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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    The Weekender wrote WHERE I EAT



    Thursday, May 10, 2007 3:45 AM

    Q What’s your favorite new restaurant?

    A The Mi Mi Cafe off Cleveland Avenue. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant. They have the best Vietnamese sandwich — crusty French bread, pate, ham, pickled vegetables and mayonnaise. They’re, like, $2.50.

    Q What’s a great no-fuss lunch place?

    A El Arepazo (Downtown, in Pearl Alley), hands down. It’s mostly Venezuelan food. Everything is homemade. I love the pork arepas with cheese. They have this mayonnaise-based spicy cilantro sauce. I could drink the stuff.

    Q Who has good desserts?

    A Pistachio (Short North). I am in love with their cookies, especially their macaroons, which are really light and airy, just a little chewy and sweet — but not too sweet.


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    The Weekender wrote Where I Eat

    Ashley Kennedy Smith

    Age: 22 Residence: Downtown Occupation: law student, Capital University

    Thursday, May 24, 2007 3:43 AM

    Q If you could eat at only one place, ever, where would it be?

    A Well, it used to be the old Wendy’s because it was cheap and it was right next to the law school. But, of course, that’s been taken out now. So now I eat at Potbelly (near Broad and High streets). I suppose I like Potbelly because of the live music.

    Q Where’s the best place to take somebody on a first date?

    A There used to be Liu Pon Xi, up sort of north of the Arena District. It was a really cute sort of yuppie place, but it’s out now; I don’t know how long it’s been gone, and I don’t know what’s in its place, but that would be the perfect place.

    Q And of the places people could actually go?

    A Molly Woo’s at Polaris — kind of the same feel, sort of a younger crowd. People in their 20s go there a lot.


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    The Columbus Dispatch wrote WHERE I EAT

    Walker evans


    Thursday, June 7, 2007

    By Kevin Joy

    Q You’ve lived in Columbus for a decade. How has the dining scene changed?

    A It’s growing and diversifying. There are a lot of ethnic restaurants we didn’t have before — Japanese, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran.

    Q What’s your latest discovery?

    A I’m looking forward to trying the new Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails (Downtown). I’ve been in there for drinks. They all have Columbus-centric names — Commit To Be Lit, Jungle Jack Hanna. I think there’s one named after Alex Keaton from Family Ties.

    Q You also run a Web site (www.columbusunderground. com) that boasts plenty of food chat and user-generated reviews. What niche do you serve?

    A Anyone can get on our site and share a good or bad experience. We also link to stories in The Dispatch and Alive! — wherever anyone’s talking about food. It’s an outlet to share opinions.



    looks who’s famous

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Everyone feel free to bring me their copy of the Weekender if they’d like it autographed. :lol:

    Seriously though, I felt like I had to sort of limit my choices when I did this interview. I had read Lisa’s contribution (which was the only one that had been published at the time) and I didn’t want to overlap with her even though some of her picks would have been my first picks as well. I wanted to give props to El Arepazo, Pistachio, Jeni’s, The North Market, and a couple other good places. And of course, some places I did mention didn’t make the edit for the paper, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.

    Always glad to support the local restaurant scene! (Notice how many chains I mentioned!) 8)



    Always glad to support the local restaurant scene! (Notice how many chains I mentioned!)

    Just out of curiosity, what is everybody’s opinion on when a local favorite opens too many locations and becomes a “chain”?

    For example, Jimmy V’s now has two locations, Jeni’s is working on opening a 3rd. Old bag of Nails has 8 locations in central Ohio plus 5 other group owned locations. Burgundy Room has got two. Cameron Mitchell has quite a little empire these days.

    A group of friends and I have a slow moving bar crawl where we visit a different “bar” every week for a few drinks. One of our little rules is that it can’t be a chain. For example, we’re not going to the bar at Applebee’s. We’ve gotten in to many a fun bar conversation on if Old Bag of Nails is now to “chain-y” for us to visit. Whatever that means is of course subjective, but I’d like to know other people’s thoughts.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    Let’s keep this thread about the “where I eat” thoughts.

    Chain restaurant talk was recently talked about here


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Ha! I was just about to link to that! You beat me to it!



    I was thrilled when you changed your avitar from the last one, but damn it is now glorified in print. How great!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I’m currently in talks with Orange Barrel Media about getting that photo plastered up on a downtown building roughly 30 feet by 30 feet.


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    The Dispatch wrote WHERE I EAT

    Sharon Santino

    Age: 23 Residence: Gahanna Occupation: graduate student, Marietta College

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Q Where is the best place to go on a lunch break?

    A I was a waitress at Bon Vie in Easton, so I would say there.

    Q What restaurant has the best appetizers?

    A Lemongrass on High Street. They have sushi appetizers, and one is called a dragon appetizer. It’s shaped like a dragon. I love going there for that.

    Q What’s your favorite hot spot for dinner?

    A I really like Spice Bar. It has a really cool atmosphere. It seems like Columbus is turning into a big city, and Spice is going along with the renovation of High Street in terms of making it more modern.

    Q What’s your favorite Sunday brunch spot?

    A It has to be Bob Evans.



    Just out of curiosity, what is everybody’s opinion on when a local favorite opens too many locations and becomes a “chain”?

    For example, Jimmy V’s now has two locations, Jeni’s is working on opening a 3rd.

    how many locations is “too many?” i would submit that it’s when quality is sacrificed in the name of expansion. is this the case with jeni’s? certainly not!

    perhaps a better questions would be what’s the definition of a “local, independent business?”

    the boulder independent business alliance (one of many such independent alliances across the country) defines a local, independent business thusly:

    private ownership

    owned in majority by area (within a 60-mile radius) residents

    full decision-making function of the business lies with its owners(s)

    no more than six outlets

    base of operation lies within a single state

    i think this is instructive. mitchell’s: no. bag of nails: no. burgundy room: yes. jimmy v’s: yes.

    (not perfect, though, if it precludes stauf’s from consideration, i don’t think. but moving in the right direction.)

    the fact that a business is local and independent doesn’t ALWAYS = quality. but, aside from the merits of an original experience, generally speaking — and there are numerous objective studies which support this — local, independent businesses have a greater local economic impact than most chain retailers do.

    doesn’t mean i’ll EVER eat at jimmy v’s. but i will eat at the banana bean.




    The weekender has gone from bad to worst and this article is a great example.

    They interview some vapid chick who thinks Bob Evans is a brunch destination and whose fave restaurant is the one she knows the directions to.

    Oh…and she thinks dragons are cute.

    Is this a cry for help?

    Are they trying to lose subscribers on purpose? (Keeping Stahler is another good indicator of that)

    In other words…WTF dispatch???



    BCOZ wrote …who thinks Bob Evans is a brunch destination…

    I’m gonna have to agree with you on this one.


    Yeah, seems like a strange interview candidate for this column.

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