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    Manatee wrote >>
    I “wonder” if they will keep the neon sign, make it say Wonder City, or maybe even rearrange the current letters into an amusing anagram?

    I like this idea! The sign’s such a landmark of my childhood (my school bus went past it every morning), I’d be sad to see the sign go away completely.

    Actually, it would be pretty neat if they removed the “Bread,” leaving a giant “Wonder” floating over the building.



    From Chris DeVille at [url=]Columbus Alive[/url]:

    [quote]Rumors have been swirling for a while that a group of ambitious investors were trying to buy the vacant Wonder Bread factory in Italian Village and transform it into a creative hub. Today came the official word that it’s happening, courtesy of Adam Brouillette (Couchfire Collective), Andrew Dodson (Central City Recording), David Hunegnaw (The Sandbox Columbus), Kevin Lykens (Lykens Companies) and Josh Quinn (Tigertree). The press release explains:

    The project is being called “Wonderland” and it will combine artist studios, shared office space, band rehearsal and recording facilities, venue and performance space, gallery space, and a mix of start-up and established retail all under one roof. The goal is to provide a resource for artists, musicians, and small businesses to achieve individual success, as well as to establish an icon in Columbus that highlights our outstanding local creative industries to the world.

    Awesome “fun fact” about the Wonderland plans: The performance space would have bands playing inside the factory’s giant bread oven.

    If they manage to pull this off, it will be a huge step forward for the Columbus creative community. They’re holding an informational meeting Friday, Jan. 29 from 6:30-9 p.m.[/quote]

    I think this is awesome. Things like this and North Market seem to really help neat businesses get on their feet. And all the space for art and music is fantastic.



    [i]Press Release:[/i]

    [b]Artists, Musicians and Small Businesses Team up to Take Over Former Wonder Bread Factory[/b]




    The sign needs to stay. Exactly as is. It is an icon of Columbus.



    all of this within three blocks of home…sweet. cheers to all involved and let’s get that sign lit back up.



    Knew CCR was in on it through the grapevine, but didn’t want to spill the beans yesterday, just wasn’t my place. :)

    Really excited for all involved – this sounds awesome!

    And leave most of the sign.



    Some great feedback in here. I like the idea of leaving the sign as is but having just “WONDER” light up at night. Still have the history.. but the “BREAD” is a thing of the past.

    Hopefully we’ll see lots of you at the meeting. Exciting stuff.


    Thanks vuch and all my friends for being such excellent secret keepers! I was pretty bad about the whole don’t tell anyone thing… Too late now!


    This is literally almost too exciting.

    I will come to this place and sweep floors and paint walls if needed.

    Holy hallelujah. Happy day!



    Manatee wrote >>
    I will come to this place and sweep floors and paint walls if needed.

    Same here.



    There are a lot of walls.


    I love this project so don’t hate me for saying this


    I was also so enamored with a Buggyworks style Wonder Bread Factory Lofts

    maybe that’s what Prescott Place behind of Havana will bring us – I think they are moving along a bit there with that spectacular sawtooth building

    It’s great to read of all the talent behind Wonderland – many of which I personally know and am certain that this will further the Short North tremendously


    When is the meeting/open house social?



    January 29, 2010
    6:30pm – 9pm at Junctionview Studios, 889 Williams Ave., Grandview Hts. OH 43212

    6:30pm mingle
    7pm presentation
    8pm question and answer


    Thanks Mike.

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