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Why I might someday go to Sloopy's... we'll see

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    Bear. Wow. that was cool.

    and to MMID… congrats!



    Bear, that is awesome!


    “towing will be suspended for the duration of the event…”

    Oh! and the onesie …

    I am in love with everyone here.



    may i suggest –


    not that YOUR baby will be born pregnant and holding an eviction notice…



    The Dispatch is looking for anecdotes from folks who have been towed from private lots…



    Sloopy’s says they are going to start towing again.

    also, they might not have their booze card renewed.

    zeno’s too.

    They’re both on page 5 of this report:

    Click to access liquorpermits.pdf


    Bummer about Zenos…the last few times I’ve been in there, which have been recent, there has been no smokers.

    Sloopys on the other hand, I can’t think of one person that would give a fuck about that shithole.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    From here:

    [i]The City of Columbus will recommend non-renewal for 13 establishments to the state after officials said they are costing taxpayer dollars and not following safety and health guidelines.

    Among the list of 13 establishments: Sloopy’s on High Street.

    Michael Bradshaw is co-owner of Sloopy’s and said any increase in police calls came when they stopped towing from their parking lot. He said people park then walk to other establishments only to come back and sometimes cause trouble. He said they work to be a good neighbor.

    Bradshaw said they will reinstitute towing and will continue to work hard to stay open and in compliance.[/i]

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Just spotted a tow truck pulling into the Sloopy’s lot. Just an FYI if the offending auto belongs to a CUer.



    Yikes, I made that mistake with Sloopy’s once, and my Hound Dog’s Pizza cost $165 + the cab ride to go get my car.
    I almost got towed one night when I had a Jeni’s craving. There were meters where I parked, but evidently they were for the spaces in the lot directly across from where I parked. It was dark and I couldn’t see the meters were facing the other way. I got back to my car before the tow truck left, and he was trying to refuse to let me walk a block to get cash from an ATM since they don’t take cards or checks. I was lucky enough that someone stopped and called the driver out, saying he had to drop my car. She even waited at my car so he wouldn’t take off with it. How shady of the driver though!


    cyclist II

    According to page 36 of this week’s UWEEKLY, Sloopy’s has shut its doors.



    cyclist II wrote >>
    According to page 36 of this week’s UWEEKLY, Sloopy’s has shut its doors.

    I never really thought this thread would outlive the bar itself. go fig.



    Can’t say I’m all busted up over it.



    Oh, the memories…



    It would be cool if someone would open another bar there that caters more to the Clintonville/older college crowd. It just doesn’t seem like the place for a bar that has shooters in test tubes as their special. Always seemed too far for campus kids, too campusy for the people that live around there.

Viewing 15 posts - 286 through 300 (of 316 total)

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