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    I was down in the SN this afternoon and was surprised there weren’t a lot of shoppers considering this is the last Saturday to shop (and they had the gift wrapping). Maybe more (or better) advertising would help? I am not sure the message is getting out.

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    I think the 5xNWers will be disappointed in them (especially after sponsoring the Pizza Crawl).

    Bono Pizza
    1717 Northwest Boulevard
    Columbus (Grandview) Ohio

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    ToddAnders wrote >>
    Not the landlords, but the individuals. If you are arrested XXX number of times or you mistreat your rented property. You lose you Section 8 voucher for 30 years.
    That will change mindset b/c then the grandmothers begin to care.

    I think most of the section 8 vouchers go to young mothers, it is the so called ‘boyfriends’ who probably are the problem. They are not on the lease and are not so easy to root out. Even then, these are minor players (easily replaceable).

    The grandmothers having a voice is a good point.

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    I think the real players aren’t working the streets. The ones they busted are the fast food workers of the drug trade.

    I think they should have a ‘nuisance landlord’ policy and if a building has a certain number of calls the landlord could be fined.

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    Here is some data on the nieghborhood, other hoods can be searched also:

    Weinland Park:


    Harrison West (post gentrification):


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    Wondering what will qualify the low income renters at the Wagenbrenner Columbus Coated developement? Will they take section 8 vouchers?

    I am also wondering what will be the be the qualifications for the houses they are rehabing? I had thought they were being fairly liberal (ie a middle class person or family could buy them).


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    At one point Harrison West* was full of section 8 housing. I would like to think that there is a lot of income diversity there, but it seems to have become fairly homogenous. I think rising property values and taxes did that. Granted – Harrison West is now a more desirable nieghborhood to live in for everyone.

    *similar in a lot of ways to WP in Godman Guild and Wagenbrenner involvement

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    There are open gentrifiers, cloaked gentrifiers, revitalizers and those who want to keep the status quo.

    The one term I seem to gringe at is ‘urban pioneers’, a little too Albert Schweitzer for me.

    I think KLUE’s post is refreshing for his honesty of opinion. I don’t agree with all that he has said but one road is easier than another. I personally think revitalization can happen in WP, but it would take much longer and be much harder than gentrification.

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    It shows that it would cost me $422.80 more per year to take the bus on my 6 mile roundtrip commute (monthly pass, non-express).

    I guess if you don’t pay parking and have a fuel efficient car this may not be a convincing tool.

    The real savings would come if you could actually divorce your car and rely totally on public transportation.

    (I think mitigating factors like wear&tear on my car might wash with the extra time spent taking the bus and waiting for the transfer).

    in reply to: Update w/Rendering – Grandview Ave, Former Kingswood Building #316019


    Nice bldging.

    Isn’t the building behind the Condo’s on 3rd called Windsor Arms?

    in reply to: Weinland Park Food District #409460


    That is a very good point since possible contamination could be a problematic issue. I really like the idea of the farmers market, but a lot of the ‘potential’ community gardens would probably make nice lots for newer homes ;)

    in reply to: Cooking co ops open in the Short North and on the East Side #409332


    Not wanting to belabor this, but I recall seeing a video about a community kitchen that was run just off of campus in the 1970’s by some of the people who started comfest. It was open to everyone and a lot like what TomOver is describing.

    in reply to: Michael’s Goody Boy to become Jimmy V’s #405613


    labi wrote: Having had my house broken into 5 times this summer and car once, the absentee slumlords who dominate my neighborhood are starting to move into the same category in my mind as rapists. Perhaps I am just tired.

    Wow, six break ins in one summer, I think I would be at wits end also. That really impacts on ones quality of life.

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    A friend told me they are 24 hours now Monday to Friday. I would join them, but too far to allow myself to make excuses not to go. I am looking at Urban Active Grandview and Short North Fitness – not 24 hrs and no free pizza though :(

    in reply to: Urban Active Gym #387494


    Yeah, it looked pretty cool. Here is a list of the stuff it has from the website. Not bad for $30 something a month.

    Indoor pool
    Indoor track
    Cardio movie theater (like a movie theater with ellipticals)
    Flat screen tv’s on the equipment
    Women’s only fitness area
    Plush locker rooms with saunas
    Indoor Cycle studio
    Smoothie bar
    Under armour retail area (lol)
    State of the art tanning salon
    Personal training
    3 floors of fitness
    Huge free weight floor
    The latest advancements in fitness technology and equipment (whatever that means)

    They said it will be open 5am to 11pm weekdays.

    The rest of Grandview Yard looks pretty impressive too. There is an open house for Grandview Yard tomorrow 6:30 – 8:30pm.

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