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    This is another example of our leaders’ (business and political) incredibly low expectations.

    Dude literally took the first thing that came to mind when he thought of Columbus and rendered it. His dad used to design cooling towers for AEP when he was a kid, he designed a cooling tower. I can hear him thinking out loud – “how can I put as little thought and effort into the as possible to get this project over so I can go do something cool somewhere else.”

    He also said it’s going to be our Space Needle or Gateway Arch. That’s just not a viable comparison. Those structures are highly functional (restaurants at Space Needle, observation and museum at Gateway Arch) and attached to place (Gateway to the West in St Louis and Seattle as aerospace industry center..) Nothing about “cooling tower” is rooted in Columbus, only in this one artist’s dad’s experience.

    Overall – BOO! We can and should do SO MUCH BETTER. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure we won’t…

    I hear you Jon, they do play some of that stuff more than I’d like. But in reality, their heavy play stuff right now is bands like Foster The People, Airborne Toxic Event, Matt & Kim – hipster stuff. That is current trendy music, and that’s what alternative radio has always been about. They do a million times better than 99% of the other “alternative” stations out there with exposing new music. Just look at Black Joe Lewis, Manchester Orchestra, Fitz and the Tantrums – all bands that draw better and sell more here than in their home markets or the big radio markets. CD101 BREAKS BANDS. They always have. So yeah, I wish they would do less Social D and Green Day too, but they are definitely not stuck in a time warp – they are as ahead of the curve as terrestrial radio gets these days.

    Here’s a link to the current playlist: http://cd101.com/sections/onAir/Playlist.aspx. You can also stop up at the front desk to get current heavy/medium/light rotation info for a more in depth list. None of the bands you mentioned have legacy stuff on any of these lists…

    in reply to: question about noise level / safety on Summit St in Italian Village #460961

    I’ve lived on Summit between 1st and Warren for the past 3+ years. Traffic noise isn’t bad, like Merc said the only real disruptions are occasionally tire screeching and bumps in the trunk now and then. I’ve had one car break in (last year) but nothing major. Convenience makes both issues pretty moot in my situation..

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    Snarf ftw and possibly best CU post of all time…

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    Liz is only “propped up” by the packed dining rooms at her restaurants…

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    “Could you all please stop harassing me? I am trying to get my account disabled so my identifying features and comments are erased. I’ve already deleted my posts. I’m just trying to fade back into obscurity, PLEASE LET ME.”

    Not so simple. If you do in fact work for/have a connection with the department in question here, you made a very obvious, very public threat to the small business owners said agency is accused of threatening/harassing. You have reinforced their position. There is no undo button on proving the other side’s point…

    The major issue here is that they went through the process, paid the fees, and were approved. Everything from that point on is harassment pure and simple. City – way to treat the people that responded with their time/money/energy to YOUR request for more business downtown.

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    Come down to North Bank Park (north end) to the Long Street Boom stage presented by Central City and Kaplan Artists Group! Here’s the schedule:

    noon Alex White
    1pm Maza Blaska
    2pm Misfit Toys
    3pm The Forties
    4pm She Bears
    5pm Alleyes Path
    6pm The Compressions
    7pm Ghost Shirt
    8pm Phantods
    9pm Mr Fahrenheit & The Lover Boys
    10pm Fireworks!
    10:20pm Mr Fahrenheit & The Lover Boys

    Links to all can be found here.

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    “In the suburbs, when you build more street capacity, that capacity fills almost instantly. Why don’t we see that with our urban streets?”

    Cost and ownership…

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    I vote yes for all 4 suggestions, but –

    We don’t take advantage of the nice narrow streets we DO have. The activity in Pearl/Lynn Alley is a start, but it’s not even half way there as far as permanent storefronts or post 5pm activity. I think Wall Street by the new park can be a PERFECT promenade. Elm, Lafayette, Capital St are all nice and narrow. Obviously it will take a lot more pedestrian traffic to get any action going – as of right now, these are all “alleys” with back doors or parking lots, but building in these areas would create a series of very cozy little one- or two- block “districts” separated by the main roads.

    in reply to: Columbus TownHouse / Rental houses? #446409

    For that money you can live much closer to the core city if you desire. I’m in Italian Village with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, fenced backyard, 1 car garage, etc for just under $1k a month…

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    Twixlen wrote >>
    It really feels like this whole thread is an April Fool’s joke.

    That would be an April Fools miracle! Unfortunately, it’s all too real..

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    in reply to: Improve CD101’s muffled audio! #421689

    “All the people that work for the radio station work long hours and truly believe we are making a difference. We all have a passion for music and belief that Columbus is better with us that with out.”

    I will testify to this. Everyone at the station (DJs, ad team, promo team, owners/management..) are music fanatics and major supporters of the local scene. We are truly blessed to have people that care so much broadcasting in our city and supporting Columbus music, whether the signal is muddy or not.. Remember that nationwide out of over 10,000 commercial stations, there are only around 100 that are an alternative format (for reference, there are around 2,000 country stations and over 1,000 “religious” stations. Clearchannel operates around 900 stations in various formats…) and of those, very few are independently owned and operated. Anyhow, back on topic – Columbus music would definitely not be the same without CD101 and the people that make it happen. Love!

    in reply to: Woman Robbed At Gunpoint in C’ville #419104

    I believe Glen Echo is technically Baja Clintonville, but I digress.. On a serious note, that substation moving definitely had an impact on perceived (and probably actual) police presence in the neighborhood. When criminals feel like no one’s watching, they will act. At least it appears they got one of them..

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