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Why I might someday go to Sloopy's... we'll see

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    The short answer is, because they systematically rip people off who never even walk through their doors.

    A few of us went out to listen to some jazz tonight, and after looking for parking for a few minutes saw a big half-empty lot a couple of blocks from the venue. We looked around to try to determine whether we were in violation of any private-parking regulations, but we didn’t see any signs at the entrance, in the middle of the parking lot, or around the perimeter. Given the number of available spaces, we didn’t think anyone would care, so we walked past the two guys loitering near the entrance to the lot and went across the street.

    When we returned, probably less than an hour later, the three cars we’d parked there were gone.

    The two guys were still there. When my wife asked one of them what he was doing there, he said, “None of your business.” The other said that they had reported us for committing a class 3 misdemeanor, parking in a private lot and then not patronizing the establishment that owns it. I asked where the sign was, and he pointed to the wall of the building adjacent to the lot — way up the side of the wall:


    So, let’s start off by pointing out that we were, in fact, in the wrong, and that given that we did park there, they had every right to tow us.

    But here’s the thing. Most places with private lots post a fair number of signs in visible places — not a sign that’s ten feet or more above eye level, with the name of the establishment that you must visit in order to avoid being towed obscured by another sign. (It’s not like there was no room for the other sign elsewhere on the wall!!)

    When we asked the two guys why they hadn’t warned us, the class-3 misdemeanor guy said that it wasn’t his job. It came out that he works for the towing company, which is contracted by Sloopy’s.

    Until early this year, Sloopy’s was Miani’s, which was a notoriously vile neighborhood bar with lots of incredibly cheap booze which specialized in producing loud drunks. Didn’t endear them to the neighbors. Interestingly, though, look up Miani’s online and two of the reviews you’ll find first read as follows:

    Miani’s is a terrible bar!! Do not go here unless you want your car towed! I was in the bar for about an hour, needed something out of my car and when I walked out to the parking lot my car was gone!!! They hire a shady company named CAMCAR to tow you away. The truckdriver said I wasn’t in the bar!!!! The staff didn’t car at all. I’m NEVER going to this bar again…$200 at CAMCAR isn’t worth this bar. Don’t go here!

    Mianis will have your car towed and then claim you were not in the bar at the time. We celebrated my birthday there and they towed three cars in my party and thought that it was funny. Worst birthday ever. Thanks Mianis.

    Pros: Nothing

    Cons: Having your car towed in the middle of January

    This is a racket, plain and simple. If they really wanted people to stay out, there would be better signage. Period. The only explanation is that they’ve got a good working relationship with the towing company, and they prey on people who don’t see the sign and park there mistakenly. Once your car has been taken hostage, you get a 6.5 mile taxi ride south of town and over $100 in fees.

    And what about the “I’m just doing my job” defense? It’s quite popular with Nazis and mobsters… for a reason: in my experience, it’s used by people whose jobs are morally indefensible. The only moral justification for their job that they can come up with is that it is a job — that it puts food on the table. That doesn’t make it right.

    There was a thread back in March noting that Miani’s had “cleaned up” and become Sloopy’s. I doubt it extremely. Apparently they’re up to their same old tricks. The thread also mentions that Sloopy’s is owned by two brothers. If anyone happens to know the identity of these two brothers so that I can extend my personal lifetime boycott to every other business that they or their descendants own or will ever own, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.



    When we went to retrieve the cars we found that the two guys from the lot had went there to taunt us further. While inside paying $135 each for our cars another lady started swearing and yelling at us. It turned out that it’s a family operation where the kids hang around Sloopy’s and call Momma to come have the cars towed.

    Pro Tow is the name of the towing company and they have a contract with Sloopy’s who gets a kickback for each car towed.

    They had just collected over $400 cash from us and just wouldn’t stop provoking. You’d think getting that kind of cash from us would be enough of a insult. Endless obscenities.

    On a side note, just scribble a name, show an ID and that’s all you need to recover a car from these people. No registration required.

    So yeah. interesting experience!

    Pro Tow wrote dirty motherfucking parking thieves!!!



    I hate those lowlife fucks.

    (the towtruck drivers, not you guys)


    This is the kind of thing that normally ends up with me wearing a jumpsuit and eating with a plastic spoon for a time.


    A. Miller

    Any chance you have contacted say 6 on your side or some of the other news outlets with this story. Seems like this would be right up local news’ alley.



    The first time I went to Sage for brunch our waitress asked everybody who walked in the door if they had parked in that lot for that very reason.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    I will never ever park in that lot. Whether I wanted to actually go in that bar or not. Terrible! Sorry your cars got towed.



    Holy shit, that is SO SO SO fucked up.

    I’m with Coremodels – this would have pushed me over the edge.



    Thanks for the head’s up.

    uugghh this all makes me real unhappy it’s just not right! What can be done about this? 6onyourside could be a good idea. I would also call the BBB and the attorney general office . It seems so noted that it seems like it should have been stopped by now.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I agree on reporting them to every news media outlet you can. Someone will pick up on this.

    Be sure to file a complaint with the University Area Commission (or whatever it’s official name is). A mass of complaints like these is what got Miani’s shut down in the first place.

    Sorry to hear about this.



    Walker wrote I agree on reporting them to every news media outlet you can. Someone will pick up on this.

    Be sure to file a complaint with the University Area Commission (or whatever it’s official name is). A mass of complaints like these is what got Miani’s shut down in the first place.

    Sorry to hear about this.

    The problem I see is that you will not get far complaining about being towed unless you were actually IN their crappy bar and they towed you carelessly.

    If you parked there and didn’t see the sign and left the property, I hate to say it, but they do have every right to tow you. They will probably be more than happy to get interviewed by the local news saying they’re “protecting their property” or somesuch.

    No. if you really want results you may have to dig deeper. I have some ideas on that…



    Well…what’s your actual grievance? Poor signage, or just the tow truck guys being total pricks?

    Not to be contrary, but I don’t think 6 on your side or anyone else is gonna exactly leap to your defense. The signs ARE there, although inconspicuously posted. I think it sucks and I think it’s a racket (and I’ve known for the last decade not to set foot in that lot for that very reason) but I’m not sure it’s illegal.

    That said, I’m not a fan of tow truck drivers (except for the AAA kind).


    Your best solution to the issue is to contact Sage and the other places that could “share” that lot and make sure they put a sign up in the entry way indicating not to park there.

    I’d also consider numerous anonymous reports of underage drinking and drug use in the bar.



    Bear wrote we didn’t see any signs at the entrance, in the middle of the parking lot, or around the perimeter.

    Columbus City Codes 2151.10 in relevant part:

    (f) An owner of private property may create a “PRIVATE TOW-AWAY ZONE” by posting thereon a sign, no smaller than 18” × 24” and visible from all entrances to the private property,



    I have never felt more rage than I felt the last time I was towed. I vowed it would never happen again and several years later it hasn’t.

    Always assume you will get towed in situations where you are not sure.

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