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    in reply to: MIA Hookah Bar coming soon to old Bristol/Bar L'Estrange Spot #529300

    Don’t get me wrong, I personally would rather have ANY number of other things at that spot. From where I used to live on 4th, there was another hookah lounge exactly one block in the opposite direction. I don’t think the neighborhood needs another, much like the neighborhood doesn’t need more bars. I just think it needs SOMETHING, but that is just my personal opinion.

    More importantly, if people want to improve the neighborhood, help find someone great to take over the former S&K space. That business attracted lots of problems, though the staff was pretty good about trying to minimize those problems on their own… I was outside of it once when the clerk shot somebody who was trying to rob them.

    Oh, and the taco truck that is perma-parked on the opposite corner (or at least used to be) is pretty good.

    in reply to: MIA Hookah Bar coming soon to old Bristol/Bar L'Estrange Spot #529295

    I own property one block away and it’s the only property I own, so I care more than most about this (used to live there, now rent it out). For me, safety and activity are more important than appearances. Having boarded up properties is more detrimental than ones that attract a “non-desirable” clientele imho. And really, the clientele is perfectly fine. Yes, there are a lot of teens because its a place for minors to go, but the bulk of who supports them are Somalis.

    >This previous article on CU has a map that shows the neighborhood being a decent concentration of the city’s large Somali population:

    *I lived in Minneapolis before moving here, which is the only city to have a higher population. Wonderful people, by and large.*

    For those of you who don’t know, most Somalis follow Islam – which forbids the consumption of alcohol. So many Somalis hang out at hookah lounges to drink coffee & smoke much like many other people hang out at bars and drink beer. So in a busy nightlife district with MANY bars, having a few hookah lounges should really make more sense to everyone than it seems to…..

    in reply to: Fuck-It Just Dance party #528632

    @Jack – Thanks! You’re great IMO too!
    @Chris – It was a good time and classy was not part of the plan.
    @Greybeak/MRipley – Didn’t like the name at first either, but I’ve come to embrace it.

    – yes, that’s pretty much right though the music was much more 70s/80s.

    So I didn’t name the event; it was the creation of the new production & blog entity known as Columbus Avenue – a creation of Josh Weiker, formerly of Bustown Music and other blogs/projects. He officially took over the reigns of promoting the first Fridays at Circus after Zach Hume retired the TRIO Showcase (3 year run I think). The plan was to have bands play every month but after a few cancellations, he made the January edition into a dance party. It was supposed to be a one-off, hence the ultimate inspiration for the name. It was pretty successful and the bar asked him to turn into a monthly party — in addition to the band showcase of the first Fridays.

    So expect there to be another “Fuck It, Just Dance.” It was a lot of fun… probably the most musically diverse event of which I have ever been a part.

    in reply to: Super Game Team! #360464

    I will totally be there! I was in 6th grade when I originally participated in the 1990 NES World Championships. I won a local gaming competition that awarded me an original Gameboy (badass at the time) and two entry passes to the NES competition.

    I made it to the semi-finals btw… I dominated at Tetris, but Rad Racer was my Achilles heel.

    Regardless, I will be there tonight to see if I can revive my old skills and have a little fun too!


    FYI: Super Game Team is also part of the SBB and gives 10% off all used merchandise for cardholders, in case any of you need an extra reason to check them out sometime.

    I really love this flyer design, btw.

    in reply to: Police Response (or lack thereof…) #400542

    Columbus laws consider bicycles to be the equal of automobiles (the moving violation I received while strapped to a stretcher in the ER was all the proof I needed of that). That said, I wish bike thieves could get charged for “grand theft auto.”

    I awoke yesterday morning to find my bicycle frame still locked to the fence, but the rest of the parts were stripped. Did I call the police? Of course not; what good would that have done?

    in reply to: Piada Italian Street Food #397108

    I stopped in last night and happened to chat with Chef Mike Bomberger, formerly of BDI (Bravo/ Brio) and Lindey’s. He told me a little bit about the concept and development… much of it was already covered in the aforementioned Columbus Business First article (again, found HERE).

    The place is clean and quite beautiful – think of a slightly higher-end version of Chipotle, but with Italian food. It’s a concept they have been working on for an amazing 2 1/2 years, so it’s no joke.

    Chef Mike did say that while they officially open on Wednesday, they should be open today and tomorrow for test runs. He didn’t specify what hours but I would assume this means lunch and dinner. I will try to run over there this afternoon and will report back my findings.

    Oh, and now that foursquare is my new obsession, I added them as a venue. Feel free to check in and encourage them to offer a special for foursquare users. :)

    in reply to: CD101 Changing to 102.5 FM #384123

    Point of clarification: WCVZ 102.5 broadcasts at 15,000 watts – not 25,000 as was previously mentioned. (FCC lists wattage in kW, btw.)

    JimL2 was pretty spot-on with his diagrams of the coverage. For those who were wondering, the higher wattage is mitigated somewhat by the greater physical distance of the broadcast towers. (Baltimore, OH is 15-20 miles further from the heart of the city than Grove City, OH.)

    What this really means is people on the Western side of Columbus are going to have a harder time picking up the signal than they did previously. I would be most worried about the larger listener base in areas like Grandview and Upper Arlington who may be alienated by this change. This also means having to begin marketing to people in Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, etc. who could not previously pick up the station very well and were not regular listeners as a result.

    The station should be pretty happy about having a “larger footprint” on the city, but it does pose a potentially large shift in listenability that makes marketing more of a challenge than simply the brand/name confusion that was discussed earlier in this thread.

    in reply to: da leVee #351945

    This place is awesome. Sure, they have a little ways to go in terms of improving the decor and signage. And yes, the strictly styrofoam cups and plates are annoying (they cannot afford a dishwasher yet to have reusable stuff), but let me clue you in to how great it’s going to get:


    The owner, Justin, is a protégé of Yat’s in Indianapolis. He told me he worked there for 8 years and moved here to open his own place. What’s Yat’s like? You know how on a hot summer night (or almost any night really) Jeni’s Ice Cream has a line down the block? Well that’s Yat’s during the lunch hour.

    I used to visit Indianapolis once a month for my old job and over the course of 5 years I had many meals at Yat’s. It was totally worth a long wait. Just like people said in earlier replies to this post, the food is inexpensive and delicious. And he doesn’t take credit cards. If you don’t have cash, he will write out an IOU and give you the meal on good faith. Seriously.

    There was a bit of buzz recently about the New York Times travel section writing about the Short North… when they wrote about Indianapolis, they wrote about Yat’s.

    Overall, this is a perfect addition to the Short North neighborhood. You will definitely find me there on a regular basis.

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