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    I’ve been checking all the usual websites – posted on CU more for that “a place on my street is for rent / my neighbors are moving / a friend can’t sell her place and is looking to rent it / I need someone to take over my lease” kind of inside info. Looking for a 2 bedroom house or duplex for less than $1100. Must allow dogs. Thanks!

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    It’s a great site but I haven’t found what I’m looking for there.

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    I’m renting a little house in the suburbs but since the market is picking up (yay?) the owner has decided to sell. If anyone knows of a house for rent for less than $1100/month I would love to hear about it! Looking for a 2 bedroom house or half of a duplex. Must allow dogs (I have 2) and would prefer a fenced yard, though that isn’t a dealbreaker. Looking for a lease starting June 1/June 15/July 1. I have checked out the CU urban living site but haven’t found what I’m looking for there. I would really like to be in Clintonville, but also looking in the North Campus/Graceland/Worthington/Grandview/Marble Cliff/UA/Dublin areas. Thanks!

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    Habitat for Humanity-Greater Columbus has open positions for employees

    Job Postings:
    ReStore Associate
    ReStore Driver
    Request for Proposal (RFP) for Hourly Contracted Construction Lead

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    **Saw this in an e-mail newsletter today and thought it was interesting, reposting it here**

    Work-Trade Opportunity: High Efficiency Permaculture Retrofit in Columbus

    We are acquiring a second home in Franklinton, a vibrant but lower-income
    community just southwest of downtown Columbus. Our goal is to retrofit the
    home to be a super-high efficiency passive solar structure with a
    high-diversity permaculture food production system. Our vision is to
    ultimately create a cooperative that 1) increases sustainability and
    resilience by revving up local food production, 2) increasing the strength
    of the local economy, and 3) create low-cost,
    super-healthy, aesthetically-beautiful housing opportunities for the
    Franklinton community.

    We are currently looking for two work-trade positions for home improvement
    and permaculture design and implementation on the property. In exchange
    for 25 hours of work per week, work-traders will receive fully subsidized
    “free rent,” access to a wide range of tools and workshop space, a library
    of sustainability-related books, and partial membership in a local CSA.

    Applicants should meet the following criteria:
    *21 years or older
    *At least some experience with home improvement, construction, power-tools
    *Team player able to work with others
    *Self-starter who can accomplish work without direct supervision

    Work-traders will be required to sign a 6-month contract and to pay a
    deposit that will be returned in-full once contract has been fulfilled.
    Please note, Franklinton is a mixed, low-income neighborhood. Anyone
    interested is encouraged to send Cover Letter and Resume to Ryan Hottle,
    [email protected]. Candidates that meet the above criteria will then
    receive a follow up call to schedule a meeting.

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    I hadn’t heard that. It still works for my dogs. I buy the Frontline Plus version, it is slightly different than the regular Frontline. My vet told me not to buy the cheap stuff from the grocery store (flea collars, flea powders, flea drops, etc.) b/c those are less safe for your pets.

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    Those foggers are really toxic and should really be a super last resort. They are a lot of work as well, you have to cover so many things and bag up so much stuff, and clear out food. Maybe you’re already there and need it, but there are other things you can try: Vacuum daily, the vibrations from the vacuum attract fleas (empty bag/canister outdoors into trash immediately, so the eggs don’t hatch out of the vacuum.) If you have hardwood also vacuum any grooves/gaps in flooring. Wash all bedding (human and pet) in hot water with a cycle in the dryer to kill eggs (do this daily if the problem is really bad.) Put all cleaned bedding not currently in use into plastic bags to prevent reinfestation. Vacuum couches daily, as well as any long curtains and throw pillows, etc. And of course as someone else mentioned Frontline your pets. If you do all of this stuff you can get rid of the fleas you have and break the cycle of having new fleas hatching on your pets (Frontline is key there.) I had a really bad infestation a couple years back (caused by trying a non-chemical, eco-friendly flea treatment instead of Frontline one summer) and doing everything above we had it under control in about a week or so. Good Luck!

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    AIDS Resource Center Ohio (ARC Ohio) is currently conducting a search for an
    experienced Special Events Manager for the Central Ohio region.

    ARC Ohio is a client-focused, community-based provider of specialized HIV
    prevention, testing, care, advocacy and support services providing direct
    assistance in 62 of the 88 Ohio counties and education and advocacy work
    statewide. With offices in Athens, Chillicothe, Cleveland, Columbus,
    Dayton, Lima, Mansfield, Newark, and Toledo, ARC Ohio is the largest AIDS
    services organization in the State. Our mission is to lead the fight against
    HIV/AIDS through awareness, advocacy, and care.

    The Central Ohio Special Events Manager is responsible for the development,
    coordination, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring of fundraising
    objectives and strategies with a focus on special events, and corporate
    relations. The ideal candidate is expected to contribute to the growth of
    the region’s fundraising potential from both a tactical perspective in the
    day-to-day operations of the Agency’s event production and more importantly,
    from a strategic, long-term planning perspective, helping to bring new
    innovation and efficiency to this aspect of fundraising for ARC Ohio. Gross
    revenues are budgeted at $530,000 minimally for this region, with the intent
    to increase this amount.

    If you are interested in the position or know someone who is interested,
    please submit a cover letter and resume directly to Joel Diaz
    [email protected] by Friday, October 14, 2011. No phone calls please.

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    Dear Friends,

    Our transition from summer to fall means that our Food Matters program
    for young children is gearing up to teach 35 classes to over 1100
    children each week! We’re also making plans to offer cooking
    demonstrations for our corporate and institutional partners as well as
    working through the planning stages to teach lower income adults basic
    cooking skills starting in January of 2012. Never a dull moment!

    In order to allow Laura Robertson-Boyd, our Executive Chef, to succeed
    and occasionally get some sleep, Local Matters is now hiring a
    part-time Sous Chef/Prep Cook to work approximately 20-25 hours per
    week to begin immediately. This is a Monday-Friday position from
    approximately 9am-2pm daily. Professional kitchen experience is
    preferred as the person hired for this position will be in charge of
    executing all prep duties and lead volunteers through kitchen tasks
    while Laura is out in the community.

    This is the perfect position for someone who wants to be part of the
    team that is teaching our children where their food comes from, how to
    grow it and how to cook it!

    All interested persons should send their resume to directly to me at
    [email protected].

    We hope you’ll join us!

    Be well.

    Michael Jones
    Executive Director

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    Simply Living
    Executive Director
    Job Description

    Primary Objective:
    Provide management, fundraising, and administrative support to Simply Living
    Board and membership in pursuit of its mission:

    Simply Living of Central Ohio supports individuals, families and
    organizations in creating a more compassionate and sustainable culture. We
    provide opportunities for learning, leading, and community building that
    promote personal responsibility, civic engagement, and informed action.

    Reports to: Board of Directors

    Primary Responsibilities:

    Management and Administration
    Manage financial administration of organization
    Supervise, mentor and train office staff and contractors
    Ensure policies and procedures are documented, standardized
    Manage organizational contracts and legal agreements/compliance
    Provide written and oral reports to the Board of Directors monthly or as
    Recommend appropriate policies to the Board of Directors; support existing

    Oversight of all budgeted programs
    Knowledgeable about all Simply Living programs, partnerships, and

    Organizational Development
    Oversee fundraising efforts; network with fundraising sources
    Play integral role in planning and implementation of major annual
    fundraising event
    Foster leadership capabilities of engaged members
    Oversee ongoing development of information technology and communications

    Network with community organizations
    As appropriate, respond to member and community inquiries/correspondence
    Communicate regularly with membership

    Required Skills:
    Self-starting, able to work independently
    Able to supervise and to delegate
    Fiscally literate
    Computer literate
    Internet savvy
    Writing skills
    Event planning and logistics experience
    Public speaking skills; ability to respond to press requests on the
    organization’s behalf
    Meeting facilitation experience

    Required Experience:
    Previous non-profit or business management experience
    Fundraising experience

    Terms of Employment (all negotiable):
    Expected start date: November 1, 2011
    Salary: minimum $14/hour; minimum 30 hours per week
    Paid vacation & sick leave
    Opportunity for increased salary and benefits, dependent upon successful
    organizational growth and funding.

    Letters of inquiry and resumes accepted until October 7, 2011
    Forward to Chuck Lynd at: [email protected]

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    Walker said:
    Serious question: Is the air pollution concentrated in certain areas more than others? I’ve never found Columbus to *feel* like the air quality is bad, but I could be wrong. I imagine it’s worse around power plants, but where is the closest dirty plant to Columbus?

    This was also the info I wanted to know – that article just stated the problem, with no follow up about what to do about it.

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    Whoops – Sorry lifeliberty! Scrolling back a page it looks like I meant Coremodels. Sorry!

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    Buffalos, Do you think that dogs are wild animals that need to be out roaming the woods to be contented? Dogs are domestic animals that have evolved to be companion animals to humans. I agree that people need to provide proper exercise and mental stimulation for their dogs, but this has nothing to do with space. It has to do with walks, dog parks, training, toys, playtime, etc. Like LifeLiberty pointed out, a big great dane is a better apartment dog than a little terrier any day. Most condo associations require residents to keep dogs under their control, if your neighbors aren’t doing this you should work with management on this being enforced.

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    joev said:
    This is really sad. If it comes down to it, I hope the farmers are the ones who get to stay, rather than the soap and jewelery makers.

    Didn’t most of the farmers leave when the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District and the Pearl Alley Growers Association went their separate ways? I used to love the market – a great way to get fresh air on a lunch break – but after the market changed hands it became stuff like T-shirt stands, banks offering credit card applications, school groups with fundraising candy and misc. junky stuff. People seem to love it though, it’s always crowded.

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    alexs said:
    Same here, I have habaneros and zuccini in the front beds for the first time.

    I just picked all the flowerheads off the garlic chives, now to figure out how to make use of them. They break down into individual mini-cloves about the size of a navy bean. They’re tough-skinned so they don’t easily go through a garlic press. I could run them through the food processor but I’m afraid I’d just get a pulpy mess.

    This looks like a great use for chive blossoms:

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