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    I’m a bit concerned about the picture of our city’s skyline on Wikitravel. It is dismal. Just compare it to the skyline photo of Dayton at the same site. Someone needs to put a better Columbus skyline photo up there IMHO.Asap.



    Here’s the Columbus Photo



    Another try at uploading the C’bus skyline at Wikitravel.

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    And here’s the one for Dayton

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Can anyone upload/publish a new one?



    Ha. That is absurd.



    Banner image guidelines

    Want to create a banner like the one above? We’d love to see it!
    Here are the requirements:
    must be compatible with the Creative Commons CC-by-SA 3.0 license, meaning it must be available for commercial re-use and modification
    must be cropped or croppable to 1800px length by 450px width
    should be high-quality and showcase a unique or beautiful aspect of the destination
    How to create a banner

    If your photo meets all the requirements, the next step is to upload.
    It’s simple!
    1. Upload the properly cropped banner to Wikitravel Shared and make sure to name it using the destination name followed by “Banner.jpg”
    ex: Paris Banner.jpg
    2. Copy the file name and go to the article that you want to upload your banner to. Hit “edit” and insert the following template at the very top of the edit box:
    For example, the pagebanner for the Paris article would be:
    {{pagebanner|Paris Banner.jpg}}
    3. Remember to preview the page to make sure the banner is displaying properly and then hit save. Done!
    Updating an existing banner

    If you’d like to update an article’s banner with a new image, please post on that article’s talk page. Make sure the community and admin team are in agreement that the new image should be featured.


    The wikitravel article for my hometown Springfield is hilariously half-assed and at the same time completely accurate.

    Springfield, oh

    Springfield, OH is a small-medium city in Ohio, USA. It is somewhere between Columbus and Dayton.
    Get in
    I recommend visiting Springfield by taking the exit off I-70 between Columbus and Dayton.
    Check out the Hampton Inn, Red Roof Inn or other similar Inns.
    McDonalds, Arby’s and some similar local fare are all excellent. Prices are generally low, but if you look hard, I’m sure you can splurge.
    There are several gas stations and a Kroger.
    Springfield is not well known for its culture, but it does have people. There is also a University. Singer John Legend hales from Springfield.
    Get Out
    See Get In.



    They should use the South Park rendering of Columbus.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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