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When did WLVQ (QFM) get taken over by the Tea Party?

Home Forums General Columbus Discussion Everyday Chit Chat When did WLVQ (QFM) get taken over by the Tea Party?

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    On my way to work this morning I happened to be listening to QFM 96. They were reading the news. I don’t listen to radio as much as I used to (mp3’s) in the car and not at all at home and when I do it’s because I’m channel surfing and a song I like is playing, so the only time I listen to QFM is when they are playing something I like and I happened to have stopped on that channel to listen.

    The hosts were discussing something congress having to do with immigration. The hosts are talking about why should the immigrants be protected by US laws when they are “criminals”, when they american citizens can’t be “criminal”. It was about something called “sanctuary cities”. I felt that the comments were twisted against certain groups and that the remarks were extremely unfair. The remarks had nothing to do with immigration so much as they were slamming (illegal) immigrants and they were saying some pretty unfair things.

    What happened to the Zoo? You know people having a good time and joking about current events? The stuff being said was downright inflamatory and very political. I grew up listening to this station and I’m shocked. I know they play the EXACT same music they played 30 years ago when I was listening but something has really changed with the morning crew. I cringe to think that they are trying to reach a certain audience with this type of talk; I cringe because I truly hate to think that this is what my generation has become: bigots.

    We used to be so cool and accepting.


    Analogue Kid

    What happened to the Zoo? You know people having a good time and joking about current events?

    Are you thinking of WNCI?



    I just heard “The Zoo” by Scorpions on QFM a few days ago



    I love your opening paragraph setting up the story. And how you heard something on the radio you didn’t like but kept listening. And then went into your love for the morning zoo. And finally the clincher “We used to be so cool and accepting”.

    WNCI had the morning Zoo. QFM96 had Wags and Elliott and they disbanded in 2012. IMO both were garbage since all they ever did was constantly laugh at their campy jokes but that my own rant about this issue.

    I’m just perplexed by someone listening to the radio and getting upset about what they’re hearing. Turn the channel, write them a letter. I don’t think QFM96 is having a Tea Party over there, they more likely hired a DJ that went on a rant about immigration that you disagreed with. Curb the drama man. You heard one radio bit and you’re ready to burn the building down.



    Let me guess: Torg. Both he and his wife are pretty well-known hard-right conservatives. I was shocked that he was able to restrain himself from pouncing when he and Mike Ricordati had President Obama on as a guest on their old show on 97.1.



    ^ which is funny considering when he was the one in the hospital suddenly he was talking about costs and such. Nevermind that I believe what he had/has could be prevented/mitigated by not being an unhealthy fat ass.



    That’s just The Torg. He’s always been like that, even on 97.1. I’d bet that the majority of their listeners are Republican.

    The funny thing is their a.m. “Hollywood Reporter” aka Mike Evans. He tries to come across as neutral, but every story is an anti-Hillary or anti-Obama.

    I’m just not that political to let it dictate what radio station I listen too.

    The only thing I won’t listen to is The Morning Zoo. A bunch of 40 somethings doing various radio bits as if they are in their 20s.


    I’m just surprised to learn there is stuff on in the morning other than Mike and Mike. I never change the channel.


    radio is so 20th century and so am I…good for old dying folk, get over ourselves and everything will be fine or change the channel (also a 20th century idea).



    When your format is “classic rock” like QFM, you’re likely to appeal more to conservatives and men, so the DJs play to that angle.

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