to receive a lot of ribbing. Giving that money back seems pretty foolish.

    in reply to: What Would Meaningful Amtrak Reform Look Like? #522403

    Part of the reason we chose to buy our other home in Hermann is because of Amtrak service. Here are a couple of fun videos, taken in our other hometown, about rail travel.

    The first is just some folks who travelled by Amtrak for a visit. I just think it’s really cute:

    The second is a video of the historic Union Pacific Challenger on a trip. While waiting for it to arrive, Amtrak rolls in, too. I like that both trains are in this video.

    Thought I’d share them as how trains look and are being used in some areas. Mostly, I just think they’re cool train videos, and I wanted to put some good train vibes out there.

    in reply to: High Speed Rail Development in the US #341984

    A perspective, from a place where rail is currently used”

    High Speed Rail Service Soon Coming to St. Louis

    in reply to: Women's Rights – News & Discussion #486176

    Walker said:
    The topic title here seems to have a lot of people confused. It’s been updated so that there’s less trouble understanding how to keep it on topic. Thanks.

    Yep. Thanks. I could have stated my point better, but that’s why I was annoyed.

    in reply to: Women's Rights – News & Discussion #486171

    Snarf said:
    You sound bitter, bro. Skinny girls are boring and if we’re talking personalities I know which group can be nastier.

    SusanB said:
    Skinny girls can be nasty because they are always hungry ;) Also fat girls can become skinny but bitter assholes usually stay assholey.

    Seriously? The troll attacks heavy girls, so you attack skinny ones? Ummmm…yeah. Not really sure who “won” this one.

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