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Where to buy grass fed meats?

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    Does anyone have a good place to get grass fed meats? Not just beef, but pork and chicken as well?



    Dick Jensen at the Flying J farm sells grass-fed beef. Chickens and pigs are omnivores, so ‘grass-fed’ isn’t really applicable.


    Between whole foods and bluescreek farm you should be covered.



    North Market Poultry & Game has grass fed bison as well as pastured chickens. I’ve seen grass fed/pastured chickens and cow at farmer’s markets, too.





    Not sure how much it might or might not matter to you, but many grass-fed cows are ‘finished’ on a few weeks worth of a corn diet to improve the marbling of the meat. If that’s a concern, it’s probably best to ask.


    Up the Lane Farms at the Worthington Farmers’ Market is also a good source for grass-fed beef.



    I’ve been doing the bulk of my meat shopping lately at the Worthington Farmer’s Market, between Up the Lane, Speckled Hen, and the other vendors there, it’s been a good source.

    After the farmer’s market season, in addition to the other suggestions, Mosley’s Meat Market in Hilliard is a good source. Most of it is “pastured”, not solely grass fed, but it’s good quality – especially their pork.




    They have weekly specials on grass fed meat at Ray Ray’s BBQ.


    I’m trying to follow the paleo diet, so yes, I meant pastured piggies and chickens, and I’d preferably like beef finished on grass all the way, but mostly grass fed is still better than not at all! These look like great places to start looking. Thanks, undergrounders!



    What restaurants in Columbus serve grass-fed beef? Ive investigated S&W’s, Top, Clarmont, Hyde Park, and none of them do. Skillet only serves ground beef from Flying J in their burgers, but wheres an honest rib-eye in Cbus?



    The awesome Alana will sometimes charge more for corn-fed cow than pastured. Did I mention that she is awesome?



    Well if you live in Georgia then you can go to the folks at Ridge Creek.

    Beef Per Pound (Freezer weight) 4 $
    Pork Per Pound (Freezer weight) 2.50 $

    Chicken raised 5 to 7 lbs costing $10.00 each. [LIVE NOT PROCESSED]
    Farm fresh eggs $3.00

    For ordering Go to //www.ridgecreekfarmgeorgiagrassfedbeef.com/Home/tabid/3263/Default.aspx


    CMH Gourmand

    That Food Truck is starting a grass fed, locally sourced beef, pork and chicken CSA in a few weeks. I an sure Food Fort will post about it soon and by sure, I mean, I know.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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