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    like I said, watch the original Japanese Gojira, and then you can follow it straight with vs. destroryah. the story actually ties the two together nicely. (the weapon used to defeat him in Gojira is what creates destroryah. they even brought a couple of actors back 40 odd years later to reprise their roles)

    If you enjoy that, do the movies from the 2000s rather than the 90s. prettier, more action, less goofy.

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    But be careful, there was another American GODZILLA film.

    No, no there wasn’t. To quote my guitarplayer-emeritus:
    “1. The French DID NOT create Godzilla.
    2. Godzilla ain’t a chick, damn sure not a pregnant one.
    3. There is no fucking way on earth Matthew Broderick can defeat Godzilla.”

    That movie doesn’t exist on PlanetTJ.

    Sorry! Just not my thing. ;) Enjoy though if you’re a fan! Don’t let me stop you! ;)

    Now that it’s widely available, check out the original Japanese version Gojira sans Raymond Burr. It’s really fantastic cinema, and nothing like the rest of them.

    I never really dug many of the goofy 60s/70s ones other than a love for the creature designs (and a desire to pilot mecha godzilla.)

    But the 90s era ones were so awesome that they became an obsession. The special effects were finally stepping up, and the stories were better (with random exceptions like ghidorah being created by three time traveling spaceteddybears fusing together or some shit)
    The obsession was at it’s worst about the time that the utterly amazing “vs. space Godzilla” came out and I got a brown watercolor style tattoo of the kanji for Godzilla on my forearm. The next one was the one that first made a kaiju movie into art: “vs. destroryah” where he died to save his son and make room for a reboot. Since then the ones from the 2000s have all just been beautiful spectacle. I mean really “Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Our Attack” is worth a rental on title alone.

    I’ve been excited the new one, and avoided as much spoiler as possible, but when I found out a couple of weeks back that there were multiple monsters I was kinda bummed out. I was really hoping for a modern retelling of Gojira. But I liked ol’ boys’ first movie “Monsters” enough that I’ll give it more than a fair shake.

    (good lord I’m a nerd. admittedly I’ve had godzilla’s roar as my only notification sound on every cell phone I’ve ever owned. never even tried another one)

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    Where to shop for short, thin guys?

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    A journalist was once sent to cover the Mint 400 race, and turned in a story that was mostly about his own experiences, tales of getting wasted and insulting those around him. I’m willing to bet almost every one of you have read the book/seen the movie.

    Seriously, if she was talking about LSD and Vegas instead of OYO and campus you’d at least notice that this is pretty much the most boiled down definition of “gonzo journalism” there is.

    The only real difference is that in the time since then we’ve all become accustomed to reading EVERYONE’S experiences about everything thanks to the Facebook Generation. I often wonder what little place true gonzo journalism has in the 21st century, where you don’t have to have a proxy into the hidden world of biker gangs, political campaigns or binges. There’s movies and blogs and reality shows where the underbelly IS the celebrity and they tell their own tales.

    I always felt entrainment coverage lent itself well to the gonzo style because everyone quickly learns that after about your fifth concert/rave/art opening you realize the true memories of the night are the stories happening around you and the vibe you’re enjoying or contributing to…

    It’s only the second one of these, right? Give it time and maybe she’ll find her voice. Or more likely, she already has her voice, she’s just not talking to you.
    (insert standard CU condescending and dismissive winky face here)

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    although I DO feel that today Hostess should unveil a Twinkie thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds…

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    stripes is damn near flawless. growing up in the seventies/eighties Ramis was a HUGE influence on my sense of humor (and in a weird way my moral barometer.)
    he will be missed.

    but can we now all agree that a Ghostbusters 3 doesn’t need to happen?

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    spfld_expat said:
    But is the Human Torch really an “iconic character”? For obvious reasons, I don’t think “flame on” is ever going to have the cultural resonance as “faster than a speeding bullet”, “I am Batman”, or even “Hulk smash”.

    so you were never 10 years old then?
    cuz when I was a kid playing superheroes EVERYBODY wanted to be torch, specifically because of his battle cry…

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    Burt Macklin: green lantern

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    off the top of my head, and in no particular order

    get down, make love
    tie your mother down
    keep yourself alive
    killer queen
    dragon attack
    sheer heart attack
    stone cold crazy
    somebody to love
    spread your wings
    sleeping on the sidewalk

    special mention:
    live version of we will rock you
    under pressure

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    and goldenidea if you’re looking online for it, the “ie’s” was the proper spelling, not “ea’s” . . .

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    vestanpance said:
    I saw a bunch of industrial shows there mid to late 90s.

    I played a bunch of industrial shows there…

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    Chelsie’s was where Zen Cha tea salon is.

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    yeah, I’m pretty annoyed about the extra day. and I’m one of the most patient people you’ll ever encounter, but . . . you know . . . Sherlock!

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    I thought wosu wasn’t running Sherlock till Monday?

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